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Product Review: Sherlock Teas by Cara McGee



What’s that? I can drink my Sherlock feels? Excellent.

If you don’t know by now, Cara McGee through Adagio Teas has produced a very extensive (and very popular) line of IMG_1334Sherlock themed teas. I was fortunate enough to attend an event earlier this year thrown by the Baker Street Babes where I got to sample Cara’s blends, and buy the 221 Tea sampler. Aside from featuring adorable art on the box, it was filled with tea samples that would keep me warm for the rest of the winter.

Now, If you live in New York City like I do you probably experienced the sudden onset of summer weather earlier this week. Though the weather seems to have leveled itself out I still have this terrible voice in the back of my mind saying, “You still have so much tea, it’s going to get stale before you can drink it, you won’t want hot tea once the weather gets nice.

I can’t drink an entire box of tea samples before warmer weather rolls in, so I sat down and figured out the teas that will take me through the summer months, the blends that taste great iced or are light enough to not remind me of fall. If you’re thinking of buying any of Cara’s teas, here are the ones I recommend for your summer tea drinking needs.

I really love this tea, mostly because it’s not inherently sweet but smells like blueberry pie. It’s really beautiful just on it’s own, or with a touch of sugar. It definitely lends itself to chilled applications as well, try out this recipe with it.

I don’t really like chai tea very much, something about it is always really heavy and overwhelming for me. This, however, is a chai I can get behind and it would probably make some bangin’ Thai Iced Tea.

What’s interesting about this is it has a really distinctive floral note and smoothness from a touch of vanilla that brings it to a level above normal citrus tea or black tea. Refreshing hot or cold.

I don’t want to like Anderson so much, but this tea is straight up delicious. Perfect for summer, this is my number one pick for iced variations.


Not pictured, because I wasn’t fortunate enough to receive it in my variety pack, is Molly Hooper which would also be great cold or hot during the warmer months. If anyone has any other suggestions, comment below and let me know!

If you want to purchase any of the blends featured here, they are available through Adagio Teas.


Author: Cecelia Gray

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5 thoughts on “Product Review: Sherlock Teas by Cara McGee

  1. Can these be bought anywhere online?

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