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DIY: Hogwarts House Pride Ornaments

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When I think about Christmas, I often find myself thinking about Harry Potter and the annual movie marathons on ABC Family and the terrible crying jags I go on when I hear Hedwig’s Theme. Harry Potter is my original fandom and probably the one I’m most fanatically attached to so why shouldn’t every aspect of my life reflect that in some way? This, of course, includes my Christmas Tree.

I’m perhaps most proud of the Ravenclaw one (but I’m biased).

First, read this post and complete up to Step 2, only this time you’ll be using two colors of glitter and sprinkling like so:

Heavy to light, leaving plenty of gaps for the other color to stick to. Then sprinkle your second color. My colors are from the Martha Stewart fine craft glitter set and are as follows:

Ravenclaw: Lapis Lazuli and Fire Opal

Slytherin: Sterling and Verdelite

Gryffindor: Yellow Barite and Carnelian

Hufflepuff: Yellow Barite and Onyx

It’s as simple as that. I’ve also found that if you water down the glue slightly, probably a 3 to 1 solution, it dries much faster and spreads easier. This would obviously work with any color, you could even do a tri-color ombre effect (my forays into this may or may not currently be drying on my makeshift drying rack right now) for a super trendy Christmas Tree.

The other strange beauty of this is, if you get tired of the colors or patterns you can soak them in hot water for about half an hour and the glue and glitter comes right off. You could have different ornaments every year.


Author: Cecelia Gray

Actor, Blogger, Crafter. Pursuer of impractical things, lover of glitter, professional paper snowflake maker.

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