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Captain America Fourth of July Party


Captain America 4th of July party planning guide

Do you love your country so much that you’d take suspicious experimental Stark juice just so you could be in the army? Would you go all the way for the USA because you love them stars and stripes? Did you spend a good part of the 20th century stuck in a nice, chilly iceberg? Is that man still playing Galaga? Are you just really bored and need nerdy ideas for your Fourth of July bash next week? Well, we don’t know about the rest of these but we can definitely give you a hand with the last thing. Stick with us and we will help you create the geekiest, fanciest, most patriotic Captain America Fourth of July bash ever.

Captain America 4th of July Party Planning Guide - the food

First of all, let’s talk about the food. When you’re a biologically enhanced artifact of a long-bygone era that involved swing dancing, victory rolls and punching Nazis in the face (without a TARDIS), you’re bound to get hungry. Since you’re aiming for enough patriotism at this shindig to make a bald eagle blush, go all out with the red, white and blue on all the things you eat. About the simplest thing to make would be these absolutely adorable Captain America cookies; pretending they are shields and throwing them in your face is optional. Dip your strawberries (or raspberries, red apples, cherries or other red fruits) in white chocolate and blue sugar to make your fruit patriotic.

If you really want to impress your guests, go all out with a Captain America cake that’s a flag on the inside (Yo, bro, so I heard you like America so I put America in your America so you can America while you America). If, on the other hand, you have no desire to impress anyone, or your skills with decorating baked goods are on par with Steve’s technological prowess, you might wanna just get yourself some cupcakes and make a few Captain America cupcake toppers for them. There’s a great cupcake topper DIY tutorial here; you can easily swap in your Captain America stuff, and even make toppers with your own graphics.

As far as drinks go, we recommend The Sparkler (which sounds less like a drink and more like the name of a very fabulous villain). If this is an occasion where persons for whom inebriation is verboten (aka children, pregnant women, koalas and people who don’t drink alcohol), toss together an equally colorful patriotic drink without any liquor in it.

Captain America Fourth of July Decor Ideas

Do you want to give your party space a bit of extra vintage Captain America style (to put the walking anachronisms amongst you to peace with stuff that looks like it came out of their era)? Well, the easiest way to do that is to get a couple of vintage-style posters or prints and hang them up on the walls.

From left to right:

Captain America Print by KinoEtMoi, $16

Faux-vintage propaganda screen print by Olly Moss, $85 for 2

Vintage-style Captain America print by PosterEmpire, $18

Captain America Fourth of July Party Decor Ideas

Of course, why stop there? You can add all sorts of tiny, stylish touches to your party by just raiding the “vintage” section of Etsy. How about arranging a full set of pretty illustrated postcards of New York City in red, white and blue picture frames around the party area? It’s a great way to pay homage to the Cap’s humble beginnings and beloved hometown. To pay homage to another piece of Captain America’s origins, we recommend grabbing some vintage comic book cover coasters for the party table. And, for a really silly touch, why not add some pinup-style paper dolls, complete with the latest fashions (provided the latest year you’re looking at is 1945).

Captain America 4th of July Decor Ideas

Also, there are some odds and ends we’re really digging. For example, this star-spangled garland would make a perfect DIY project if you’re not in the mood to buy one. I love making origami stars, and think having some in red white and blue, scattered around the table would be a great touch. An even better touch? Adding some colorful stars made from old comic book pages, much like these cupcake toppers. And, of course, it’s not a Captain America party without the prerequisite Captain America paper or plastic plates, cups, cutlery, balloons and costumes; order a whole matched package, pick some up at a local party goods store, or just head on over toย Amazon to pick and choose a variety of designs.

Bonus points if you decide to make your own Captain America shield to put on the wall or something; we’re mainly linking this one because the guy really looks like Chris Evans.

For entertainment, we recommend watching Captain America and The Avengers back to back, before you tune in to the traditional broadcast of Will Smith kicking alien butt in desert and space. Then, go out and swing dance or something under the exploding fireworks. There’s also time traveling to punch some Nazis and freezing yourself in an ice cube, but we really don’t recommend either pastime.

We’re closing with this overused meme, because reasons. (source)


P.S. Check out the Indiegogo for the SherlockeDCC party hosted by the Baker Street Babes and other awesome Sherlockians!

There’s just a little over a day left in the campaign, and you can get some awesome, exclusive goodies for donating. Check it out here!



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