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So, you’d like to look nerdier.

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Because wouldn’t we all. Thankfully elbow patches are in, and here’s a way to create some without needing to sew anything.

Needle felting is a magical mysterious thing that I’ve found myself doing recently. The materials are pretty cost effective (I got the roving, which is the loose wool, needle, and mat for under $25), and the only real skill you need is the ability to stab something.  For this craft you will need:

A sweater that needs a little nerdy pizazz, roving in a contrasting color, a needle (I use the Clover 5 needle felting tool), and a mat (I used a foam mat initially, but they wear out very quickly so if you’re planning on continuing go get a brush mat)

Step 1: Find your elbow. Throw on the sweater and bend your arm, circle your elbow area with chalk.

My Elbow is here.

Step 2: Insert the mat into the elbow and line up the circle so it sits roughly centered on the mat

Step 3: Pull out your roving and fluff it up. Try to separate major lumps, they could show up in the final product.

Step 4: Use a cookie cutter in any shape you’d like. Hearts are probably the best shape other than round or oblong, I used this packing tape because I just moved and I can’t find my cookie cutters anywhere. Turns out  tape is exactly the right size.

Now shove that roving in there

And start stabbing. And I mean really stab, stab until it doesn’t seem like you’re doing much of anything any more and then stab again, it’s also really important to keep your fingers away from there because those needles are sharp. You’ll probably be stabbing for about 5 minutes straight, keep in mind that you’re trying to interlock all those little fibers with each other and with the fibers of the sweater. Then remove your cookie cutter/tape roll and…


You’ll find a lovely little elbow patch. You can trim up the edges, even add a little design like polka dots or stripes if you’re feeling adventurous. Throw on your glasses and put on some smoking slippers and go prance about.

You’re ready to hit the library.


Author: Cecelia Gray

Actor, Blogger, Crafter. Pursuer of impractical things, lover of glitter, professional paper snowflake maker.

One thought on “So, you’d like to look nerdier.

  1. elbow patches are cool but those are a little rough. like, iron on felt or even a hot topic my little pony patch might be better. sorry. =(

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