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Nerdy Fashion: Doctor Who Edition


Nerdy fashion

Are you one of those people who has the urge to wear your favorite Who tee every day? Have you amassed a collection of Megan Lara shirts commemorating all your favorite companions? Do you get new Doctor Who apparel from all your friends every holiday? Do you really love nerdy fashion? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, this post is for you.

While we fully support your Whovian dedication, chances are you’ve found yourself in a situation where your TARDIS tee and favorite jeans weren’t appropriate attire. Or maybe you’re simply looking to change things up a bit.

Never fear, we’re here to help.

Each of us has created an outfit inspired by Doctor Who; whether you’re going to class or for a night out on the town, we’ve got you covered.

Doctor Who: Critique Geek

Top: $15, Blazer: $60, Leggings: $24, Wedges: $50, Necklace: $28,

The Outfit: Pair your most outlandish galaxy leggings with a simple tunic top and classy blazer for an outfit that says you take fashion seriously, but not too seriously. Top it off with your favorite wedge heels and an ultra-cool pocket watch necklace for an outfit that is both timey wimey and spacey wacey. If heels aren’t your thing, a pair of cute flats will keep you from being wibbly wobbly.

Appropriate for: Every day wear, going out, work (for the artsy professions), being a humanities student, family events (when you really want to annoy your old-fashioned great aunt Marge).

Doctor Who: Unique Geek

Cardigan: $15 at Top: $20 at Skirt: $18 at Desire Oxfords: $18 at Necklace: $21 at

The Outfit: For those with a sexy librarian aesthetic, pay homage to Eleven with a cute sleeveless top and skirt (or if you’re not in a skirt mood, a pair of shorts). Add a cardigan, oxfords, and top it off with a bow tie necklace that shows you’re a sweet geek.

Appropriate for: School, work, every day wear, meeting the parents, going to the library.

Doctor Who: Freak Geek's Way

Bandeau: $9 at Tank: $19 at Forever21 Jeans: $35 at Jacket: $43 at Forever21 Boots: $72 at

The Outfit: This outfit is not for the faint of heart. Why not pair a galaxy bandeau with a muscle tee bearing the Union Jack? It’s distinctly spacey AND British with a punk edge. Add your favorite black skinny jeans, boots, and a bright jacket Rose Tyler herself would envy.

Appropriate for: Nights out on the town, concerts, every day wear, demon hunting, being Loki.

Doctor Who: The Boys

Shirt: $20 at Target Vest: $20 at Foreign Exchange Jeans: $35 at Hollister Converse: $55 at

The Outfit: You boys have it easy. A nice pair of pants, a basic button down with the sleeves rolled up, a navy vest and some bright red Converse and you’ve got a casual, cool take on Ten’s look. The Whovian chicks will dig it. Trust us.

Appropriate for: Every day wear, school, going out, pretty much everything.

Digging our looks? Have ideas of your own? Let us know in the comments?

If you’d like to see more posts like this in the future, tell us what fandoms we should cover next!


Author: Critique Geek

Writer and dreamer with a BA in Sarcasm. All-around nerd and lover of geeky things.

16 thoughts on “Nerdy Fashion: Doctor Who Edition

  1. I’d just like to state it for the record that Jeffrey Campbell galaxy litas are even more flawless for the Freak Geek edition; however, we are ending up with relatively flat shoes for the sake of practicality. Boo, practicality.

  2. OK, you’ve just convinced me to get a pair of Galaxy Leggings! Love it!

  3. I REALLY want some galaxy leggings.

  4. I love those leggings! I’m also kinda digging the bowtie necklace.

  5. Those galaxy leggings are AH-MA-ZING. Oh my goodness. Other fandoms…Sherlock and Doctor Who go hand-in-hand! Or you could share some positively excellent superhero ideas; Marvel or DC, either way. 🙂

  6. Very cool ideas. You can be fashionable and support the things you love. Thanks for the fantastic post.

  7. I would love it if you did a supernatural edition. That would just make my little Hunter fangirl dreams come true to see that at some point.

  8. I love those cosmic pattern leggings.

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  10. oh my gosh! these look unbelievable. if there’s a look for Ten (but for us girls), i’d LOVE to see it 🙂 i really like the Rose Tyler Style you have going. The “Allons-y” look almost looks like it’d be good for a Captain Jack Harkness look 😛

  11. I’m loving the bow ties are cool outfit. I even made the necklace along with matching earrings and a ring. Do a Sherlock one next! And have something that can be made like u did with the necklace.

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