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Planning a 4th of July Party, Winchester Style

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by the way the handwritten font is named Rock Salt. Please appreciate this.

By the way the handwriting font is named Rock Salt. Please appreciate this with me.

Are you one of those people who desperately wants to throw the geekiest, most dorky party imaginable? Or, do you have impossible feels due to the season 8 finale that you absolutely cannot cope with, other than by surrounding yourself with a mountain of all that is near and dear to your heart? Does all that is near and dear to your heart happen to be Supernatural? Well, here at 3 Chic Geeks, we got your perky little rear ends covered one hundred and thirty-five ways to Wednesday, and have compiled a guide on planning a SPN bash any idjit with an internet and a shotgun can follow.

Supernatural 4th of July party planning ideas - stick a bunch of car air fresheners with the US flag on them onto a bunch of string lights... just like Dean and Sam would!

First off, decor ideas. When you’re on the road, saving people, hunting things, doing the family business, it’s kinda tough to lug around an assortment of seasonal decor. Remember that time Dean and Sam celebrated Christmas together, and they had a bunch of little car air fresheners on the tree? [because I do and oh my god the pain of remembering that]  Well, why not pull a Winchester and just get a bunch of patriotic air fresheners… like this ubiquitous little tree (that you can find at any shoddy discount store, languishing near the counter with the dodgy male enhancement pills, Winterfresh gum and dusty copies of Busty Asian Beauties) or this dangly flag or perhaps even this heart-shaped thing. There are many companies who would be willing to print up a special design, so you could totally just slap a bunch of Supernatural photos onto a star-spangled background in Photoshop and have them printed onto angel-shaped car fresheners, then give them out as party favors when the shindig’s over.

Planning a Supernatural 4th of July - the food

The food is probably the most important part of the event. Now, seeing as it’s 4th of July, you’d better get your seasonal dose of red, white and blue in (as opposed to red, red, red, more red, really dark red, and perhaps some more red on top) before it’s gone. We recommend this berry cake pie by the Hungry Rabbit; it’s kind of a pie, which should soothe Dean, and it’s kind of healthy, which should make the Moose King very happy. It ain’t Supernatural (and it ain’t a proper 4th of July) without burgers, so fire up the hibachi and cook up some burgers with a bit of help from your good friend Jack Daniels. If you’re not into cooking with booze, Freak Geek recommends her own mysterious recipe – adding a dollop of teriyaki sauce and a tablespoon of Sriracha. For an extra kick, spread Sriracha sauce over slices of bacon as they fry. BURGERS YOU CAN’T SCREW THEM UP OKAY JUST TRUST US IT WILL BE DELICIOUS.

Oh right. Food. Well, just one sort of pie isn’t quite enough, so you’d best make two; check out the Dean Winchester Approved berry pie Unique Geek cooked up a few weeks back. The instructions are so simple, an archangel with ADD and a sugar rush from heaven could do it. If you’ve got a bit of time to spare, spend it on making raspberry mead (or make an angel time travel and do it for you). We’ve had reports it looks like blood if the light falls on it right, and what’s better than toasting your victories with red plastic cups of blood as you barbecue your alcohol and roast s’mores over the burning corpses of your fallen enemies?

we're not kidding about the fallen enemies thing, by the way. (source)

We’re not kidding about the fallen enemies thing, by the way.  (source)

Right, food and decor are covered… now you need some in-flight entertainment. If you’re not as big a dork as Dean and don’t carry your Magic: The Gathering cards everywhere with you, you might be floundering right about now. Well, there is always the good old fashioned board games (like Twister and Sorry!), or you can play one of our numerous Supernatural games. The Destiel bingo is a great game to start the night with. Follow it up with our Supernatural Drinking Game of Doom, and try not to die. If you’re somehow still not dead from alcohol poisoning following those two, grab a bottle and go down our Checklist of Things All Supernatural Fans Should Do as part of a rowdy, mysterious game of Never Have I Ever.

Alternately you could just designate one member of your party “the angel”, another as “the human” and a third as “vegan vamp”, and go running through the woods, pretending you’re in Purgaytory. When the sun sets and the humans around you start setting off fireworks, just slump against the hood of your Chevy and pretend that SPOILERS Metatron just stole Castiel’s grace, the gates of heaven have been slammed shut, and all the angels have fallen. Good stuff, man. Good stuff.

Voilà, you have yourself one damn good Winchester-themed holiday without having to kill any demons to pull it off. We consider that a success.

Happy 4th of July. (source)

Be sure to check back soon for more nerdtastic themes for your Fourth of July bash!


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