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Comic Book Review: Dim Sum Warriors


As some of you may know, I went to New York Comic Con 2012 – for just one day, mind you. Artist Alley has always been one of my favorite spots to visit. You can find great comics, fanart and accessories in any Artist Alley. One of my finds this year, Dim Sum Warriors, made me squeal when faced with its utter cuteness. Dim Sum Warriors is a martial-arts story with a twist – all the characters are anthropomorphic dim sum warriors.
For those who may not know, dim sum is basically a Chinese cross of brunch and tapas. Usually, it consists of basics like steamed pork buns, many kinds of dumplings, rice balls, sticky rice, tiny delicious morsels of meat and seafood… wonderful, tiny things that are either roasted, steamed, or fried. It is usually served in the morning (at least at the majority of restaurants I have been to in the New York City area) and is usually eaten with a group.

Dim Sum Warriors is centered around a group of martial arts experts caught in the middle of a  power struggle between the royal ruling family and the evil bowl of ramen colonel. Yes, that is the best part – the villain of the comic is a giant bowl of ramen noodles! Think back, when have you ever encountered evil ramen noodles? The Maruchan shelf at the supermarket doesn’t count. (Although, personally, I am quite fond of their cheese flavor.)

Dim Sum Warriors  is intended to be educational as well as entertaining. Aside from the digital and the traditional paper versions, the comic is also available as an iPad app – complete with sound effects. It is intended to be an easy way to teach people the basics of spoken and written Chinese. The app features translations between Chinese and English, and pronunciation guides. However, the humorous plot and adorable protagonists are meant to distract the reader from the fact that they are actually learning – kind of like covering broccoli with cheese to disguise its true nature.

Overall, it’s a great concept with an adorable art style. I definitely want a poster of Evil Quickynoodle (the evil ramen), because of… reasons.

If you are interested in reading this comic book, head on over to . Dim Sum Warriors is available individually and as a full app in the Apple App Store.

As a bonus, enjoy this hipstery photo of Dim Sum Warriors stickers.

As a bonus, enjoy this hipstery photo of Dim Sum Warriors stickers.


Author: Katherine Erlikh

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2 thoughts on “Comic Book Review: Dim Sum Warriors

  1. Thanks for the writer-up! Very curious now about what you want with Colonel Quickynoodle 🙂

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