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March Madness: Round 2


round two

After an intense first round, we have our Sweet Sixteen.

On the Fan Favorites side Johnlock, Wincest, Stony, Nuna, Bagginshield, Merthur, Legolas/Gimli and Destiel have all advanced. The slash couples have definitely done well in the Shipping Wars.

In the Canon conference The Ponds, Zoe/Wash, Buffy/Angel, Jack Harkness/The Universe, Romione, Black Hawk, Eowyn/Faramir, and The 10th Doctor/Rose made it to round two. While The Ponds are the favorite to win overall, there are some definite dark horses that could make it to the end.Here are the current brackets:

March Madness2

The match-ups are fiercer than ever. More ships will be sunk and shipper’s hearts will be broken. Will your OTP make it through to round three?

Let the voting begin!

Aren’t sure who to vote for? Check out our descriptions of each ship in the master post.

Fan Favorites










These polls will be open for 72 hours. Vote, vote, vote! Tell all your friends! May the odds be ever in your OTP’s favor. 

Who did you vote for this round? Which ship do you hope wins? Let us know in the comments!

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Voting for Round 2 has now ended. Vote on the Round 3 polls here.


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70 thoughts on “March Madness: Round 2

  1. Destiel all the way!!!

  2. Nuna or Johnlock… seriously, i’ve never seen the movies, and i hardcore ship Nuna, and was crushed when it didn’t end up being cannon… and Harkness/Universe… it would make my day…

  3. Oh my god, this round was just so hard!

  4. This was so hard! And if Ronmione wins I may just throw up. On all three of you. In a bad way. I’ll even eat hummus and burritos first. (Oh yes, you deserve this for making this so hard.) Still hoping that Jack wins this.

  5. I contend that Johnlock and Merthur are in fact canon

  6. Fr fanon it’s a toughie between Destiel and Johnlock, but for canon it’s got to be 10th Doctor/Rose. That ship tore my heart out and stomped on it. Twice.

    • With the two episodes I have seen once. Not because I don’t have them, but because I get physical pains in my chest when I think about Doomsday…

  7. Why did you make me vote between the Ponds and Zoe/ Wash?!?!? GAH! and Ten/Rose and Eowyn/ Faramir! you’re so mean!! (i will try to forgive you)

  8. Jack Harkness/THE UNIVERSE

  9. Wincest for the win(chesters)! Sam and Dean ARE soulmates!

    • Here, here!

    • Oh really? Ignoring what is actual canon: Dean disgusted and horrified after finding wincest and wincesters on the net, and his exact opinion about it: “That’s sick”. They went out of their way to make an episode to canonically state that Dean and Sam are not in an incestuous relationship, selective memory, much?

  10. The Washburnes!

  11. Yuck. How can you even have Wincest on here? That’s so disgusting. Destiel all the way and voting for Johnlock because there is no way a sick ship like Wincest should win. Gross.

    • We’re not passing judgement on any Ships, and Wincest is very popular with many members of the spn fandom.

    • Wincest has every right to be in this poll. Sam and Dean being soulmates is CANON.

      • uh, since when?

        DSOTM made it clear that all the heavens were connected and only soulmates shared a heaven. neither sam or dean could interact with those around them while in the other’s heaven

        sam in dean’s heaven was a memory, not actually sam. just like his mother was a memory and not actually her.

        the only reason dean was able to find sam at all was castiel told him to follow the axis mundi which ran through ALL of heaven and appeared different in each heaven.

        now unless you are using the fact that dean was able to find and communicate with sam as the reason they are soulmates then does that make them soulmates with ash and pamela as well?

        and a camera pan is not the same as canon when presenting something unknown. all canon is stated and without contention. if a character is introduced in a episode with werewolves and there is a camera pan to them after this is made clear it is always followed with verbalized confirmation is explicit visual canon is not given (as in seeing the character shift, etc) because failure to do so allows for contention of the meaning. as if the pan was to fake out the viewer or some other reason.

        i honestly am asking and hoping for a response since whenever i see this pop up i never get a chance to ask and i’d hate to have missed something cause that would be pretty big to have missed 😦

      • I’m not the original poster of the comment, but I do agree about the soul mate tag. However, you make some valid points, so I’m going to toss in my two cents on the matter.

        The connectivity of all Heavens is questionable. It’s not easy to just wander into someone else’s Heaven, even by following the Axis Mundi. If you do follow it to its end, then you end up in the Garden, rather than in the middle of your heavenly next door neighbors yard, so to speak. In that sense, it’s less of a connecting highway and more of an ‘all roads lead to the same place’ deal, which speaks pretty directly to the fact that all of these roads are different, rather than sections of the same (Ash further lends credence to that when he says ‘That Zachary fella’s gonna be watching every road to the Garden’, meaning there must be more than one). Unless, of course, you share a Heaven with someone.

        Clearly, Sam and Dean’s axis mundi takes the form of the same path–two lane asphalt road, and they are able to travel it together, rather than approaching it from different directions. Dean does indeed follow his directly to Sam, which shouldn’t be possible (And again, I’ll use an Ash quote here. “Most people can’t leave their own private Idaho’s.”) If it were, then they would’ve been traversing everyone else’s Heavens along the way. Unless they are right next door to the Garden, anyway, which is possible, though not probable, and doesn’t really make a difference in the long run when you consider Ash’s allusions to there being many different roads that do not connect Heavens in a way that makes it possible for people to wander into others.

        And while you say that the only reason he was able to find Sam was because he was told to follow the axis, that’s merely an assumption based on your theory that all Heavens are connected via the axis. He could’ve very well stumbled across Sam having Thanksgiving just on the other side on the trees in the field he popped up in. That too is speculation, and there’s no proof one way or another. What is fact, however, is that their axis takes the same form, and that they are able to travel it together without interference from other people, outside of those in their memories–the exceptions being Zachariah, who is a creature of Heaven, and of course, Ash and Pamela.

        However, Ash and Pamela are not present in Sam and Dean’s Heaven. In fact, Ash specifically states that the roadhouse is his Heaven, and that he pulled the boys from theirs (which he calls ‘Winchesterland’). The conversation that follows his soul mate comment, and his explanation that most people cannot leave their own Heaven essentially alludes to the fact that Ash is a special case because he knows how Heaven works. He can translate the Enochian the angels speak, and has found a way to infiltrate the Heavens of other people. Johnny Cash. Einstein. Etc. It’s not just limited to Sam and Dean, or even people he knows personally. And as for Pamela, Ash goes to fetch her himself–likely because he’s the only one that can. She’s not just present in the roadhouse when the boys show up, and neither she nor Ash are present in Sam and Dean’s Heaven–rather, Sam, Dean, and Pamela are all present in Ash’s, because Ash has found a way to make that possible.

        So no. They are not soul mates of Sam and Dean because they do not share the same Heaven with the boys (or even each other). However, based on the information that Ash gives us, and the contextual clues like the camera pan, it’s pretty safe to say that Sam and Dean do, in fact, share a Heaven, and thus are considered by the fandom at large (and evidently the writers of the show) to be soul mates. Of course, the definition of ‘soul mate’ doesn’t necessarily have to have any romantic connotation to it. Rather, it just means that they are two halves of the same whole. Yin and Yang. The very fact that the mind essentially creates its own version of paradise, yet Sam and Dean have created one in which they are interconnected speaks volumes to the fact that even in Death, they cannot be separated. That is the true concept behind soul mates, and the boys are perfect examples of the origins of the belief. So whatever the fandom assumes about the context of that word might be subjective, but the fact that they are soul mates by definition is not.

        Hope I cleared things up!

      • but that was explained by the fact that dean was AWARE that he was in heaven and up until sam saw dean he wasn’t. so if you are aware that you are in heaven and know enough to be able manipulate that knowledge then you, like ash, pam, and dean, can traverse through the different heavens.

        it is every road to the garden because every road is is the same road. anyone can travel on the axis mundi regardless of whose heaven it comes from because its the same road leading to the same place. the idea is that while you think you are traveling your own path you are in fact on the same road as everyone else.

        dean was the one narratively moving them through the heavens after he was told how to. if he is the one looking for the axis mundi then it would appear how he sees it. it wasn’t that they can’t because obviously you can if ash could. the thing with ash was that he had the knowledge to do so. dean was given the knowledge to do so and so he could find sam. now if dean had gotten into his car and drove till he found that house and found sam in there i’d believe they shared a heaven. but he didn’t. he was told how to find him and so he did. that is the canon narrative.

        “He could’ve very well stumbled across Sam having Thanksgiving just on the other side on the trees in the field he popped up in. [snipped] the exceptions being Zachariah, who is a creature of Heaven, and of course, Ash and Pamela.”

        again, canon isn’t could’ve. canon is that dean only found sam because he was given told how to. sam was able to travel the roads once cas told him about it. that isn’t speculation that is canon.

        “However, Ash and Pamela are not present in Sam and Dean’s Heaven. In fact, Ash specifically states that the roadhouse is his Heaven, and that he pulled the boys from theirs (which he calls ‘Winchesterland’). [snipped] Sam, Dean, and Pamela are all present in Ash’s, because Ash has found a way to make that possible.”

        which further explains that it is possible for people who are NOT soulmates to inhabit another’s heaven. that it is possible to travel in other’s heaven if given the know how. ash was able to travel but the thing that was shown was that he was able to travel undetected and without the use of the axis mundi. that was his spin. not that he could travel at all. which showed that there was more than one way to interact with your heavenly neighbors. that and ash made it clear that it wasn’t the first time they had been there so he already knew what to do to find them.

        “So no. They are not soul mates of Sam and Dean because they do not share the same Heaven with the boys (or even each other). However, based on the information that Ash gives us, and the contextual clues like the camera pan, it’s pretty safe to say that Sam and Dean do, in fact, share a Heaven, and thus are considered by the fandom at large (and evidently the writers of the show) to be soul mates.”

        no. if the writers considered them to be soulmates then they would’ve said so. and i don’t mean this in a “everything has to be stated” kind of way because i already said that things can be visually canon without being spoken. if sam and dean were soulmates they would’ve said so because that fact would be pivotal to a lot of their story line. what with gabriel’s speech about bloodlines and cupid forcing john and mary together. them being soulmates would be yet another way of them showing heaven fudging with them and playing into their destiny story lines. so why would the writers go out of their way to verbally canonize everything else but leave something that important to a camera pan and inference?

        sorry. i just don’t buy that it’s canon. the very fact that we are having this conversation means it’s not canon. canon is indisputable fact. i can’t argue against claire being an angelic vessel because that is canon. fanon is the interpretations of what surrounds her consent and the reasons castiel had for using her instead of jimmy. i can’t argue that sam and ruby had a relationship as that is canon. fanon is interpretations of if that relationship involved love or not.

        but that doesn’t mean you, and other who share that thought are wrong for thinking that way. it’s just that when you look at things without ship/fanon goggle bias it doesn’t read the same for others. and that means it’s not canon but fanon.

      • The thing is though is that Dean WASN’T aware that he was in Heaven. Not until he was told that he was. He thought that he was dreaming. But he didn’t have to be told how to find the axis. He appeared directly on it, in his car. However, neither Dean nor the audience knew for a fact that a) he was in Heaven or b) what purpose that road served until Cas told both him and us. Could you imagine the episode if it had just been Dean wandering around in some field, confused beyond all belief until he maybe found Sam? It would’ve made for a long episode. The facts are that Dean doesn’t have innate knowledge of how Heaven works. So, for the purpose of efficient storytelling, Cas told him to follow the road to Sam. But saying that because he had to be told, that automatically discredits the fact that they share a Heaven is stretching it. I share a house with people, but when when I walk in the door and ask another person where someone is, and they tell me so I can find them more easily, does that mean I don’t share the house with the person I’m looking for? No. But by your logic, it would. Cas’s intervention has nothing to do with whether or not Sam and Dean share a Heaven, and everything to do with explaining to Dean where to find him (somewhere along the road).

        Dean only knew that following his road would lead him to Sam. That’s it. That’s as much as Cas told just him until they get in touch with him again in the Thanksgiving house. But when we do find Sam, and after Dean explains that they’re in Heaven, it’s Sam who seems to catch on to how Heaven works–that it’s really just a sequence of your ‘greatest hits’. Already, Sam is shown to have a better understanding of Heaven than Dean, despite Dean being told how to find his brother by Cas. Then there’s the fact that when they do get in touch with Cas again, and he explains about the axis mundi, he tells them to follow the road. Sam, who appeared indoors in his Heaven, rather than outside the way Dean did asks “What road?” Cas then explains the axis mundi, and says (to Sam, who was the one who asked the question) “Different people see it as different things. For you, it’s two lane asphalt.” Not ‘For Dean, it’s two lane asphalt.’ Which means that either he’s addressing Sam’s axis mundi, and that Sam’s takes the same form as Dean’s, or he’s addressing both of them, and that their axis is one and the same. If different people (who all have their own personal Heavens) are supposed to see it as different things, then the fact that Sam and Dean see it as exactly the same thing is enough in and of itself to support the argument that their Heaven’s are, at the very least, interconnected–if not one and the same.

        With that out of the way, it brings me to my next point. After Ash specifically states “Most people can’t leave their own private Idaho’s” Dean says, “But you aren’t most people.” To which Ash replies “Nope. They don’t have my skills.” That is all canon, all direct quoting, and it’s really difficult to interpret that as anything but Ash being one of (if not THE only one) who can travel into someone else’s Heaven (outside of the angels, of course). And because of this knowledge, he is also able to bring people into his own (Pamela, Sam, Dean). None of those three just happened into Ash’s Heaven of their own accord. Rather, he personally had to bring all three of them into it himself. So yes. What is shown is that he is the only one with the knowledge to travel into other people’s Heaven’s. You didn’t hear Pamela talking about how she was visiting Jim Morrison’s Heaven. Just Ash explaining all of the ones that he has been to, and Ash being the only one who can bring other people to his own. And there’s nothing about him being able to travel undetected or without the use of the axis mundi in there at all. It’s only stated that he has the ‘skills’ to be able to travel Heaven’s freely–a skill not shared by ‘most people’.

        But if that all isn’t enough, and you want something that’s visually canon (while also being spoken), then I suggest watching the roadhouse scene again. More than the camera pan to Sam and Dean, if you pay close attention, you can see Ash physically motion to Sam and Dean with his hands when he says ‘soul mates’. If a visual confirmation from a character (which was likely written into the script by the writers) isn’t enough canonical evidence to support the fact that they are soul mates (and by proxy, share a Heaven), then I don’t know what is. Especially because, as you said, this isn’t the first time Sam and Dean have been there, and that Ash knew where to find them. If anyone would know whether or not they shared a Heaven, then it would be Ash. So unless you’d like to dispute your own point, you now have indisputable evidence to support that it is canon, and the case should now be closed.

        And for the record? I actually don’t ship Wincest. So my ‘shipping goggles’ would have nothing to do with my argument.

      • i did watch it again. i watched it before replying to your comment. twice if you count that i immediately went to the ash scene since i assumed that’s where the soulmate thing comes from. i was expecting some one to provide something else other than DSOTM since that episode didn’t provide that “it’s canon” moment to me. i was thinking maybe kripke has said they were (which still doesn’t really count as in media canon for me but is doable.) or if maybe one of their companion guides had it in there. external media for me doesn’t count but i know it does for a lot of people as some count the books, john’s journal, and dvd commentary as part of canon. so that’s what i was looking for in terms of asking if i missed something. not fan interpretation but irrefutable, unquestionable, comes with a time stamp as to when this was explicitly explained canon. it’s time for me to go back to work so my response will be short but i am enjoying the discussion so i wanted to respond anyway. thanks for your indepth response and if you reply again i’ll reply in kind tomorrow. my previous comment still stands tho and that response was written while i had the episode open, superwiki up for transcripts, and after a goggle search for possible external canon mentions of it.

        the fact that i could respond the way i did means that it is not canon. an inferred hand motion with nothing to reinforce it means it is an inference and can be left up to fan interpretation. a visual canon moment that is used to solidify a verbal in canon inference would be a werewolf changing after someone brings up werewolves. a visual canon moment is a flashback of a murder after sam and dean question witnesses. a visual canon moment is a clip style montage of a mystical coin passing from victim to victim. an in canon inference not supported by canon is when they infer that dean is talking about lisa when he says apple pie life in general even though technically he lived a “normal” life with cassie as well, so technically she is included as well. an in canon inference is ash saying he couldn’t find john and mary in hell which depending on how you take that inference means they aren’t in heaven or he just couldn’t find them. inferences rely on assumptions which means it isn’t true for all viewers, which means it isn’t canon fact.

        if ash was meant to be the vehicle that canonized that dean and sam are in fact soulmates then he would’ve said so explicitly. just as cupid did when he said they made john and mary fall in love. just like gabriel did when he explained heavenly bloodlines. just like every other time they introduce what they consider at the time to be indisputable facts. sam went to standford. dean tortured souls in hell. cas is an angel of the lord. john was a mechanic. mary was a hunter. the list goes on.

        these things were visually and verbally confirmed and are treated as fact within the show. soulmates…. no. that was inferred and inference does not make it canon because inference relies too much on what a fan wants and/or knows to make of it.

        and i said ship and fanon googles bias. separate things. fanon bias is you were watching with a bias that allowed you to take an inference of them being soulmates as canon fact. if you were already biased to the idea that sam and dean would be a certain way then that shapes the way you interpret inferred canon. if you have fanon bias that sam’s heaven would include dean then you would take the inference of zachariah ( a known meddler in perception and realities to further his goals) being in the episode as he messed with their heavens. ship goggles, regardless of what you ship or not, allows you to take a simple hand gesture and turn it into they be soulmates. ship goggles makes destiel fans run wild with profound bond instead of just the more possible meaning of the fact that castiel marked dean’s soul (since that’s what the episode dealt with with that kid). and it allows dean/jo shippers to have a field day with dean kissing jo before she dies. again the list goes on. that is fanon.

        if you weren’t looking at that whole episode/exchange through goggles then one would need more than a hand gesture to say definitively that they were soulmates because canon is always explicit. because without it all it was is a scene where ash is talking about soulmates in front of the winchesters. das it. i can see where those who believe in the possibility would run with that and claim they are soulmates but at the end of the day at best it was inferred that they were but not explicitly stated in canon to claim without a doubt that they are. even more so given the overall context of the story line that episode happened in where it wouldn’t have been out of the blue to do so.

        but i do have questions so hopefully someone knows

        was it ever mentioned again? is there any other canon reference to them being soulmates in all of that whole vessel arc or beyond? if they are in fact soulmates and this is known to be something the writers or creator (i say writers or creators because actors have no tangible input in the creation of storylines or character development so jensen agreeing with the idea is not the same as like kripke, gamble, or carver saying so) endorse is there any commentary to support that not said in jest at a con? i know they had a magazine for a while is there any interview where this is discussed? have other characters commented on it, like say any of the angels? was there any mention in any of the books? companion guides? those detailed episode article styled reviews that happen sometimes with creators and writers input included?

        cause if all there is for the idea of canon soulmates is interpretations of how heaven works, and inference that ash has possibly found them together before, an inference relying on you not inferring that winchesterland includes all winchesters and/or refers to all winchester lands as a group, inference born of a camera pan, and just overall inferences and interpretations then i still can’t say it’s canon. this is quick and dirty as i’m procratinating from getting ready from work so please excuse typos and such. but i’m really enjoying this discussion and just wanted to say thank you for taking time out of your day to talk with me about this. not only that but remaining civil and thoughtful while doing so. i’m going tto give it one more watch before bed and really take your view point on this while doing so to see if any of it gels with me.

      • You people always ignoring “slash fanfiction” What is actual canon: Dean horrified and disgusted after finding out about wincest and wincesters, and his opinion of it: “that’s sick” And you completely miss the point of Dean and Sam characters if you think they’re in a romantic or sexual relationship. Dean practically raised Sam, he’s not only his brother but his parent, an incestual relationship between them is ludicruous.

    • You seem really lovely and open-minded.

    • Well, let me tell you that Destiel is not less “gross” than wincest if we have in mind that Castiel is using a dead body like a vessel…

      • What’s really gross is that the proper response to that is “Well, it happens.” BECAUSE IT’S CONSTANTLY HAPPENING.

      • or that he’s using a body that isn’t dead as a vessel, which brings up all kinds of consent issues given that jimmy didn’t exactly want to be castiel’s vessel

      • thought: can it physically happen? i mean, angels are sexless, so, does that mean Jimmy has no penis? just saying…

        • I mean, Jimmy’s human and he has a wife and kids, and… you know, I don’t think his johnson would just go and fall off once Big Cas was in the house, ya know what I’m sayin’? I think they meant “sexless” as in, they don’t have the urges… same way they don’t disobey orders, etc etc.

      • Here is three most common options that pop up when an author is dealing with Jimmy in the context of a Destiel fic:

        a. It’s conveniently mentioned in the first paragraph that Jimmy is no longer with us. He has gone to his heavenly resting place from, oh, Cas getting himself killed once a season or something, and is now at peace while Dean and Cas get their freak on.
        b. Jimmy is a conscious and active participant in the Great Winchester Sex Olympics. ‘Nuff said.
        c. Jimmy? Jimmy who? Nope, nobody in there, no sir, not at all. Dead body what?

        It should be noted that options C and A are by far the most prevalent, but there have been times when option B came up.

    • If you check our master post, we included Lannister Twincest also. It’s about what the fandom likes, not what we like.

    • Just because it isn’t your ship doesn’t mean that you have to be mean about it. It is fictional characters and shipping them should be fun. I think many people in the Supernatural fandom can definitely learn a lesson or two about if you don’t have something nice to say, then don’t say anything at all. Keep things positive! It’d be so much easier, friendlier, and all around nicer to just come here and say something along the lines of, “I love Destiel and I hope they win.” There’s no need to put down the things you dislike, whether that’s Wincest or Johnlock or Buffy/Angel.

      I don’t ship Wincest either, but I have no problem with people that do and I’m not going to belittle them or their ship. I’m glad that they are included in this poll and wish them the best of luck.

      That said, GO DESTIEL! Dean and Castiel are my OTP forever and I’ll be rooting for them to win the whole thing!

      Remember LOVE, not hate! Love is louder! ❤

    • As a Destiel shipper I feel obliged to point out that you shouldn’t hate on other pairings in your own Fandom. We’ll need the support from the Wincest and Megstiel shippers sooner or later, so you better behave. By the way, I don’t see the “disgusting” in Wincest. Because they’re brothers? Seriously? I think Angel-of-the-Lord/Human( who has been to Hell and Purgatory) isn’t that much of a morally outstanding couple.

    • I second this

    • you are totally rude buddy.

    • oh please, it’s been what? 8+ years? and people are still complaining about wincest? give us a break, we know it’s not canon and it’s never gonna be, we just like sam and dean’s relationship in whatever form it takes.

  12. Bagginshield is NOT ALLOWED TO LOOSE

  13. COME ON JOHNLOCKIANS! I don’t hate Wincest but Johnlock is my ultimate OTP. And making me choose between Faramir/Eowyn and 10th/Rose??? That is plain mean -_-

  14. The Winchesters and Jack Harkness

  15. I will always have a place in my heart for Wincest (first serious OTP outside the Jossverse), but… it has to be Johnlock.

    And now, off to enjoy the last couple hours of Red Pants Monday…

  16. Destiel owns my heart, now and forever, and I’ll always be shipping the angel and the hunter and their profound bond.
    However, I’m also a huge Supernatural fan and I adore Sam and Dean and their relationship, so I’m voting for Wincest as well. It’s not my ship, but it is from my show and I’ll support it and Supernatural whenever I can.

    Thanks for the fun poll!

    Happy Shipping and Voting to everyone!

  17. Johnlock needs more votes ! (voting for this round was one of the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to do in my fangirl life.)

  18. Still can’t believe Drarry didn’t get through…

  19. My friends and I are all voting on the schools wifi. I don’t know if it shows up all as one person, but I thought I’d just let you know in case.

    • Hmm, not quite sure. Depends if you guys get a “Thanks, we already counted your vote” instead of a “Thank you for voting” when you first submit your votes. If it is the former, that means your votes are not being counted.

  20. omfg the hardest one is johnlock vs. wincest

  21. Not all Dean/Cas shippers are rude assholes, so please accept my apologies on behalf of the sane shippers.

    Calling it now that Jack Harkness/the Universe takes it all in the end, though (pun intended).

  22. Wow so many of my favourite couples it’s hard to choose between! I love Zoe/Wash and Merlin/Arthur (still can’t believe both shows are over-10 years on and I’m still mourning Firefly). Still at least there is still Sherlock (and Johnlock) to look forward to.

  23. Destiel, their love is more inspirational, deep and real than any “canon” couple

  24. Dean and Cas, their profound bond is a thing of beauty

  25. Destiel! Greatest love story ever told.

  26. Dean to Cas: “I’d rather have you, cursed or not”

  27. @Chris then it’s a good thing that the (brotherly)Love that Sam and Dean share is far stronger that any “profond bond” that certain people are still trying to cling too after like 4 years

  28. 10 and Rose = The best OTP this side of the universe. Closely followed by Merthur. Then Johnlock.

  29. How you guys expect me to chose between Clintasha and Romione??

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