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Geek Gifts for Geek Dads: Shopping Guide for Father’s Day (and giveaway winner announced!)


Geek gifts for geek dads: a father's day shopping guide

Are you one of those lucky people who has a geek dad? Do you need to find an appropriately geeky father’s day present for aforementioned dad? Well, you are in luck, because we here at 3 Chic Geeks will jump on positively any chance to do a gift guide, because that’s basically a long round of online window-shopping that we can write off as “work” and “serious business”. Armed with this guide and express shipping, you will most definitely not disappoint your father (probably). Also, later on in the post we’ll have the giveaway results announced!

Great gifts for a geek dad's Fathers Day

Every geek could use a bit of classy geek decor around the house to show off their inner nerd to their visitors. Personally, we’re just a little bit in love with these Gambit and Wolverine posters from The Geekerie on Etsy. They’re $18 each, but you can get 10% off until the 9th by entering the code “DADSDAY” at checkout.

Does your father like to collect small things like action figures, jewelry, hearts of his enemies, etc? Give him a high-tech gadget for showing off his trophies – the Levitron Revolution Platform! For the low, low price of only $60, shipping & handling and your firstborn’s soul, it will magically make any object levitate above a platform with the power of magnets (not that we know how they work). Perfect for that evil genius who wants a hover Loki action figure on his desk.

Perfect ties for geek dadsDoes the father in your life require a tie for mysterious, unnamed purposes? Well… We’re not sure what a tie is used for normally, to be quite honest, but Supernatural fanfiction leads us to believe ties can be very, very exciting – especially if there’s a cute angel somewhere in the mix. While we don’t want to know what your dad will use a tie for, here’s a few really stylish options:

Top row:

Three Atoms silk-screened necktie, $30, by IceOrchid

The 8-bit Tie, $15, by

Blade Runner inspired replicant necktie, $24, by binarywinter

Bottom row:

Fantastic Four Marvel Comic Book Tie, $25, by BeardedUnicorn

TARDIS tie, $21, by PrintMyClothing

Legend of Zelda pixel hearts tie clip, $23, by TheLittleSaint

Great father's day gifts for a geek dad - six awesome tee designsWhen shopping for a geek, it’s safe to assume they could use another tee in the fandom of their choice. We’ve picked out a few of our favorite designs; chances are, the paternal parental unit in your life will also find these appealing.

Top Row:

Darth Vader “I am your father” tee, $24, by saintsdesigns

Winter’s Coming tee, $26, by MeganLara

Pinkie Pie’s Sugarcube Corner, $25, by Rachael Thomas

Bottom Row:

Tetris Skyline tee, $25, by Reece Ward

The Cathedral of the Serenity tee, $25, by girardin27

The Prancing Pony, $24, by thehookshot

Remember, if you’re buying from Redbubble between June 11th and 13th, use the code “COMICTEES13” at checkout to get a 10% discount on your purchase.

If you’ve got the cash to burn, and really want to impress your Lord of the Rings obsessed father? Get him the ring of Barahir replica, which was worn by Aragorn in the movies. Isn’t it foxy? A Slytherin would also probably really like the ring, because snakes. Snakes are always a good reason for things. And it’s only like, a hundred and fifty five bucks or something. If your dad invented Toaster Strudel, you can probably afford to buy this for him.

Great Father's Day gifts for a geeky dad under $20!Kinda sorta broke, but still need to get your dad something awesome? Here’s a roundup of great geeky gifts under $20 that your father (and pretty much everyone else in your life) will really appreciate.

Top Row:

Set of 4 BioShock Infinite Columbia Propaganda Postcards, $14, by SoSticky

Wonder Woman iPhone 4s case, $10, by TheGeekForge

Red Riding Hood and the Bad Wolf print, $16, by ParodiesLost

Bottom Row:

Hell Passport notebook, $3, by the Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild

“ABIDE” – The Dude for President Big Lebowski sticker, $3 by Ant101

Set of 5 Alan Turing postcards, $7, by meganlee

81+-PSqucIL._SX425_Are you really, really broke? Well, you can always invest in a roll of Avengers duct tape and make a duct tape wallet. Or a prom dress. For your dad. Go ahead, it’s okay, we totally will not judge you for that. AT ALL.

Now, if you follow the blog, you might remember us having an Iron Man 3 poster giveaway earlier this week. Well, it’s time for the one lucky winner to be announced. Are you excited?

Since we’re poor, we copy-pasted the names of each commenter into’s List Randomizer and hit “go”. Check out the screenshot for proof:

Who won?

And the winning comment is:

Congratulations Kenzie-Lou!

Congratulations, Kenzie-Lou! We are sending you a message the moment this post is published. For the rest of you that didn’t win, don’t despair – we have more posters stashed away, and we are going to do so pretty soon… so look forward to it!


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6 thoughts on “Geek Gifts for Geek Dads: Shopping Guide for Father’s Day (and giveaway winner announced!)

  1. Not gonna lie…I want some of this for myself. Sorry, Dad.

  2. I agree with Paige! Maybe I’ll buy one of the Serenity shirts for me and one for my dad… That ups the sentimental value, right?

  3. I must have that Avengers duct tape! I might even buy my dad some! I already bought him Warehouse 13 on DVD (I get him a new season each year, he loves the show but doesn’t get to watch it live due to my mom not being the geek that he and I are – huh – I wonder if him not watching was the one viewer that the show needed in order to not be cancelled…)
    Thanks for the ideas!

  4. Never mind for Dad’s, i want some of this stuff!! lol

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