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March Madness: Shipping Wars



It’s that time of year. March Madness is upon us, and all over the nation people are carefully filling in their brackets and cheering on their favorite teams. While we have varying opinions on basketball here at (Freak Geek: “I do not concern myself with the ancient Mayan sacrificial rites, as they bring no benefit to the halls of Asgard.”), there is one competitive sport we all enjoy: Shipping.

Yes, that’s right. We’re going there. It’s going to be a bloody war, but in the end there will be one ship to rule them all. Our Shipping Wars shall have two divisions of 16 ships: the Fan Favorites and the Canon ships. They range from beloved pairings to a few of the more questionable ones… we don’t discriminate.

Use this master post to grab your copy of our ship wars brackets and read up on all of the ships facing off in this bloody battle.

March MadnessFan Favorites:

Johnlock: We all know our favorite consulting detective would be lost without his blogger. Johnlock is so ingrained into the minds of Sherlock fans everywhere that it’s easy to forget that this ship isn’t actually canon. Really, no explanation needed for why this ship got the #1 seed in the Fan Favorites. We expect Johnlock to take it all the way to the final face-off.

Black Frost: A deadly Russian assassin with flaming red hair, and a frost giant with a desire for world domination, what could go wrong? Natasha Romanova and Loki Laufeyson have been lied to by their governments their whole lives, and have worked on the dark side before. Natasha joined the Avengers by Hawkeye’s love persistence, but can SHE turn the frosty prince to the light?

Wincest: I cannot even begin to describe how much of a thing this is within the Supernatural fandom. This probably stems from the fact that the Winchester brothers are soul mates  Like, actually though. For reals. We can’t make this stuff up. How can you compete with that?

Kale: Childhood friends, hunting partners… destined lovers. Katniss Everdeen and Gale Hawthorne seem like the perfect match. After all, who doesn’t love a good best-friends-turned-more tale? We’re rooting for you to get out of the friendzone, Gale.

Drarry: We see right through your charade, boys. Feigning hate for one another while secretly spending your nights in each other’s arms is classic. It’s okay. We know. Just do us a favor and avoid merman mpreg.

Stony: Clean-cut out-of-time artifact Steve Rogers meets playboy philanthropist alcoholic in a metal suit, Tony Stark. Sparks fly (once Cap figures out how magnets electrical devices work) and then they settle down, open a bed & breakfast in Vermont and Iron Man gives birth to Captain America’s baby.

Nuna: Listen, this doesn’t even really belong in this category. As far as I’m concerned, it’s canon. But apparently JKR says otherwise, so… RAWR. The adorably awkward pairing of Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood is a ship made in dweeb heaven. They are perfect together. Perfect, I say!

SanSan: If only the Hound wasn’t so emotionally (and physically) scarred, perhaps he would be able to admit how deeply he cares for his Little Bird, Sansa. Hey, I’m not saying I understand this ship, but it continues to be one of the most prominent non-canon GoT pairings in fan fic. The Internet has spoken.

Spander: William the Bloody and Xander Harris are a match made in heaven… or Hellmouth. Take your pick. We’re not sure what to say about this pairing, so we’re just going to… Tree. Closet. Witty repartee. Lots of suspicious BDSM fics on AO3. The end.

Bagginshield: One hug and suddenly a whole new ship was born. Bilbo Baggins and Thorin Oakenshield are an unlikely pair, but those are usually the best ones. We’ll see how far this hairy duo makes it in the Ship War.

Merthur: Merlin and Arthur is another one of those ships that sort of negates every canon pairing. Merthur is, was, and will always be written in the stars. You cannot convince us otherwise.

Mal/Inara: If you didn’t spend every episode of Firefly staring at these two and willing them to finally kiss, then I really have nothing to say to you.

Mystrade: You know those two people that when you see them, you just know they are meant to be together? Mycroft Holmes and Greg Lestrade are those two people.

Legolas/Gimli: Did you know that after Legolas built a ship to finally sail to Valinor, Gimli was allowed to go with him because of their great love (and a good word from Galadriel)? Seriously. That really says it all.

Destiel: Destiel technically isn’t canon, but, like Johnlock, it may as well be. The number of Dean/Castiel shippers in the Supernatural fandom is as numerous as the members of the fandom itself because everyone ships Destiel. This is fact.

Swan Queen: Out of everyone I know in the OUaT fandom, I can count the ones who don’t ship Swan Queen on one hand. Because there’s maybe two of them. Maybe. While Swan Queen may not last in this tournament while against such a heavy-hitter right off the bat, this ship still holds a special place in everyone’s heart.

Canon Ships:

The Ponds: Amy and Rory are basically like the most perfect couple ever. They have their ups and their downs (too soon?), but they always get through it together in the end. It doesn’t matter where they are in space and time, these two are destined to be together.

Lannister Twincest: Yes. We’re bringing in the twincest. This may possibly be one of the most disturbing canon ships I’ve ever come across, but there you have it. It’s a thing. It sails. Will it last against the Ponds in the first round? Hmm…

Kaylee/Simon: Kaylee is that really cool chick that you wish was your best friend. Then there’s Simon, the really smart guy who simply doesn’t have a clue when it comes to women. Somehow, though, these two finally become canon. It’s adorable and endearing.

Zoe/Wash: MY FEELINGS. Sometimes ships appear to make no sense in the beginning and over time it slowly becomes apparent why it could not possibly be any other way. This is one of those ships. Let’s pretend that scene in Serenity didn’t happen, okay?

Buffy/Angel: How can we describe Buffy and Angel as a couple? They’re… well… they’re kind of like Bella and Edward except Buffy isn’t a whiny, self-entitled, elitist, annoying Mary Sue and Angel… Angel doesn’t sparkle. Okay then.

RumBelle: Again, you know those ships that appear to make no sense in the beginning and then suddenly they’re just the best ship ever? This is another one of those. Rumpelstiltskin and Belle… who would’ve known they’d be so perfect together.

Jack Harkness & the Universe: Let’s face it. What Jack Harkness wants, Jack Harkness gets. To put Captain Jack in a ship with one other person would be absurd. No, no, he is in a ship with everyone. In the universe. It’s totally canon.

Hinny: Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley is one of those pairings that is very divisive among fans; you either love them or you hate them. There really isn’t a whole lot more to say than that, other than the fact that this ship is terrible at naming children.

Romione: We all saw this ship coming from book one. Well, at least I did. Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley are almost complete opposites, though they match each other in stubbornness. Somehow these two balance each other out into a harmonious couple, that is after they finally own up to their feelings.

Katniss/Peeta: Boy has crush on girl, girl pretends to be in love with boy to survive massive game of homicide, boy and girl help lead a revolution and she eventually reciprocates his love… What a typical love story.

Black Hawk: More commonly known as Clintasha, we decided to rename their ship Black Hawk because of reasons. Intensely close as far as spies go, Hawkeye and Black Widow have a hardcore following. They even spawned their own special Tumblr tag – “What Happened in Budapest?”

Snowing: Snowing is Snow White and Prince Charming… if you don’t ship that, well you can just go to hell you terrible cynic.

Éowyn/Faramir: I’ll admit to being totally biased towards this ship as it was my first OTP. Éowyn is a badass who needs a man who will appreciate her and let her be herself. Faramir has grown up in the shadow of his older brother and needs a woman who will love him for all that he is. Yes. Perfection.

Jon/Ygritte: Jon Snow is that adorable, polite, and fairly awkward boy-turned-warrior who gets seduced by the enemy. In this case the enemy happens to be a red-haired sassy minx of a girl. This ship may have a time limit, but we love it just the same.

10th Doctor/Rose: From the moment Nine took Rose’s hand in his and said, “Run”, we’ve shipped the Doctor and Rose. However, it’s Ten and Rose’s charming, puppy love energy that made the fans REALLY ship them. Ship them hard. Spaceship them.

Aragorn/Arwen: I have to admit I never got this ship. I mean, the films make me get it, but when I read the LotR books it just didn’t. make. sense. Still, these two go on to become king and queen and be the shippiest ship in all of Middle Earth. That has to count for something.

Round 3 is now live! Go vote here.


Author: Critique Geek

Writer and dreamer with a BA in Sarcasm. All-around nerd and lover of geeky things.

28 thoughts on “March Madness: Shipping Wars

  1. hubs and i agree.. it shouldn’t be stony.. it should be tony stark and bruce banner, thus creating.. brony.
    my little favorite..

  2. I laughed so hard at quite a number of these, whether I ship them or not, ’cause everything stated above is just so TRUE. This is great!

  3. There are too many good ships… why would you want to start WW3? 🙂

  4. What happened to Frostiron???

  5. Hey, I personally don’t ship wincest, but dont you think the ship deserved a better description than what y’all gave it? I dunno, it just felt kinda rude to say that most of the other non canon ships were ‘practically canon’ and than to completely blow off another.

    just a thought.

    • Incest ships make me twitch (this is probably evident on the Lannister twincest bit as well), but oh mah gawd the Supernatural fandom seems to like Wincest.

      Perhaps Freak Geek can remedy the situation.

      • I can certainly read some fanfiction and try to see why it works? It may damage my brain, but I’ll do it for science.

      • Gahh! Thank y’all so much for being mature about this!
        It’s just that description bothered me. Thank you!

        Also, I think that the wincest ship also stems from the fact that in the episode “dark side of the moon”, it is revealed that The winchester bros are soulmates(not in a shippy way, but like, actually soulmates)
        So maybe if you change your description you can add that? That would at least make the people on my dash happy 🙂

        Again thank y’all so much

  6. Destiel: Destiel technically isn’t canon, but, like Johnlock, it may as well be. The number of Dean/Castiel shippers in the Supernatural fandom is as numerous as the members of the fandom itself because everyone ships Destiel. This is fact.

    WHAT? as numerous as the members of the fandom itself? because everyone ship Destiel? this is fact? ARE YOU STUPID? where you get this fact again? Pluto?????????? awesome.

    • Woah no need for name calling. Drink a little bit less of that Haterade, ok? I can conclude by your comment, you have no Tumblr. You, however, should not assume that no one ships Destiel. If that ship wasn’t big in the first place, it wouldn’t even be on the chart. You can possibly offer up an opinion of what ship you think could be on there.

      • Well, actually tumblr is quite evenly divided between the Wincest and Destiel shippers, even though Wincest was around for a few years before Destiel appeared. So, about half the fandom really does not see Destiel as practically canon.
        However, if one only hangs out in the destiel side of tumblr, (possibly because wincest is squicky and will pollute their minds, as the site owners mentioned above) obvs it will appear like that’s the only dominant ship. Same if one only hangs out in the wincest side.
        Quite frankly I wouldn’t expect the site owners to be so openly biased.

        • We genuinely were under the impression that Wincest was a much less popular ship than it is, and we’re happy to be finding a large segment of the SPN fandom because we really love the show and finding other people who love it too.

          Also, we’ve never claimed to be neutral parties. Generally we’re posting our opinions on this site, and we all stand by them. For this we’re attempting to remain as neutral as possible while watching some ships we really love sink and ships we don’t love sail on.

        • We have our ships just the same as anyone else, but ultimately our opinions don’t matter, votes do.

        • I think you seem to be forgetting that we are people, same as you. We have our biases, same as you. However, we are giving Wincest an equal opportunity to win this, despite our distaste for the ship, and that is so much more than what most people would have done – from what I understand, Destiel is usually the only ship nominated to these types of things?

  7. These gave me a good laugh. Much appreciated! I’m excited to see what’ll happen next!

  8. What about River and the Doctor? You can’t forget about my OTP

  9. No Star Wars or Stargate ships? Sam/Jack may not officailly be cannon, but it might as well be with the following it has, not to mention the actors attitudes towards it.

    And yeah, the incest ships are wierd. Especially the twincest.

    • I know, we’re going to have to expand our universe of ships for next year. We stuck to the fandoms we wrote most about.

      (Also, I love what I think is your C3PO costume)

      • It’s not like I just looked at the fandoms we mentioned most then trolled AO3 to see which ships from those fandoms had the most fan fics, or something…


        Open nominations next year? I think so.

      • That’s my Jedi Librarian outfit actually. The vest, obi, and tabbards just happen to be a gold color. It’s an almost match to Jocasta Nu’s outfit in AOTC.

        • Now I’m just staring at it in wonder, your accuracy is almost scary. I probably haven’t seen AotC in 5 years so the connection failed to be made immediately.

          • Thank you. Trust me, it took a long time, about 20 hours. We used Dressing a Galaxy to get it as correct as possible. What makes it even better is I am a librarian.

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