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Event Review: Wizard World NYC 2013


Wizard World NYC 2013 Event Review

Wizard World can be summed up very simply: meet stars, buy stuff! I gave in to the raw consumerism of it all. I met stars, I bought stuff, and I had a pretty good time. While I was wandering aimlessly I saw some genuinely interesting vendors scattered around the floor who I wanted to throw all my money at. Instead of making it rain, I settled for small purchases and vowing to write about them later. Here are my absolute favorites!

Sasha Yosselani

Sasha Yosselani

I’m not sure if you can tell from the picture, but her work is absolutely insane. Go check out her site, like her on Facebook, and look at all of her art in awe.

John Clark, SuperHero Talent Agency

John Clark

Did you know you really wanted a handmade Iron Man helmet? Now you do! Go check out SuperHero Talent agency on Facebook and gawk at things you were really not aware could be made at that high a quality outside of a props department in Hollywood.

Poetic Earth Journals

Poetic Earth Journals

Admittedly, I’m a journal freak. However, you didn’t need to be awkwardly in love with office supplies to be in love with Poetic Earth Journals’ booth. Go buy their things, all of their things. Everything of theirs is beautifully made.

Fiona’s Fineries/Cross Time Traders/Oddfellows Leather

I wear a corset now, corsets are cool

I didn’t realize how cool long line corsets are until I had one on. I’m still lusting after this one and a great leather vest they had hanging up in their booth. Take a look at all three vendors here, here, and here.

Other honorable mentions (only honorable mentions because I failed to get proper pictures) include TeeTurtle (from whom I purchased a shirt featuring this gorgeous piece of art), and the collectors shop that was attached to GeekRoom‘s booth (where I got a tiny Data action figure for my Mom and discovered that Young Frankenstein Action Figures exist and they’re in black and white. Thank you Nick!).

Wizard World is not a place I would go as a fan wanting to meet more fans. There were some great panels: Patrick Stewart was amazing, Wil Wheaton was so funny, and there was a great talk on Hip Hop and Comics. However, outside of buying stuff and the few panels, there wasn’t much to do. Don’t travel from way out of town–save that for Comic Con–and don’t take the entire weekend off because it’s more of a one day experience. If you’re in the New York metropolitan area and have the day free, go down and check it out next year.


Author: Cecelia Gray

Actor, Blogger, Crafter. Pursuer of impractical things, lover of glitter, professional paper snowflake maker.

2 thoughts on “Event Review: Wizard World NYC 2013

  1. The best part about this is that I actually am awkwardly in love with office supplies and also love journals. I squeed and freaked out so much over those Poetic Earth Journals just now. My new mission is to but ALL the journals!

  2. I wouldn’t recommend buying from Fiona’s Fineries, the products may look nice but they are poorly made and if you try to do a return or exchange by mail you will never hear back. I sent back a $400 dollar specialty corset and received nothing back but headaches. There are many other corset makers out there who do better work and more honorable trade. Find one of them instead.

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