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The Reichenbach Feels Playlist


The Reichenbach Feels Playlist - All your reichenbach Fall feels in a convenient playlist format

We here at 3 Chic Geeks are intensely familiar with the feeling of having ALL THESE FEELINGS about the Reichenbach Fall. We don’t know how Sherlock did it; we can’t get over what happened; the mere words “Goodbye, John” are enough to make us randomly burst into tears… we swear we don’t have problems. Now that Sherlock season 3 is thiiiiiiiis close to being filmed, we thought we’d give everybody another way of torturing themselves until that fateful day when Sherlock 3.1 hits the airwaves. So, the great and sinister force that is Freak Geek went through her music collection and put together a playlist that details EVERY SINGLE FEEL that you will feel… in the exact order of you feeling those feels. Ready to laugh, weep and rip your hair out? Read on to find out which songs made the list!

Disclaimer: If this playlist looks like it was made by Dean Winchester… that’s probably because it was. Don’t judge me. I only know like five albums. -FG

1. “My friend, Sherlock Holmes, is dead.”

The song: Don’t Fear the Reaper by Blue Öyster Cult.

Why: Reichenbach Fall opens with the poignant moment of John announcing that Sherlock is dead to his therapist. This song serves to remind us that Sherlock’s not really dead… and the worst is yet to come. Don’t fear the reaper, because what’s coming is ten times worse.


The song: Ace of Spades by Motorhead

Why: He’s the man with the key, and that’s kind of like being the man with the ace of spades… and you really can’t accuse Moriarty of wanting to live forever.

The pleasure is to play
It makes no difference what you say

This whole time, everything has been about The Game, ever since Sherlock swept out of the flat, John in tow, calling out to his landlady (who is not his housekeeper, thank you very much) that “the game, Mrs. Hudson, is ON.” And now, with this episode, as Moriarty shatters the glass and takes his seat upon the throne, crown on his head… he’s this close to winning. The only gun he needs is the ace of spades. Also, fxxx Lemmy.

3. “In a world of locked doors, the man with the key is king… and honey, you should see me in a crown.”

The song: Man that you Fear by Marilyn Manson.

Why: Probably an unorthodox choice, but hear me out here: the lyrics TOTALLY fit. For example:

Your apple has been rotting
Tomorrow’s turned up dead
I have it all and I have no choice but to

Make everyone pay and you will see
You can kill yourself now
Because you’re dead
In my mind (x)

Those first two lines are so evocative of Moriarty carving an IOU into the apple; they completely capture the meaning of that action and that scene. And, you know, in that moment, Sherlock probably begins to understand that he is going to die or Moriarty will. One way or another, one of them (or possibly both) will not walk out of that game alive. Flash forward to the rooftop:

Sherlock: I can still prove that you created an entirely false identity.
Moriarty: Oh just kill yourself. It’s a lot less effort. Go on. For me.

And in his mind, Moriarty sees himself as the victor already, and the loser is dead. Bonus points for this line later on in the song:

You’ve poisoned all of your children to camouflage your scars

I mean, do I even have to explain that one? To me, in this context, this line refers to the children being kidnapped and poisoned. It’s so obvious, Jawn.

4. “Doing what Moriarty wants; becoming a fugitive. Run.”

The song: Renegade by Styx.

Why: As the warning shot was fired and the ambiguously gay duo took off on foot, another one of Moriarty’s plans moved forward. The thoughts and hints Moriarty had placed in everyone’s heads became concrete ideas, until there were none left loyal to Sherlock.

Oh Mama, I’m in fear for my life from the long arm of the law
Law man has put an end to my running and I’m so far from my home

Bonus feels? Sherlock getting dressed for his arrest. That scene. As he is putting on his armor of coat and scarf, he knows, this is the last time he will see 221B in a long, long time. Perhaps, the last time he will see it ever. The only thing he knows is that he’s about to become a fugitive, and he didn’t expect John to come along with him.

5.  “Take my hand!” – “Now people will definitely talk.”

The song: Take my Hand by Simple Plan

Why: Oh my Chuck, the chorus! I mean, this whole song just gives me intense Reichenfeels, but think of the chorus, if nothing else!

Take my hand tonight
Let’s not think about tomorrow
Take my hand tonight
We can find some place to go
Cause our hearts are locked forever
And our love will never die
Take my hand tonight one last time

Even if you don’t ship Johnlock (wait, there are people who don’t ship Johnlock?) this song should give you major, crippling, heart-wrenching brotp feels, especially in the context of that moment. They’re fleeing the police on foot, handcuffed to each other, and they have no idea where they are going or what they’re going to do, beyond escaping together. The only thing that’s certain is that they will always be together, because they’re bros and that’s that… oh, no, wait, THEY WON’T BECAUSE SHERLOCK IS GOING TO FAKE DIE AND LEAVE JOHN THINKING THAT HE IS DEAD AND OH GOD I CANNOT TYPE ANYMORE WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME. [gross sobbing]

If you ship Johnlock, here’s a bonus round of heart-wrenching feels for you:

The city sleeps and we’re lost in the moment
Another kiss as we’re lying on the pavement
If they could see us they would tell us that we’re crazy
But I know they just don’t understand

Come on, you’re Sherlockians. Doesn’t just simply hearing the words “lying on the pavement” make you want to curl up in a fetal position and weep while eating Nutella out of a jar with a spoon? LYING ON THE PAVEMENT. If you say no, you are a filthy liar.

6. “She’s dying you machine! Sod this. Sod this, you stay here if you want. On your own.”

The song: Heat of the Moment by Asia.

Why: Rise and shine, Sammy. Asia. This is the quintessential song about saying something you didn’t mean at all and regretting it for many, many years afterwards. You didn’t mean to get into a shouting match with Sherlock, did you, John? Well, it wasn’t really a shouting match though, now was it? He just kind of sat there and you shouted abuse at him. (Yes, I went there, please forgive me.)

7. “Come and play. Bart’s Hospital rooftop. SH PS. Got something of yours you might want back.

The song: Stayin Alive by The Bee Gees.

Why: This should be pretty self-explanatory, don’t you think? The surest way to freak out a crowd of Sherlockians is to play the Bee Gees really loudly. Or just yell “Vatican Cameos!” and dive to the floor, but that’s… so much effort.

8. “Did you almost start to wonder if I was real? Did I nearly get ya?”

The song: Sympathy for the Devil by the Rolling Stones.

Why: In this song, the narrator is the devil; Lucifer himself has come to earth to introduce himself, and take account of his misdeeds. In this scene, Moriarty meets Sherlock on the rooftop, and explains what he’s done and why he’s just won the game. And just like the devil is totally not sorry for any of it, Moriarty too is blatantly unapologetic.

Pleased to meet you
Hope you guessed my name
Ah, what’s puzzling you
Is the nature of my game

In my head, the chorus matches up to what Moriarty is saying.

Moriarty: Did you almost start to wonder if I was real? Did I nearly get ya?
Sherlock: Richard Brook.
Moriarty: Nobody seems to get the joke. But you do.
Sherlock: Of course.
Moriarty: ‘Atta boy.
Sherlock: Rich Brook in German is Reichenbach. The case that made my name.

Now, what’s the game Moriarty was playing? Even then, at the very end, the viewer is confused. What was he trying to do, what was he trying to achieve by all this? Why? And, even more importantly, how? What was the code?

9. “Genius detective proved to be a fraud. I read it in the paper so it must be true. I love newspapers… fairy tales… and pretty grim ones too.”

The song: Take a Bow by Muse.

Why: I imagine this is what was going through Sherlock’s head as Moriarty outlined the ending of the fairy tale. We know Sherlock has the brain of a philosopher, and yet he chooses to be a detective. What does that tell us about his heart? And once we’ve deduced what his heart is like… what can we then deduce about what he might be thinking at that very moment?

10.  “Your death is the only thing that’s going to call off the killers.”

The song: Thoughts of a Dying Atheist by Muse

Why: I hope you’ll forgive me for using two Muse songs in a row, but it seems to be rather fitting at this moment. You see, both Sherlock and Moriarty are staring into the eyes of Death right now. It is highly likely neither of them had faith in a power higher than themselves; and yet, all this talk about hell and angels? As such, I thought this song to be rather apropos. Let us take the lyrics…

I know the moment’s near
And there’s nothing we can do
Look through a faithless eye
Are you afraid to die?

And let us compare them to this scene:

Sherlock: Yes, but I’m not my brother, remember? I am you. Prepared to do anything. Prepared to burn. Prepared to do what ordinary people won’t do. You want me to shake hands with you in hell, I shall not disappoint you.
Moriarty: Nah. You talk big. Nah. You’re ordinary. You’re ordinary. You’re on the side of the angels.
Sherlock: Oh, I may be on the side of the angels, but don’t think for one second that I am one of them.
Moriarty: No. You’re not. I see. You’re not ordinary. No. You’re me. You’re me. Thank you. Sherlock Holmes. Thank you. Bless you. As long as I’m alive, you can save your friends. You’ve got a way out. Well good luck with that. [casually shoots self in the head]

And that, my friends, was the end of Jim Moriarty, consulting criminal.

11. “Turn around and walk back the way you came.”

The song: Die Young by Black Sabbath.

Why: This is a very poignant moment, requires a lot of character study. Definitely, my first thought for that moment was to put Sabbath, because Ronnie James Dio is God or something like that. In that moment, perhaps, we (and John!) are realizing, Sherlock is about to die. It’s real. He’s going to do it.

12. “Okay, look up. I’m on the rooftop.” – “Oh god.”

The song: Falling Away With You by Muse.

Why: Look, Muse just fit this episode so well, that even I have to acknowledge it. I mean, I don’t even like Muse. Not even on Facebook. However, this song is absolute perfection when matched up with this moment. And here is why it’s utterly and completely perfect:

And I’ll feel my world crumbling
I’ll feel my life crumbling
I’ll feel my soul crumbling away
And falling away
Falling away with you

I’m pretty sure that the moment John realized the phone call was a ruse, everything began to crumble. Seeing Sherlock on the roof, he knew, he knew Sherlock was about to kill himself, and everything fell apart. And then Sherlock fell. No, that was not okay, I’m sorry.

13. “I want you to tell Lestrade, I want you to tell Mrs. Hudson and Molly. In fact, tell anyone who will listen to you… that I created Moriarty for my own purposes.”

The song: In My Time of Dying by Led Zeppelin.

Why: You can see it written all over Sherlock’s face as he lies to John; he doesn’t want to be saying those things. To those of you who think that he should have told John that he was only faking his death and to act surprised… it wouldn’t have worked. You know why? Sherlock was about to take a swan dive off the roof of a building; a tall building at that. Sure, he had a plan. Sure, he survived. However, there was no guarantee that he would; after all, people generally don’t survive after they pirouette off of a rooftop, thank you very much! Those words could have been the very last words that Sherlock says to John, ever; this could just as easily have ended with Sherlock really dying. This is why I find the following lines in the song really poignant at this moment:

Oh, I did somebody some good. Somebody some good…
Oh, did somebody some good. I must have did somebody some good…
Oh, I believe I did
I see the smiling faces
I know I must have left some traces
And I see them in the streets
And I see them in the field
And I hear them shouting under my feet
And I know it’s got to be real

Perhaps it’s just me, but this is totally what I would have been thinking, were I forced to lie to the person I care for most in this world in order to save his life and then pretend to kill myself in a way which could potentially end with me really dying. I could always be wrong though. (No, I couldn’t, don’t be silly.)

14. “This phone call, it’s… it’s my note. That’s what people do, don’t they? Leave a note. ” – “Leave a note when?” – “Goodbye, John.”

The song: Too Close by Alex Clare

Why: Critique Geek and myself are in agreement that Too Close is the definitive Johnlock theme song. As such, it is being put down as the song that goes with all of the Goodbye John moments ever, because oh god feels. The lyrics, combined with that powerful singing voice are just incredibly moving, and I get emotional when I hear this song. Just look at the lyrics. LOOK AT THEM. YOU SEE BUT YOU DO NOT OBSERVE.

You’ve given me more than I can return,
Yet there’s oh so much that you deserve.
There’s nothing to say, nothing to do.
I’ve nothing to give,
I must live without you.
You know we’re heading separate ways…

And then, down and down and down goes Sherlock… and our hearts break into a thousand little pieces. Goodbye, John. [jumps off chair]

Bonus feels round? You know that shot, where we see John as a little speck on the ground and then everything blurs? Everything blurs because Sherlock’s seeing everything as a blur because he is crying. Yup. You’re welcome for that one.

15. “You told me once that you weren’t a hero. There were times that I didn’t even think you were human…”

The song: Just Breathe by Pearl Jam.

Why: Probably just as heartbreaking as watching Sherlock fall, is watching John say goodbye to Sherlock. John’s a soldier, and we’d wager he’s lost many people he knew in combat… but this is his best friend. His brilliant, witty, clever, infuriating best friend, Sherlock Holmes, who was almost larger than life at times. Dead. Gone. Which is why we feel the following lyrics are totally applicable:

Did I say that I need you?
Did I say that I want you?
Oh, if I didn’t I’m a fool, you see…
No one knows this more than me,
As I come clean.

Please excuse me while I weep great, big tears of sorrow and pain.

16. “One more miracle, Sherlock, for me. Don’t be… dead. Would you do that, just for me? Just stop it, stop this… [cut to Sherlock standing there looking sadfais]”

The song: Strange Face of Love by Tito & Tarantula.

Why: Some of you might recognise this song as having been in Desperado, which by the way is a great movie. It’s about putting aside your emotions and desires, and dealing with revenge. In a way, this is what’s coming next over the next three years or so, as Sherlock seeks out Moriarty’s accomplices and destroys the tangled web. Only after Moran is dead and done with can Sherlock return to 221B and marry John and have his babies… No, wait, Sherlock isn’t the one with male pregnancies, that was Doctor Who and Jack Harkness being Jack Harkness. My bad.

BONUS: “What do you mean you’re not dead?”

The song: Laugh, I nearly died by the Rolling Stones.

Why: If you’ve read the original ACD canon (if you haven’t, go ahead and do it, we’ve still got almost a year til season 3), you’d know that Holmes mentions his travels the world over during the three years after he fell. While I was pondering how that could have translated over into the modern day, I hit upon this song on my Grooveshark. Just look at these lyrics and tell me it couldn’t possibly happen:

I’ve been travelling but I don’t know where
I’ve been missing you but you just don’t care
And I’ve been wandering, I’ve seen Greece and Rome
Lost in the wilderness, so far from home
Yeah, yeah

I’ve been to Africa, looking for my soul
And I feel like an actor looking for a role
I’ve been in Arabia, I’ve seen a million stars
Been sipping champagne on the boulevards – yes

I’m just saying it now… come Season 3, you are going to want this song so bad. I’m just leaving it here now. You know. Just in case.

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Various disclaimers: We don’t own the dialogue quoted in this post; that much is obvious. Most of our quotations used in this article are sourced from IMDB and Planet Claire. Likewise, we do not own any of the lyrics quoted. This is why we used videos from youtube which feature the lyrics conveniently as part of the video, see? Those lyrics are property of whoever currently holds the copyrights to them; please don’t sue us, we’re bloggers and as such have about a grand total of five dollars and a granola bar to split between the three of us.
Also, please note this is mostly meant to be a lighthearted post on the topic. Don’t take it too seriously. We love you too. If you want a LONGER playlist, hit up Freak Geek’s Grooveshark, where you can listen to an extended version of this playlist.

I want you to tell Lestrade, I want you to tell Mrs. Hudson and Molly. In fact, tell anyone who will listen to you. That I created Moriarty for my own purposes. – See more at:
I want you to tell Lestrade, I want you to tell Mrs. Hudson and Molly. In fact, tell anyone who will listen to you. That I created Moriarty for my own purposes. – See more at:

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9 thoughts on “The Reichenbach Feels Playlist

  1. Crying at work now.

  2. I love that it may or may not have been written by Dean Winchester.

  3. that’s an awful lot of feel. and hair product. and spandy.. maybe we should have a talk about this.

  4. Amazing. I have just recently gotten into Sherlock (currently extremely obsessed) and tonight I finally got to watch the last episode. Simply put, I get very emotional about this stuff! I can hardly wait for Season 3. Anyway, I can tell you put a lot of thought into this. Great job!

    • Oh, you’re lucky! You don’t have as long to wait for a resolution…I’ve been suffering from mild-to-acute Reichenbach Feels since last May, when Season 2 aired in the U.S. ^A^;;

  5. These are the songs that I now permanently associate with Sherlock and/or Reichenbach:

    “Save Me,” by Gotye. I first heard this song as part of a Sherlock fanvideo on YouTube, and now I can’t listen to it without the swimming pool scene running through my head.

    “A Thousand Years,” by Christina Perri. Also seen in a fanvideo; I don’t remember which. Subsequently, I always get this vague weepy feeling when I hear this song; so much so that, as lovely as it is, I can’t bring myself to download it because listening to it too much could make me actually weepy over Reichenbach…srsly, I haven’t cried over a TV episode since I was nine (the Full House episode in which the great-grandfather dies).

    “The Scientist,” by Coldplay. First I saw this series of sketches on deviantArt, and then of course I watched some more YouTube videos. The lyrics are completely fitting.

    “Sinnerman,” by Nina Simone. I will never hear this song without thinking of that newspaper/court prep montage. Those lines where the Sinnerman is being turned away by the higher authorities whom he’d thought he could trust…it’s just like the London authorities turning on Sherlock, so that in the end he has no choice but to confront the devil (Moriarty) himself.

  6. needs more Muse

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