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Ultimate Jane Austen Gift Guide 2012


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It is a truth universally acknowledged that most people who read this blog are probably shopping for holiday presents for their families at this very moment. Now, some of you probably have friends who are huge Jane Austen geeks – we here at 3 Chic Geeks certainly are! Jane Austen was the mother of the modern romance novel, and created strong, intelligent heroines that we love to read about time and time again. Not to mention, she was born on December 16th. All in all, we have gathered some of our favorite Jane Austen-themed objects in this handy gift guide. It’s perfect for last-minute holiday shopping AND for drooling over things you desire (with us, it is a little bit of both).

1. Proper Society Attire.

That is to say, t-shirts we greatly desire. Those who have been following our gift guide series over the past few weeks have probably noticed that we have a bit of an obsession with t-shirts. Perfectly acceptable for the only social occasions we attend (that would be crying about our feels on Tumblr, if you’re wondering).

From left to right:

Tizzy Over Lizzie by Anglofile – A pay per view match more anticipated than anything the WWE can put together, even Zombie Eddie Guerrero versus CM Punk. $24.54,
Pride & Prejudice Novel V-Neck by Out Of Print – Featuring a peacock from a classic illustrated edition of the novel, which is now out of print. £27.99,
Jane Austen Elbow Length Pink T-Shirt by tartx – Stylish and a touch nerdy, this top totally channels the stylish-hipster vibe. $17.00,


2. Jane Austen Trivia Game.

Let’s admit it – we nerd girls like to prove our cleverness and our knowledge to each other and to the world at large, and we like to do it constantly. There’s no better way to do so than to play trivia games while sipping champagne out of plastic cups. This is a great gift for the people in your life who love to be right and love Jane Austen.
Pride & Prejudice Trivia Game, $19.99,

3. Pretty Journals.

While we’re being honest with ourselves, let’s talk about how we all secretly want to go back to that time when people actually wrote things down… with pen and paper. There’s always a strange nostalgic feeling when one is scribbling in a lovely journal with a high quality pen. A letter to a suitor? A lengthy discourse about your feelings? A grocery list? The next chapter of your Destiel fanfiction? Everything seems classy. EVERYTHING.

From left to right:

Midnight Blossom Journal by Peter Pauper Press – I own a couple of journals made by this company, if not this exact model. They’ve held up pretty good to the wear and tear, considering they are kept in my handbag along with about a thousand things that could probably be used as weapons in case of a zombie attack. Would definitely recommend. $13.49, Barnes & Noble
Jane Austen Hand Painted Journal by PemberleyPond – Small and cute, I doubt this is the kind of notebook that lives in the handbags of vain old battleaxes like myself. No, this journal is meant to be kept on the desk of someone elegant and classy. €12.00,
Brown Lace Fabric Handmade Journal by PatchworkMill Definitely the kind of notebook in which one would confess their feelings in neat cursive. $18.00,

4. A Proper Lady’s Decor.

Okay, you have your t-shirt that lets everyone know you read books, your friends know you’re a drunken know-it-all, and you are writing your first romance novel by candlelight in a fancy journal. What about the decor, though? You’ve got to put up some art around your home… so no one can ever escape your clutches without knowing how classy and educated you are.

From left to right:

Seeking haven from Mr Darcy, Elizabeth Bennet chances upon a strange blue box print by ParodiesLost – A must-have for all Doctor Who and Jane Austen fans. Seriously, I am about to go look for fanfiction of this right now. Please, let it be with the Tenth Doctor. (There’s also a poster of the same scene here) $16.95-$29.95,
Persuasion Poster by thatbekkahgirl – One of the lesser-read classics. $22.80-$39.90,
Are the shades of Pemberley to be this polluted? Art Print by KateFete – And when these words were uttered, we knew that at last she had fallen for him. £30.00,

5. Jewelry for the Ball.

Every lady needs some kind of fancy jewelry for the ball. You know, the ball. The one where she meets Mr. Tall, Dark, Handsome & Filthy Rich. You can’t go to one of those looking like the hind end of a goat, now can you? Here are some of our favorites, although Etsy is full of other options.

From left to right:

Silhouette & Filigree Brass Necklace by ClassicallyRomantic – Cameos are totally reminiscent of the Regency era, and every time I hear the word filigree I think of Sense & Sensibility for reasons not known to even myself. I do suspect it has something to do with Lucy. $17.00,
Lady Jane Vintage Gold Necklace
by FuchsiaBloomStudio – Vintage florals definitely make us think of the early 1800s. $65.00,
Northanger Abbey Quotation Brass Bangle by JezebelCharms“The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid.” -Henry Tilney. $40.00,

6. Jane Austen Bandages.

Really, the only reason I made this gift guide is so I could tell you all that this exists. You’re welcome. Jane Austen Bandages by Archie McPhee, $4.95,

7. Proper Fancy Tea Set.

Are you or are you not a beautiful and intelligent woman living in Regency-era England? Either way, you need a proper tea set, darling. Here are a couple that caught our fancy.  We recommend you pair one of these tea sets with the Adagio Jane Austen tea blend.

From left to right:

Pride & Prejudice Tea Set by OpheliasGypsyCaravan – For those who have quite a bit of money to spend, a hand painted tea set with all the famous quotations from the novel. I’d scream “Shut up and take my money” if I had any. $130.00,
Royal Albert Country Rose Chintz Tea Set – It’s Wedgwood. British. Fancy. $90.24, English Tea Store
Bone Porcelain Tea Set – More delicate pattern, in case the other two are too overpowering. $229.90, Umi Tea Sets

8. Letter Writing Set.

Scribble your letters to your besotted suitors and caring sisters with a fancy quill and official Jane Austen stationery. Empire waist gown and invitation to the ball optional. Stationery Set, paper and envelopes, Jane Austen Centre Gift Shop, $12.15

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Author: Katherine Erlikh

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3 thoughts on “Ultimate Jane Austen Gift Guide 2012

  1. Wow! What a great collection of gifts you have found! I want to click on everything 🙂 Also, I wanted to say thank you for featuring my necklace in this guide! Cheers!

  2. I am really honored that my journal is in this wonderful and noble company! I also love Jane Austen and these gifts are so beautiful! Thank you so much!

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