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DIY: TARDIS Ornament

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I put the final touches on my Christmas tree the other night and I realized I hadn’t made anything even remotely Doctor Who for it. So if you’re looking to spruce up that spruce with a little galactic something or if you’re looking to assemble a last minute gift for a Doctor Who fan, this one’s for you.


For this craft you will need: Elmer’s Glue, assorted glitter (you can use a mix of sizes and colors, I’m using Martha Stewart’s Fine Craft Glitters. Try to use cooler colors and black, but stay away from using too much TARDIS blue for reasons that will become obvious in a little while), one (or more) clear glass ornaments with removable tops, permanent markers with ultra fine tips in blue, black, and yellow and permanent markers with fine tips in various metallic shades (silver being the best). You’ll also need a working sink and/or just some water you find, I mean, I assume if you’ve got all of this other impractical stuff you have a sink.


Step one: Remove the top of the ornament and pour about a tablespoon of water in.

Step two: Add about half a tablespoon to one tablespoon of glue. Put your thumb over the open end and swirl until you have an even consistency. Do not shake the mixture.


Step three: Roll the glue mixture around the inside of the ornament until it’s evenly coated, pour out any excess or if you’re making more than one pour your excess into the next ornament. Turn the ornament opening down and let more of the mixture drip out. The coating should be almost translucent.

Step four: Once the coating thins out, pour in your glitter. Pick 3 to 5 colors and use a little of each, try not to exceed a tablespoon of glitter total.


Step 5: Swirl the glitter around. There really isn’t much of a technique here, just roll it around slowly to get defined swirls or try to spread it out and go quickly for less definition. Pour out any excess, tap the sides to make sure all the loose glitter is out.


Step six: Place the ornament, opening down, into the case it came in and let dry overnight. Check on it every now and then and pour out any extra glitter or glue mixture that may collect. As you can see I experimented a bit. Using warm colors makes it look Jupiter-y.


Step seven: Now you have a galaxy in a glass ball. Time to draw a TARDIS. Just draw a rectangle with two smaller squares and color it in with your blue marker on a fairly light area, you can leave out the side if you’d like but I think it makes it more interesting.


Step eight: Add your details in black, color the sides and top black, add window panes, some lines for the door. Don’t obsess over it, it doesn’t need to be absolutely perfect. Make sure you draw on the light and color it and the windows yellow.


Step nine: Add some little details. Lightly trace the edges of the glitter swirls with black or blue and draw in some stars with you metallic marker first and then go back over with black.

You could even…


Oh…how did…


I just…

Merry Christmas?


Author: Cecelia Gray

Actor, Blogger, Crafter. Pursuer of impractical things, lover of glitter, professional paper snowflake maker.

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