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March Madness: Round 3


round 3


Round 2 of our March Madness: Shipping Wars was absolutely brutal. The battle of Johnlock vs. Wincest was by far the most intense we have seen yet. After going back and forth the entire time, Johnlock came out triumphant in the end. Stony, Merthur, and Destiel all made it to the next round for the Fan Favorites while on the Canon side The Ponds, Harkness/Universe, Romione and 10th/Rose round out the Elite Eight.

March Madness3

Are your brackets up to date?

In this round we’re looking for our Final Four. It’s been smooth sailing for most of these ships (save for the aformentioned Johnlock vs. Wincest bloodbath), so we’re looking forward to these epic match-ups.

The polls will be open for 72 hours. Vote for your favorites and get all your friends in on the madness… because we’re all mad here.

Fan Favorites

Avenge My Red Pants





May the odds be ever in your OTP’s favor.

Who did you vote for this round? Which ship do you hope wins? Let us know in the comments!

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17 thoughts on “March Madness: Round 3

  1. I went for Johnlock, Destiel, The Ponds and Romione 🙂 I hope they win!

  2. Johnlock was obvious. But seriously how am I supposed to choose between Merthur and Destiel, The Ponds and Jack Harkness/The Universe, and Ronmione vs 10th/Rose. This gets more difficult with each round and I don’t know if I want to hug you or make you into shoes for showing such evil brilliance.


  4. So, so happy to see THREE match ups from the Whoverse make it this far! I’ve got to admit, I am glad to see Wincest fall, they are so believable as brothers to me even the thought of shipping them makes me all squeeby.

  5. Destiel against MErthur?! YOU ARE EVIL. But I gotta go with Destiel.

  6. I can seriously see Johnlock as my choice for that one, but I am sITTING HERE SQUAWKING AT ALL THE OTHER POLLS.

  7. i wanted to vote too, aricas dad

  8. Merthur against Destiel?! How could you?! The winner of that one better not be against Johnlock next or I’ll never forgive you!

  9. and i just realised that’s exactly what will happen cause it’s canon vs fanon… i’m not as stupid as sound i swear lol

  10. Why are you torturing me like this? Stony vs Johnlock almost killed me T-T

  11. Completely crushed Wincest didn’t make it 😦

  12. As a destiel shipper I really want jack/the universe to win this thing

  13. But seriously folks, how is Merthur losing so badly?? Just look at their little faces!!!

  14. I have been heartless thus far. I have a very specific hierarchy, so I’ve trimmed the glorious tree of my various ships down with a steady, unwavering hand.

    But if it comes down to Destiel vs. Johnlock to get into the final round, I’m just going to curl up in the fetal position and binge-eat some Haagen-Daaz. With my bare hands.

  15. I’m still sad that Bagginshield didn’t make it…

  16. Gutted that Clintasha are out… gutted.

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