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The Ultimate Middle Earth Gift Guide 2012


With the release of the first installment of The Hobbit coming out on December 14th, all of us Tolkien fanatics are coming out in full force this holiday season. If there’s a Tolkienist in your life, you may be wondering what to buy them beyond the standard books and the extended edition films on blu ray (hint: we have them all already).

In order to help you shop for your favorite hobbit or elf, we’ve compiled a list of geek-approved gifts that are sure to delight even the pickest Middle Earth dweller.

One Ring Replica from Image ©Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

1. The One Ring

One ring to rule them all… No Tolkien lover’s collection is complete without a replica of the One Ring. Luckily there are several versions available online, including the licensed one sold by Warner Brothers pictured above. If that one is a bit out of your price range, there are several handmade and more affordable versions available online. We recommend checking out this one on .

Elven Brooch Replica from Image ©Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc

2. Elven Brooch

Upon departing from Lothlorien, each member of the fellowship is gifted with a leaf brooch and special elven cloak. Like the One Ring, there are several versions of the brooch available. The official licensed one from Warner Bros. can be found here. Griffinsland also has a replica on a chain. If you’re feeling particularly crafty and want your gift to have that extra special element of love, here are instructions on how to make your own elven brooch.

Image found here. Owned by Stansborough™

3. Travelling Cloak

For the cosplaying Ringer in your life, a high-quality travelling cloak is the way to go. While the authentic replica from Stansborogh (the company that supplied the cloaks for the films) is to die for… so is the price. Etsy is a great place to look for handmade alternatives that are more affordable. One of our favorites is this grey version sold by SewFormal. For the sewers out there, there are several cloak patterns in stores and online. This one is based on the films.

Image ©The Noble Collection. Movie image from New Line Cinema.

4. Sting Replica

As the blade that protected both Bilbo and Frodo while on their perilous journeys, Sting is a worthy addition to any weapon enthusiast’s collection. The Noble Collection sells a beautiful recreation for a decent price. Museum Replicas also makes a version for about half of the price. For the youngins and children at heart, sells a prop Sting that lights up and makes “battle sounds”.


5. Map of Middle Earth

An essential for the new adventurer or the most weathered ranger, a map of Middle Earth will guide you on all your journeys. is having a great sale right now with a variety of beautiful print options. Check out their special store for the Hobbit movie. For an unexpected twist, check out this skirt featuring the map!


6. Hobbit Movie Poster

A variety of movie posters and prints can be found on sites such as and They’re a perfect way to decorate the room of your favorite little Hobbit.

Image owned by New Line Cinema.

7. Pipe

For the aspiring wizard and tobacco enthusiast or the dedicated cosplayer, we suggest looking into replicas of Gandalf’s famous pipe. While the official Gandalf pipe costs a pretty penny, there are equally beautiful unlicensed versions on the market. Check out the Wizard pipe at MacQueen Pipes or the Noble Collection Pipe of Gandalf.

Image sourced here.

8. Adagio Teas – Misty Mountain Brew

We’re huge fans of Adagio Teas here at While there are a variety of Hobbit and Lord of the Rings inspired fandom blends on Adagio, the Misty Mountain Brew by Aun-Juli Riddle is our pick for this season. Hurry, though! These teas are selling out quickly for the holidays.

Image found here.

9. Laptop Decal

There are a variety of awesome decals available on Etsy for the Tolkien fan that seems glued to his or her laptop. This Unexpected Journey decal is both affordable and a great idea for a stocking stuffer or gift exchanges with a price limit. The Fellowship decal is also an excellent choice. Etsy sells a wide range of Tolkien decals for laptops, walls, and car windows.

Hobbit Minimalist Shirt by Matt Humphrey

10. Hobbit-approved T-Shirts

When in doubt, geeky t-shirts are the answer. As always, is a great source for all your nerdwear needs. Browse their collection of Hobbit-inspired shirts here.

Edit: We would like to officially add in…


11. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Original Soundtrack

Because holy Smaug, is it fantastic. The music lover in your life is sure to appreciate it. Available here.

*Original image used to create header owned by New Line Cinema

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