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Ways to Distract Yourself Until the New Season of Sherlock Arrives


As all good little Sherlockians know by now, the new season of Sherlock is in the works. Let us rejoice and be glad! The bad news is that we will not get to see Sherlock series 3 until Fall 2013. Please, take a moment to weep bitterly.

Or, join us in doing these random (and awesome) Sherlock-inspired activities to distract yourself from the unbearable pain of having to wait for new episodes.

Things to Do Until Sherlock, Series 3 Airs: 

  • Knit your own navy blue scarf.
  • Or Sherlock amigurumi.
  • Read more fan fiction.
  • Write your own fan fiction!
  • Immediately realize that both Benedict and Martin are aware of what happens in Sherlock fan fiction. Go through stages of disbelief, excitement, and horror for the next hour.
  • Obtain a skull. Refer to it as your friend Billy and take it around with you.
  • Challenge yourself to make a non-feels gif using a clip from the Reichenbach Fall.
  • Buy a badass swishy coat. Swish around everywhere.
  • Amuse yourself by reading the tumblr Texts from Baker Street.
  • “Borrow” a friend’s phone. Make their text alert your moan.
  • One word: Superwholock.
  • Analyze 243 different types of tabacco ash.
  • Listen to Saturday Night Fever soundtrack on repeat.
  • Order the Adagio Teas Sherlock blend; drink it.
  • Cry bitter tears because that blend is in a ship with the John Watson blend.
  • Contemplate all ships other than Johnlock: laugh loudly.
  • Attempt to make sense of Mystrade. Ship Mycake instead.
  • Talk like Sherlock for a day…
  • … Or a week…
  • …. Or a month.
  • Attempt to deduce random people on the street. Announce your deductions loudly at the most inopportune moments.
  • Spend a day lounging around in a sheet.
  • Bonus points if you spend a day lounging around in a sheet while at Buckingham Palace.
  • Rate problems on a scale of nicotine patches.
  • Buy a stuffed hedgehog and knit it a little jumper. Name it Jawn.
  • Obtain suspicious otter plushie. Knit it a little scarf. Name it Sherly.
  • Throw a Sherlock-themed mystery dinner.
  • Memorize all dialogue in all the episodes; use quotations whenever appropriate. If inappropriate, use anyway.
  • When people want you to do something you DO NOT want to do, put your feet up on a table and tell them, NOT MY DIVISION.
  • Graph the growth of Benedict Cumberbatch’s hair.
  • Use all the milk in the house to grow bacteria. Send flatmate out for more.
  • Excuse all of your behavior by saying you were bored.
  • Tally every time John attempts to insist he isn’t gay.
  • Ponder what your existence would be like if only you were a very specific navy blue scarf.
  • Watch ALL the Sherlock crack vids on YouTube. Repeatedly.
  • Contemplate shipping Smaug/Bilbo out of sheer desperation.
  • Pick theme songs for all the major pairings of the show.
  • Read the complete collection of Sherlock Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle if by some miracle you haven’t already.
  • Acquire a deerstalker hat. Wear the hat while turning up your coat collar.
  • Rewrite the lyrics of High School Musical with Sherlock themes.
  • Become a consulting detective.
  • Delete all useless pop culture knowledge from your brain. Get into arguments on Twitter because you’ve legitimately forgotten who Justin and Selena are.
  • Look at the Texts from the Pavement tumblr until it is funny. Alternatively, look at it and cry for hours on end.
  • Study strange and seemingly pointless things. When questioned by friends as to whether it is a necessary pursuit, inform them that it is all being done “For science!!!”
  • Download Sherlock shimeji. Attempt to catch the Sherlock and John shimeji in compromising positions. Document with screenshots.
  • Annoy friends by refusing to do anything that is less than a seven on the scale of interesting things.
  • Watch Sherlock on repeat for the next year.

We hope that you find inspiration in these suggestions so that you may distract yourself from  your grief for at least a few hours.

What will you be doing to get your Sherlock fix until next fall? Tell us in the comments below!


Author: Critique Geek

Writer and dreamer with a BA in Sarcasm. All-around nerd and lover of geeky things.

7 thoughts on “Ways to Distract Yourself Until the New Season of Sherlock Arrives

  1. Love it! I definitely need to start rating things on the scale of nicotine patches. That’s freaking hilarious.

    Another tip? — 150 Behind the Scenes pics from the Hobbit.

  2. I think about a quarter of these happen anyway.
    …..I really hope someone is caught lounging in a sheet in Buckingham Palace.

  3. “Why are you dissecting a rice crispie treat under a microscope?”
    “Why are you wearing a sheet to class?”
    “Why are you throwing stuffed otters off the roof?”
    “FOR SCIENCE!” *gross sobbing*

  4. “Delete all useless pop culture knowledge from your brain. Get into arguments on Twitter because you’ve legitimately forgotten who Justin and Selena are.” Oh how I wish I could forget…

    • Fun fact: I DID. And then some girl called me a loser because I apparently forgot the greatest artist of America ever.

      Funny. I still remember Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings. I wonder whom she was talking about?

  5. Reblogged this on The Science of Procrastination and commented:
    I’m so gonna do this.

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