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The Ultimate Sherlock Holiday Gift Guide 2012


And, it’s that time of the year again. Holiday lights are going up everywhere, the stores are readying their Christmas sales, and Thanksgiving, instead of being a holiday in its own right, was simply the pregame to Black Friday’s shopping sprees. That’s right, folks – it’s the end of November and people are preparing for the holidays. Here at 3 Chic Geeks, we decided to make holiday shopping easier for all of you this year and put together handy-dandy shopping guides. Now, you don’t have to worry about what to get your favorite Sherlockian – even if you don’t know Moriarty from Mycroft. Just take this list with you, and you’ll be good to go – we’ve drunkenly chosen carefully selected everything a BBC Sherlock fan would want, with gift ideas for any price range included. Read on to see our picks for this holiday season!

1. The Official BBC Sherlock Casebook.

It’s elementary, if I may say so myself (and I don’t mean the show, of course). This holiday season, most Sherlockians wouldn’t be caught dead without the new Sherlock casebook. It contains summaries of all the six big cases throughout the two seasons, with extra information, background data, and best of all, notes from the characters themselves stating their opinions on small post-its. We find out all sorts of information – from why the boys at 221B are always out of milk to Mycroft’s favorite choices of metaphors. It’s a treasure trove of facts about the everyday lives and interactions of the characters… especially for the Johnlock shippers.

2. The Navy Blue Scarf of Sapiosexuality.

The navy blue scarf is a necessary part of every Sherlockian’s wardrobe. About as iconic as the vintage Holmesian pipe or Hello Kitty’s bow, it is reported to have magical powers. Unfortunately, as we learn from Sherlockology’s posts on the topic of Sherlock’s scarf collection here and here, those exact scarves used in filming are hard to come by (and are rather pricy to boot). Fortunately, decent navy blue scarves are easy enough to come by. My favorite option is definitely UNIQLO’s HeatTech in navy blue for men; I have one (that was kidnapped from my boyfriend) and it is the warmest, comfiest scarf ever.

3.  This Necklace of Awesome.

Now, in the usual course of this list, I would normally present a rational and witty paragraph on why you should desire the item at hand. However, in this case, I shall have to let the photo speak for itself, as it happens to be a miniature Sherlock Holmes book locket on a chain and at the moment the only thing I am capable of doing is whimpering or possibly screeching “GIVE IT TO ME GIVE IT TO ME NOW” while throwing galleons at the screen. Bonus points if you paste a photo of Johnlock your OTP inside; then you may take it out at anytime and weep bitter tears as the feels wash over you.

4. Sherlock Silhouette Messenger Bag.

There is nothing classier than silhouettes on a bag. NOTHING. And, of course, with a silhouette of the world’s finest consulting detective, your nemesis will think twice before messing with your sexy deducing abilities. This bag is also available in a custom color.

5. The Sherlock tea blend from Adagio.

Everyone on Tumblr agrees that this tea by Cara McGee is basically the essence of Sherlock Holmes in liquid form. Smoky and mysterious, it’s strong and lovely on its own. However, it tastes infinitely better with milk and honey – does this give you feels yet? DOES THIS GIVE YOU FEELS YET? If you are not yet fighting off the feels, consider the fact that this blend is in a ship with the John Watson blend. Don’t ship Johnlock for some mysterious reason? All the main characters have blends of their own. For those who are still suffering from the cruel force of gravity’s impact there is always the Reichenbach Recovery blend, guaranteed to soothe your feels while you cry numbly into a bright orange shock blanket.

6. The Orange Shock Blanket.

Did your flatmate just commit a murder to save your life? Do you need to obfuscate this fact from suspicious and inquisitive Detective-Inspectors? Just throw this blanket onto your shoulders and repeat after me: “Look, I’m in shock, I’ve got a blanket”. Proceed to insult and belittle your older brother before kidnapping said flatmate and taking him to another not-date. Trust us, he’d love it. Blanket is also excellent for whenever Moffat is messing with your feels – which, if you are anything like us, probably happens often.

7. Some Badass T-shirts.

All consulting detectives are required to have a signature style. And, let’s be honest with ourselves, not everyone can afford the swishy coat and vintage scarf combo. Here are a few of our top RedBubble picks – just click on the image to be taken to the product page.

8. A Wall Decal of the London Skyline.

There is nothing like subtly hinting that you’d rather be chasing criminals around England in the dark than a decal of the London skyline on your wall. It makes an interesting conversation piece and a marvelous target for when you are utterly bored and have got a hold of your flatmate’s gun. Twenty points if you hit the London eye!

9. Not My Division Mug.

Has there been a break-in? “Not my division.”
Has there been an accident? “Not my division.”
Consulting detective just arrested fifteen people in a bar on suspicion of them being murderers? “Not my division.”
An evil demigod is attempting to take over the world using charm and puppy eyes? “Not my division.”

10.  iPhone Case with the Best Quotation EVER.

True, it is quite self-explanatory – this iPhone case is awesome and Anderson is a slimy git, a tosser, a wanker, and a piece of rubbish. (There, how was my British there? All good?) I find it best to carry around a valuable instruction manual on insulting people; that way, even if you cannot think of anything good, you can always quote what’s on your phone case.

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