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The Ultimate Disney Gift Guide 2012

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When I was little I wanted to grow up to look like Pocahontas and didn’t really realize that that was probably impossible. I was Pocahontas for Halloween when I was 5 and I refused to put proper shoes on until they got so cold it hurt to walk. I cried because Pocahontas didn’t wear shoes and I needed my costume to be as accurate as possible, not because of the near frostbite level pain. I count Pocahontas as my first fandom, I was so in love with it and it kind of took over my life and I still jump at the chance to watch the movie or listen to the music. I completely forgive it for being historically inaccurate (through probably exactly as John Smith would have liked to see himself represented), and will forever find myself shipping Pocahontas/John Smith hardcore. Screw you John Rolfe. Way to anglicize my childhood idol and then expose her to smallpox, DON’T YOU CUT THIS SYCAMORE DOWN.

I know you're all wondering, yeah I kept that Pocahontas and pretended she was Pocahontas Baribe's younger sister.

I currently have this haircut. Awkward.

What I’m saying is, my adult life needs more Pocahontas in it and it’s really hard to find Disney gear for grown ups. I mean, there’s plenty out there but much of it fails to scream “I’m nearly 23 years old” (which is one of those things that most of your clothing should scream if you’re nearly 23 years old) without completely breaking the bank.

"Here's my Résumé and my Cover Letter, and also I only paid $55 to let you know I'm a Princess!"

“Here’s my Résumé and my Cover Letter, and also I only paid $55 to let you know I’m a Princess!”

The Disney Store generally feels it’s okay to charge over $30 for a T-Shirt, and I generally feel terrible about that and only partly because Forever 21 has completely skewed my ideas about what clothing should cost.

So brush off the old VHS player, kids, we’re making that once-in-a-while trip down memory lane a part of your every day life.


Left: Mermaid Tee from CWGClothing $23.00

Middle: Hakuna Matata Eco Heather Racerback Tank Top from Kind Label $30.00 (a portion of the proceeds from every shirt goes to fund The Adventure Project) Become a fan on Facebook and use the code FBFAN for free shipping

Right: Princess Names Sweater from Cakeworthy $54.99, also comes in Prince, Harry Potter, and Finding Nemo and the same design also comes on a regular T-Shirt


Left: Magic Genie Lamp and Vintage Blue (or Pink) Rhinestone Charm from Jeweled Ambrosia $18.00

Middle: Walking in the rain earrings from Bishu $16.00 (I find them to be practically perfect in every way)

Right: Disney Pocahontas inspired Jersey Scarf Necklace from Pixie Pouches $24.00 (There’s a necklace from nearly every other Disney movie you could think of)


Left: 365 day 10 (Cinderella) from Jamie P. Bruno $20.00

Middle: Wall-E Poster from Colorpanda $8.00

Right: Disney’s Peter Pan Minimalist Poster from Rowan Stocks Moore $20.35, currently orders placed on Etsy from outside the UK will not be delivered in time for Christmas but US customers can order from here and get their gifts in time.


Left, Middle, and Right can be found at Poster Inspired along with many more wonderful Disney/Pixar prints. Prices range from $8.00 to $18.00 for individual prints.


Left: Core Values Necklace $11.99

Middle: Its Never Too Ornate Clock $19.99 (It’s like if Cogsworth had a sexy lady friend)

Right: Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm $39.99, a really beautifully illustrated complete collection.

All of the above can be found at ModCloth along with 5,000 other things you didn’t know you needed but suddenly need.

Screen shot 2012-11-27 at 7.56.14 PM

And of course, if you’ve got $173.99 to spare you could go crazy and buy every Disney movie ever made. I’m serious, this is every single one. There are movies in this that I’ve never even heard of. I would recommend an entire floor of a dorm go in on this and buy it for their RA(Movie night ideas forever, also a great way to stay awake while on duty), or the parents of a classroom of preschoolers-second graders could go in on this for the teacher (Day before vacation activity plans solved, special fun days suddenly more fun). You could also buy it for yourself or your sibling/cousin/parent/significant other and never leave the house again!

Let me know in the comments if you’re looking for a Disney-esque gift and don’t see something pictured here from the particular movie you’re looking for or if you think I made a terrible mistake and left out your favorite movie, or you can hit me up on Tumblr or Twitter. Happy Holidays!


Author: Cecelia Gray

Actor, Blogger, Crafter. Pursuer of impractical things, lover of glitter, professional paper snowflake maker.

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