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Network With Other Bloggers – Join the Totally Awesome Blog Hop!


Chantillysongs Blog hop

Today, 3 Chic Geeks are participating in a blog hop for the first time. It’s kind of like where Castiel walks into a barn and kicks demon butt while sparks fly, except, you know, no heavenly feather dusters, or demons, or barns… well, you know what I mean. Anyway, a blog hop is an awesome way to meet other bloggers – which we love!

This blog hop is hosted by four blogs: Chantilly of ChantillySongs, Shell of Kitty and Buck, Fritha of Tigerlilly Quinn, and Jenny of Everyday is a Holiday. They all have lovely blogs with tons of cute stuff you might find to be inspiring.

Anyway, if you want to learn more, click the pretty button above, and you’ll be taken to the blog hop. Happy hopping!


Author: Katherine Erlikh

I love candlelight dinners, long walks on the beach and killing demons. Usually you can find me at rock concerts. 90% of redditors believe me to be male. I'm pretty sure I'm Loki.

6 thoughts on “Network With Other Bloggers – Join the Totally Awesome Blog Hop!

  1. I am so happy I came your way from the blog hop! I’ve only read your Supernatural-related posts (so far!), but I love all of your writing and will definitely be following in the future πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks so much for writing this post and spreading the word! I’m just going to poke around these parts now, nice to meetcha πŸ™‚

  3. welcome to the blog hop! hope you are loving it and finding some new friends πŸ™‚ xoxo

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