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Our Top 12 Choices for the 12th Doctor


As you’ve probably heard by now, Matt Smith will be leaving Doctor Who following the Christmas special. Considering this rumor has been going around for some time now, we can’t say that we’re terribly surprised. While we’ll be sad to see Matt go, this announcement has sparked endless amusing debate over who should play the next doctor. At this point the name of nearly every living British actor (and some Americans) has been proposed to take up the helm of the iconic character. Not wanting to miss out on the lively debat, we thought we’d provide you with a rundown of our favorite choices.

From the likely candidates, to the fan favorites, to the never-going-to-happens-but-that-won’t-stop-us-from-begging-Moffat, here is our wish list for Twelve.

Unique Geek’s Picks

Ben Whishaw:

He’s a RADA grad with a long list of awards and stage credits to his name, but he’s still relatively unknown to American audiences outside of his role as Q in Skyfall. His incredibly versatile acting could really shine in the role of The Doctor and his physical appearance (Pale, younger, tall, thin) seems to meld with the current trend in the casting department of the show.

James Frain:

Another relative unknown for those who haven’t been watching HBO or Showtime in the past 7-ish years, his career is long and varied playing villains, heroes and sometimes even the unlikely love interest. I would love to see his skills on display on Doctor Who playing a much darker and more brooding character than Matt Smith, and considering he’s been approached for the role of The Doctor before it might be more likely than you’d think.

Chiwetel Ejiofor:

Yes, another relative unknown with a ridiculous resume (the BBC likes casting unknowns that happen to have Olivier or BAFTA nominations). He is on the record saying he would be up for taking over the role after Matt Smith left, and they couldn’t pick more reliable hands for Matt to leave the role in. Plus, his stint as Othello in 2008 that won him an Olivier proves that he has the ability to play the kind AND the murderous sides of The Doctor.

Russell Tovey:

He’s already successfully worked with Steven Moffat before on Sherlock as Henry Knight and he’s already got a positive relationship with English audiences as a result of his time on Being Human. Plus, wouldn’t it just be fantastic if he felt his ears and freaked out about them being bigger than his Ninth regeneration? Unfortunately he’s already appeared on Doctor Who as Alonso, but they worked around a similar issue for Freema Agyeman so I wouldn’t completely rule him out (he was approached for the role of the Eleventh Doctor so that tells me they’re willing to work around it).

Freak Geek’s Picks

Tom Hiddleston:

We’ve held a deep desire to behold Tom Hiddleston as a whole new kind of interdimensional alien being since the day that one fanart of him as the Doctor made its way across our dash during its rounds on the forever-reblog circuit. There’s good reason he is the fan favorite pick to take over for Matt Smith. We are fully confident that, should the tiniest percentage of a chance of his being able to take the role of the Doctor occurs, he’d make a marvelous one. However, seeing as he is far too busy being a pterodactyl villain who does what he wants, it’s highly unlikely he’ll be available to do timey wimey things.

Benedict Cumberbatch:

If there is one thing we want more than a Time Lord Tom, it’s a Time Lord Benny bby. He’s already proven his ability to bring virtually any character to life, no matter what he is doing or what he is wearing. However, there is a fly in the ointment – if there is any actor possibly more busy than Tom Hiddleston, it’s Benedict Cumberbatch. Between Star Trek, his role as Sherlock Holmes on another smash hit of a BBC drama, and other things we’d have to describe for countless hours before giving them justice, he’s very much booked up. Not to mention he’s previously turned down roles on Doctor Who… I can dream.

Misha Collins:

It’s highly likely that by this time, someone on Tumblr has already photoshopped images of Misha Collins as the Doctor, trench coat and all. In fact, this wouldn’t be the first time the Misha fandom has demanded that their lord and savior fill the role. While we do think that Misha Collins would make a fascinating Doctor, it’s highly unlikely for a number of reasons. One, he is an actor who is based in America. Two, he is going to be a permanent fixture in season 9 of Supernatural, which films in Vancouver (which is not in the UK). Three, he’s American, and an American Doctor would be about as likely as a British Captain America at this point. Again, I can dream.

Critique Geek’s Picks

Andrew Scott: 

Sherlock proved that Andrew Scott has the serious acting chops required to pull off a character as iconic as the Doctor. While it would be difficult to separate him from his role of Moriarty, something that he openly admits Whovians might struggle with, he’s too great of a pick to let something so simple hold him back. He can do serious, he can do camp, he can do crazy murderous rage. Really, is there anything he can’t pull off? His stint as Moriarty was far too short for my liking, so I’m eager to see Andrew Scott take on an iconic leading role like the Doctor. Moffat, give us more Andrew. Please.

Anna Chancellor:

Anna is one of those actresses who, if you were to mention her name at a party, most American audiences wouldn’t recognize it. But then you start listing off some of the highlights on her resume–Henrietta “Duckface” in Four Weddings and a Funeral, Caroline Bingley in the Pride & Prejudice miniseries, Questular Rontok in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Lix Storm in The Hour–and more likely than not your more cultured friends will have a holy-crap-she’s-awesome moment. Listen, this here is a woman who has played roles like Irene Adler in the Sherlock Holmes and the Baker Street Irregulars TV film and (the lesser known but personal favorite of mine) Estelle Slippery in Fortysomething. Her acting ability encompasses both drama and comedy, showing the diversity needed to play such a complicated character. Plus, she’s been rocking some gingery locks lately. Plot twist: the Doctor is finally a ginger, but he’s also a woman. Excellent.

George Harris:

You probably best know Mr. Harris as one Kingsley Shacklebolt, the Harry Potter films’ resident badass Auror with a smooth voice and commanding presence. He’s been in films such as Raiders of the Lost Ark, Black Hawk Down, Layer Cake, and The Interpreter. George Harris is also a veteran of the stage–you may have recognized him as the elder M. Frankenstein in the widely broadcast production staring Benedict Cumberbatch and Johnny Lee Miller. He was most recently part of the cast of the BBC radio broadcast of Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere. Plus he sings. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m pulling for a completely musical episode of Doctor Who, and I think George Harris is the man to make that happen.

Michael Sheen:

I have to admit, coming up with my final pick proved to be difficult. Several people came to mind: Hugh Laurie, Idris Elba, Tilda Swinton, Dame Helen Mirren  (*bows* We are not worthy!), or rumored favorite, John Hurt (is he a past incarnation or a future one?). Then, in a moment of clarity or perhaps sheer insanity, it came to me. Michael Sheen. Michael is one of those actors who can pull off virtually any role. Seriously, the man survived Twilight without it ruining his career–he’s virtually indestructible at this point. He’s been in the likes of Midnight in Paris, Underworld, and Tron: Legacy plus a whole slew of other things. While he’s already been in Doctor Who, the good news is only his voice was featured, thus eliminating any need for awkward explanations. Mr. Sheen would be a solid choice for the next doctor.

Intern-Minion Petite Geek’s Pick

Natalie Dormer:

I first ran across Miss Dormer on The Tudors, where she brought me to tears with her wonderful portrayal of Anne Boleyn. Behind the scenes, Natalie had to fight a bit of a battle for Anne’s integrity, begging that the character be as deep and complex as she was in real life. I am on the Pro-Female Doctor Team; I would really like a female Doctor to be a strong, yet feminine, character, and I really think Natalie could pull it off. Plus she’s totes gorgeous. Unfortunately, I know this dream will never come true, as Dormer is quite busy with her portrayal of the lovely Margaery Tyrell on HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Who is your top pick for the next Doctor? How do you feel about Matt Smith leaving? Let us know in the comments!


Author: Critique Geek

Writer and dreamer with a BA in Sarcasm. All-around nerd and lover of geeky things.

35 thoughts on “Our Top 12 Choices for the 12th Doctor

  1. I really hate that Matt Smith is leaving!! I would love for Ben Whishaw or Misha Collins to play the next Doctor.
    I can just imagine Misha playing the Doctor… 🙂

  2. I’d love to see Olivia Colman- it’s time for a genderflip! My second choice is totally Chiwetel Ejiofor- he was amazing in Kinky Boots.


      Sorry, was I yelling? I’m just really passionate about the metric ton of sass contained in his dialogue in that damn movie. I want the same thing in Doctor Who, sass and crossdressing.

  3. I would love to see Tom Hiddleston as the Doctor. Out of all of these he would be my pick!

    I need to stop thinking about all this no-more-Matt stuff now before I start to cry or hyperventilate or something…I’ve been trying to avoid reading about it but it’s all over everywhere I go on the internet! I can’t escape!!

  4. Robert Carlyle. Pleasepleaseplease BBC give us an anti-hero Doctor. I fell in love with the Ninth Doctor because he was so bloody grumpy half the time and I would LOVE to see a return to that character type. Awesome 12 choices, though some of them are a bit out there.

    • OHMAHGAWD I WOULD FLAIL FROM THE HAPPINESS. Unlikely since he’s currently committed to Once Upon a Time. It would work if they end up killing off Rumplestiltskin, but that would just destroy my RumBelle feels.

      And yes, we definitely opted to include some of our favorites that we know won’t happen, but totally want anyway.

    • Robert Carlyle would be great, but I would love to see John Hannah in the rold.

  5. I am personally hoping for Robert Carlyle! I think he would be an amazing Doctor!

  6. Ben Whishaw. Tom Hiddleston. Benedict Cumberbatch. Misha Collins. Andrew Scott. TOP 5 that I am begging BBC to pick. PLEASE. If none of them are chosen I will be very sad indeed. Well most people are sad that Matt is leaving but…I think I am more excited to see David Tennant again.

  7. Love the lineup. I am rooting for Ben Whishaw or Michael Sheen. I’d love to live in a world where Michael Sheen played the Doctor.

  8. Andrew Scott would be my first choice, definitely. He was so perfect in Sherlock, and yes I would’ve liked to see more of him too. But Tom Hiddleston and Natalie Dormer, even though they’re quite busy, would make amazing doctors as well.

  9. Misha or Tom for sure!

  10. Whishaw isn’t a bad pick, though my first choice would be Laurence Fox.

  11. Mickael Sheen could be an amazing choice. I remember him in “The gospel of us”, he was so impressive…
    I’ll never think of him without your article! thank for the idea : Brilliant ! 😉

  12. These are great choices! I’m looking forward to meeting the new Doctor! and I’m equally sad that Smith is leaving, but you gotta keep looking forward.
    (btw, sad story, I’m a huge Cumbercollective/Cumberbabe (whatever you want to call me) and the only picture that didn’t load was Benny’s! I about cried. that is all.)

  13. I’d say Ben Whishaw. I fell in love with him when I saw him portraying Q in “Skyfall”. He’s really charming, handsome, and I must say,I love pale-looking boys. *faints*
    It would be hilarious to see Misha playing The Doctor,but it’s highly unlikely. Besides that,if they would really choose someone like Tom Hiddleston or Benedict Cumberbatch I think the fandom could explode XD

  14. I really don’t want a female Doctor. I feel a tiny bit ashamed saying it, because the way everyone’s going on about it, it’s like, you’re a female, you care about women’s rights! How could you not want this?!

    If for most of his life he’d been feeling wrong in his body as a male and figured that he was female inside and in the wrong body, then I’m all for it. But he’s not, he’s a male man and he’s should stay that way. I don’t think gender is something you can change willy-nilly and be fine with it. Even Time Lords have two genders.

    Saying that, however, if the Doctor was a female, I’d love to see Natalie Dormer in the role.
    I, too, absolutely fell in love with her in The Tudors. Hers was my favourite portrayal of all and left me feeling quite sympathetic for Anne. She was completely different to how I’ve always been taught she was, and I think her diversity in the role was magnificent.

    I’d really love Andrew Scott for a male Doctor, myself. I thought he was amazing in Sherlock, and even his brief introduction at the pool was enough to show us how many roles he can play.
    To be honest, when I first saw that scene, he genuinely scared me a little, and I think if that’s not a qualification to appear on Doctor Who in any capacity, then what is? See: The Doctor drowning the Racnoss.

    Though I do quite like the idea of Ben Whishaw, I’m afraid I haven’t seen him in enough to have a proper opinion. I quite liked him as Q, and I thought it was a really good casting choice to have a younger character in the role, but like I said, I haven’t seen enough of him to really have an opinion.

    Michael Sheen would be amazing. He really would. But that’s the point. He’s been amazing in so many other films and TV programs and I’d have the hardest time imaginable trying to separate him from every other character he’s ever played, ever. I have no doubt he could make it work and be amazing, but I know that I, myself, would not be able to get my head around it.
    This article has also brought to the table someone I hadn’t really thought of previously, but really like the idea of. Adrian Lester.
    He’s very experienced in a multitude of roles and has been wanting the role since Tennant left, and I think he’d be really good in the role.

  15. Matt Smith leaving? I hadn’t heard that yet, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I’m holding such a torch for Tennent that I’ve had trouble getting into Smith’s portrayal as the Doctor, but after subsequent viewings of his seasons, I’m doing better. (Legs and cute fingernail polish notwithstanding, I could never get into Amy, so I thought that maybe with a new companion things would get better.) Then it occurred to me, perhaps I just don’t jive with this Doctor. It happens. So, Smith’s leaving. For the next Doctor. I would. love. Andrew Scott. In my core, in my bones, I feel how good he would be. In the comments, Samara mentioned Robert Carlyle – he’s would be another good one!

  16. And then I remembered something I saw on pinterest, a suggestion: to make the next Doctor Rupert Grint so he can be ginger. 🙂

  17. I’m glad that I’m not the only one who thinks Misha would be a great doctor, but since he’s american, that probably never gonna happen. Of course Tom and Benedict would be great too, but again, that’s never gonna happen. So I think Andrew Scott would be great. he seem like such a nice guy when he’s not playing Moriarty, and I think it would be nice to see him in a good guy role, and he could totally pull it off 😀

  18. Ben Whishaw, Michael Sheen or Russell Tovey would be my top pics, though Tovey has already been in two other rather popular and rather recent BBC shows (Sherlock, Being Human) so that may make it difficult to separate him from his other characters. My ovaries would probably explode if the next Doctor was Hiddles or Benny.
    I heard the Rupert Grint idea floating about too, and I’d honestly be all for it. Gingers are wonderful!

  19. John Hannah – End of discussion. BBC get on this!

  20. (I just want David back. Sniff…)

    Tom Hiddleston is my absolute favourite pick. You can’t possibly imagine how many drawings I’ve one of him with a sonic screwdriver in hand (and let me tell you, I can’t draw). I imagine: Dark blonde curls, still a goofer with an unexpected emotional side, colourful, red jacket, perhaps an orange vest and definitely glittery shoes. Oh, and with a top hat. Ugh, I need a Doctor Tom.

    As for female, I would very much like to see Kate Winslet. Although she is quite iconic and “recognizable”, I think she could pull off both quirky, serious and alien. And prettyyyyy…

    Unfortunately, I don’t have much faith in any of these. They’ll most likely pick someone less already-out-there. For example, I would never have though of Matt Smith for the 11th Doctor before, but now I really can’t imagine anyone else.

    Or you know, they could just cast… me!

    • I want David back too… ;-; can we just have a random interlude of like a season or so where we’re just back with the Tenth Doctor for no discernible reason and we like it?

  21. I don’t even know who I want to be the next doctor. I’m still coping with the news about Matt leaving!!!!!

  22. It h a s to be Ben Whishaw. He is the only logical choice for the part, really!

  23. Andrew Lee Potts.

  24. Would love Tom Hiddleston or Hugh Laurie or Andrew Scott to be playing the next Doctor. All 3 would bring something fresh and original to the role in my opinion!

  25. James and Oliver phelps, duh! They’d be beyond perfect for the role, the doctor would finally be ginger and it would pull in more Harry potter fans. Also, think of all the trippy things Moffat could do with two actors!

  26. I honestly think that the next Doctor should not be a girl. I feel like the ratings would go down. But that’s just my opinion

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