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March Madness: And the Winner is…



We started out with 32 of the most loved ships from our favorite fandoms. From Johnlock to Romione to the ever-controversial Wincest, these ships battled it out to be named the most popular OTP in March Madness: Shipping Wars.

One ship to rule them all.

Being the number one seeds in their respective conferences, Johnlock and The Ponds were the early favorites. However, The Ponds fell to the dark horse of the competition, Jack Harkness/the Universe. Harkness went on to narrowly beat seed two in the Canon conference, the feeling-inducing Ten/Rose, to make it to the finals.

In spite of a valiant effort to take down Destiel in the last two rounds, the rallying power of the Supernatural fandom ultimately led them to victory. A wildly successful Tumblr campaign first took out Johnlock, and then underdog favorite Harkness/Universe, leaving Destiel to take the grand prize and be crowned the Shippiest of all the Ships.

Your March Madness champion (Source)

Congratulations to all the Destiel shippers and the Supernatural fandom at large for a job well done. Special congrats to Freak Geek for successfully winning pie from Unique Geek for her accurate prediction.

Thank you to everyone who participated and made this a fun and entertaining March Madness.

Now I’m just going to casually leave this here… Enjoy.

What do you think about the winner? Already have a suggestion for next year’s March Madness? Leave us a comment!

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17 thoughts on “March Madness: And the Winner is…

  1. Yayayay!!!!!
    Destiel truly deserved this victory!
    Love Supernatural always 🙂


  3. I am a bit sad for Johnlock, but congrats to all Destiels shippers and Supernatural fans 🙂

  4. Yes!! So happy to see Destiel win yet another poll!

  5. Darn it. Well, hopefully us Sherlock fans will win next year. So close!

  6. Yes!! Victory is beautiful!

    And that gif just made my day-nay, my life.

  7. This poll had the best final round: Destiel against Jack Harkness/TheUniverse. LOL

  8. I love Destiel! The greatest love story I’ve seen on TV in a really long time!

  9. Just curious, is that gif from an eppy? (I’m not that far into the series yet) or is it from like other footage?

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