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March Madness: The Finals



It’s time. The final round of March Madness: Shipping Wars is here. All of your hard work and destroyed feels are about to pay off. Let us review our final two competitors.

Destiel: Destiel technically isn’t canon, but it may as well be. The number of Dean/Castiel shippers in the Supernatural fandom is as numerous as the members of the fandom itself because everyone ships Destiel. This is fact. (We would like to note that this is a use of hyperbole, or exaggeration to make a point. Please don’t get your undies in a bunch).

Thanks to the absolutely viral dedication of the Supernatural fandom, Destiel sailed through the first four rounds of the shipping wars to make it to the finals for the Fan Favorites. Will the SPN devotion lead Destiel to victory?

Jack Harkness & the Universe: Let’s face it. What Jack Harkness wants, Jack Harkness gets. To put Captain Jack in a ship with one other person would be absurd. No, no, he is in a ship with everyone. In the universe. It’s totally canon.

Jack Harkness/Universe has been the dark horse of this competition and has slowly gained steam over the rounds. While the semi-final battle against Ten/Rose was hard won, we expect Captain Jack to make a grand showing in the finals.

Here are the final brackets:

March Madness finals

And now we come to the hardest part. You must vote for the best ship to sail the OTP seas. The one ship to rule them all…

The poll will be open for just 48 hours this time. You may only vote ONCE. 

May the odds be ever in your OTP’s favor.

The Final Battle


What do you think of the final two? Who are you rooting for? Let us know in the comments below!

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Author: Critique Geek

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20 thoughts on “March Madness: The Finals

  1. No one can be happier than me! Destiel reached the finals :):):)
    I love Dean and Castiel!

  2. Destiel made it into the finals. I can breathe again. XD

  3. Chuck help me, but I’m cheering for Jack/Universe. You know he’s going to end up in bed with both Cas and Dean at some point, so…

    Btw, Cecelia… I WIN.

  4. No, I can’t believe Destiel beat Johnlock! I thought we had this! Jack/The Universe for me, then. I mean, how can you not ship it?

  5. Noooooooo. What happened to Johnlock ? I can’t believe it didn’t make it to the final round. Now, Jack/the Universe has to win.

  6. I’m so upset right now. I can’t get over Merthur and Johnlock not making it. They’re just so in love I don’t know what to do. 😥

  7. I feel bad that JohnLock had to lose in the last round, but Destiel is meant to be.

  8. WHAT JOHNLOCK DIDN’T WIN!!?!?!?!?!………..Vote for Jack or he won’t hook up with you, AND he’ll steal your partner.

  9. Destiel! Yay!!! So happy they’re in the final! ❤

  10. GO Destiel. Destiel for the win!!

  11. It makes me so damn happy to see Dean/Cas not only being included in every couples’ poll but also winning 9 out of 10 times.

  12. We are Destiel fandom. We are Legion. We are the Juggernaut, We are the War Machine
    And our love for Dean and Cas is profound.

  13. This is so hard to decide between! I love both!!

  14. I’ve been rooting for Merthur the whole time. Personally, I was just thrilled my favorite pair won again Mal/Inara (I mean, who doesn’t love everything Firefly?). So I voted for Destiel… Why did this round have to be so difficult?

  15. Does anyone see that Destiel received 69 percent of the votes? Maybe it was fate…..

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