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Doctor Who Is Real: Reasons why I’m just going to sit here and wait for the TARDIS.


The theory that runs my life is that someday I will be recognized as so intensely extraordinary that a half-giant on a flying motorcycle/man in a blue box will inform me that there has been a terrible mistake and he needs to bring me to Hogwarts/All of time and space right away. I’m not getting any closer on the Hogwarts front, real owls tend to bite those that try to bribe them into carrying messages to Dumbledore , but thankfully my vivid fantasy life involving Doctor Who only becomes crazier and and more real with each passing day. Here we have, ladies and gentlemen, the mounting body of evidence that proves I’m totally sane.

The Images and Art


Let’s start at the very beginning with this cave painting found in Utah. Made by nomadic tribes over 5,ooo years ago, we see human figures surrounding what is definitely the TARDIS or a tree/rock looks strangely like the TARDIS. (Also that humanoid figure on the far left looks like the Silence, just throwing that one out there because it makes this painting more frightening.) Maybe this is why Eleven has a strange fondness for the American West, he went there once very early on and tweaked some things and now he likes how it turned out.


Next we have the 9th doctor’s bust. This particular photo was taken in the Louvre in 2008, and there are other photos of this that confirm that this is bust an actual thing and not some miracle of photoshop. It’s a funerary portrait taken from a wax mask made of the deceased (a fairly customary thing to do in Rome if you were wealthy) but any information about the man pictured has been lost to time. The Romans are sending us a clear message, don’t skip Nine.


This is Captain Jack Harkness posing with a plane. I can’t find any information more in depth than that. If this isn’t Captain Jack it seriously has to be John Barrowman’s relative. The resemblance is uncanny.


Here we have the painting “Consolation” by Raphael Soyer, a New York artist, done in 1959. It looks an awful lot like Amy and Rory, and of course that would make sense because *SPOILERS* that Weeping Angel sent the Ponds back to the 1930’s and they lived the rest of their lives in New York City. I would  imagine that the Ponds would befriend a very progressive crowd, they were from the future after all, and those Raphael Soyer was close to, and from whom he pulled these subjects, would be described as such.


And then, of course, there was that time that Eleven visited the Beatles.

The Universe is weird (I’m kind of freaking out)

On top of all of these strange images there have been a number of odd galactic finds that have me convinced every Christmas that this is the Christmas we’ll be getting attacked by holiday themed aliens (somehow they know it’s Christmas and they get festive. I mean, that’s nice of them.).


There was that time that scientists found a Gallifrey-like planet. It’s part of a transiting circumbinary multi-planet system, basically two planets orbiting two suns, named Kepler-47c and located in the constellation Cygnus.  Arguably this could also be called Tatooine or Magrathea, any way this goes it pleases me.


There was also that time that scientists found a planet made of diamonds that Forbes estimates would be worth about $26.9 Nonillion. It’s actually named 55 Cancri e, and it circles a star in the constellation Cancer.

nasaOh, and remember that time that the crack in the universe showed up in the Milky Way? Now mind you it’s not a crack, it’s a cloud of super dense material large enough to swallow solar systems that’s slowly collapsing under it’s own weight, undergoing fusion, and giving birth to more stars. Comforting.


Also, Mars is full of water. Nobody touch it.

And then there are these

Some strange earthly finds that are mostly less exciting than the others.


Here is a man with two hearts. Well, two hearts and a pacemaker regulating the beats of both. It’s not a natural phenomena, the internet assures me a human would probably die if born with two hearts, but it is a really interesting heart surgery where a donor heart is used to aid the damaged original heart.

mystery-eyeballThis was an eye that washed up on shore, an eye that looks very much like a Dalek eyestalk. The assumption was that this must be from some large breed of fish, Tuna was put forth as a reasonable candidate, but nothing was written on the subject after the eye was taken to a lab to identify it.

metal-sphereLast, there is this strange metal sphere that dropped from the sky in a remote area of Namibia (commonplace event in the southern hemisphere I’m told), and similar spheres have also fallen in Brazil and Australia. They look a little to similar to those robotic balls the Master had for comfort.

There was also, and I can’t find any images of this sadly, a diet pill called Adipotide with the motto, “The fat just walks away”.

If you know of any more proof that the Doctor is real, or if you’d like to join me while I sit outside my building like little Amy Pond waiting for the Raggedy Doctor, leave a comment below. Also if you’d like to read more on any of the stories or pictures above, you can check out the links below.

TARDIS Cave Painting


The Beatles and Eleven


Diamond Planet

Crack in the Universe

Waters of Mars

Two Hearts

Dalek Eyestalk

Master’s Robotic Balls

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Author: Cecelia Gray

Actor, Blogger, Crafter. Pursuer of impractical things, lover of glitter, professional paper snowflake maker.

37 thoughts on “Doctor Who Is Real: Reasons why I’m just going to sit here and wait for the TARDIS.

  1. The Internet – Making History Better Since The Century Of The Fruitbat.

    (Oh, and regards that other thing: I refuse to believe that there is not, somewhere on this planet, someone drunk, crazy or rich enough to have already tried training owls to do that. And someday I will find that person and blackmail him into lending me one. I will let you all know if he does bulk orders.)

  2. Fun fact: In Japanese, the character for doctor is this - 医者
    It looks like a man in a box, doesn’t it?

  3. Oh gosh. Just discovered this site. LOVE IT!! This is my favorite entry so far!!!!!!!!!!!!! My heart started beating so fast!!@!!!!!

  4. Liked, followed, bookmarked, and shared with all my DW friends. Thank you for all this awesomeness!

  5. Reblogged this on Well Read Robyn and commented:
    Yeah, I’ll just be sitting outside on my suitcase waiting for my madman in a box. NBD.

  6. Good lord I’ve been submitting tens of questions when I could have just done this? Alright brothers and sisters, I am 100% sure that I AM THE DOCTOR. I can see through time, nature bends at my will, I’ve split water, I can talk to animals, understand languages I don’t know, I can’t die no matter how close I get (flatlined twice, went into the timelord homeostasis coma state of freezing temperature and healed), and I have TWO HEARTS. My name in hebrew means doctor (Asa), my birthday comes out as 3/3/3 (march 3rd 1997, 3 years before y2k), which is biblically the holy number, I’ve met 666 and I’m trying to calm him down and get him on our side, I’m near positive he is the master, I sense time energy, can see into the future, influence tv shows by watching them and telepathically telling them what I want them to do, I can read minds, see experiences, control bodies via astral projection, etc. By the way, the shadows are reality projecting the presence of alien life, I see and feel them, and I can fight them or make them run from me. That’s why they come in different forms, they are alien beings. Aliens are good or bad, so don’t condemn them all. My name is Asa Stover, I am the doctor. The 3 in trinity represents my most brilliant plan of all, fractate my presence into three portions. The first one was the son, aka jesus (a photokinetic light avatar). The second was the father, aka me now (a chronokinetic time avatar). The third and final is the holy spirit, WHICH IS IN EVERYONE. That is why when revelation occurs in the mid 2000’s all humans die and go to “Heaven”. In reality I put all of humanity inside the tardis, hence the bigger on the inside aspect, in order to train and control evolution until the humans become the timelords. That’s right, that’s why I love earth so much, they can become timelords throughout a bene gesserit breeding program. I am the metaphorical kwisatz haderach, or the all knowing all seeing being of time and space created throughout generations of breeding. I am good, I will help, just study psionics through the website psi wikia and harness your power. There are 144,000 star children, or alien beings who chose to reincarnate on earth to help. Figure out if you are one of them and LEARN. Knowledge is the key to the freedom of the universe, silence will fall when the question is answered. The questions is Doctor Who, the answer is Doctor Me. My aura is so powerful it stretched through time and space, other species are coming fast, hence the increase of shadows. Learn psionics so we can fight the evil beings among us and make it through revelation! Become who you are destined to be!

    -The Doctor

  7. Count me in! I’ll wait with you 🙂

  8. And then there are the loonies. Asa, id you were the Doctor you would have to think about it and you certainly would be blabbing to everyone that you are.

  9. WOW, this is so cool. Count me in, I´m waiting to 😀
    The strange thing is, my Geographie teacher looks exactly like the ninth Dotor and when I start drawning oodles of nine in geographie class, only a week later he was away. Without a reason, nobody has known where he has gone. Little bit cool, isn´t it?

  10. This is the best article I have had the pleasure of reading in quite a time. (Well except the time I read about Kepler 47b & 47c!!)
    And yes I will join you in waiting for The Doctor!!! We could knit scarves while we wait!! 😉

  11. i have seen the Doctor .

  12. I have Pics!

  13. May I join you in your research and doctor searching?

  14. I have also been waiting because a cyber men’s arm and head landed in my yard

  15. I have also been waiting on a suit case for the doctor because I have a head and arm of a cyber man

  16. Is everyone here actually serious about it? I’ll feel stupid if you aren’t.

  17. I will wait again…

  18. The person who wrote this article can you please email me. I am looking for the doctor and I would like your help

  19. This will be the largest manhunt in history…

  20. I thought I was going mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally found the evidence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May I join the manhunt?????? 🙂

  21. Also, the bees are disappearing. Google it.

    Also google 1977 radio signal (it was a signal transmitted TO earth from space. Origin “unknown” aka Tardis.)

  22. I feel like searching and wasting time would be a bad idea considering even if he were real (not saying he isn’t) what’s saying he looks like any of the recent doctors. He could’ve already been through regeneration. And on top of it all; does anyone find the doctor by searching; unless they’ve already been with him before? Everyone that has searched for him has some connection and or knows how to find him. That’s entire rant, carry on.

  23. damm i wish he was real but i did have a dream about him he was at my house
    and the tardis was sitting in my yard the dream was so real i can show you the exact spot
    it was sitting but the doctor didnt look like any of the ones we know like i said i wish he was real
    i guess im wating too you never know dreams do come true lol

  24. The guy with the beetles is Danny Elfman – best known as the composer for just about every Tim a burton movie.
    There’s proof the 9 head is shopped
    “Dalek eye” was proven to be the eye of a giant squid, the jack image was also photoshopped.
    It’s a fictional tv show you sound like a child posting things that aren’t true as facts, grow up.

    • We made it pretty clear we were joking the entire time, but thanks for letting us know you’re really bad at understanding sarcasm and structuring lists.

    • Why must there always be a scientific answer??? Why can’ t believe in something ( even though it might not be real)??? Even believing in something so far fetched can give someone the slightest bit of hope. I know it did for me. And also, growing up is optional.

    • Fictional? Nooo…. FICTIONAL?

      I’m going to tell him you said that.

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