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How to Name Your Nerdy (Hipster) Band


So you want to start an awesome band. Creating an awesome band requires a particularly epic and memorable name.  A name that conveys your music is intelligent and cool, witty and . A name that says your band is hip AND sophisticated… and perhaps just a little bit hipster.

If this sounds like your dilemma, then we here at 3 Chic Geeks have solved all of your band naming woes. Simply follow these steps.

Step One:

Choose a famous author, historical figure, or fictional character that you feel is particularly relevant to your band’s interests.

Step Two:

Add “and the” in the middle of your person’s first and last name.

Step Three:

If necessary, make the surname of your person plural.

Ex. 1

Virgina Woolf

Virginia and the Woolf

Virginia and the Wolves

Ex. 2

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock and the Holmes

(The official band page of our friends Sherlock and the Holmes can be found here.)

Notable examples of this naming technique include Harry and the Potters as well as Draco and the Malfoys.

This technique is is foolproof.

Once you have chosen your nerdy hipster band name, we highly suggest you pick up an equally nerdy hipster instrument. Some recommended instruments are:

  • Ukulele
  • Accordion
  • Triangle
  • Keytar
  • Banjo


Add in some nerdy songs with heartfelt lyrics and you’ll be well on your way to indie success.

Share some of your band name ideas in the comments!


Author: Critique Geek

Writer and dreamer with a BA in Sarcasm. All-around nerd and lover of geeky things.

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