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DIY: Harry Potter Inspired Winged Keys


DIY Harry Potter Inspired Winged Keys on

I get really extreme bouts of Harry Potter nostalgia once July rolls around. The month is just inextricably linked to Harry, I spent my teenage Julys frantically reading all of the books before I got the next one and listening to Mugglecast and accidentally falling asleep fully dressed in a Hogwarts uniform on my bedroom floor wrapped in a Harry Potter beach towel. To alleviate my Post-Potter Depression I embark on a month long journey that inevitably includes crafting of a Harry Potter persuasion. The keys are obviously inspired by the flying keys in Sorcerer’s/Philosopher’s Stone. They’re really wonderful year round decoration, and would be awesome on a Christmas tree, around an altar space at a wedding, around a boring ceiling light, or above a baby’s crib instead of a mobile (gotta start ’em young). My new goal is to make so many I don’t need blinds anymore, I can just have winged key sun catchers for privacy.

Supplies needed for Winged KeysStep 1, Harry Potter Winged KeysStep 2, Harry Potter Winged KeysStep 3, Harry Potter Winged KeysStep 4, Harry Potter Winged KeysWinged Keys DetailStep 5, Harry Potter Winged KeysHarry Potter Winged Keys as Suncatchers

Let me know in the comments if you’re going to make a flock of these, and keep checking back here every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for more awesome things to fill your time with (There’s some cool stuff happening, so stay tuned).

10 thoughts on “DIY: Harry Potter Inspired Winged Keys

  1. Okay, those are too cool!! I too start to jones in July for some HP. Last night as I was getting in bed the last 30 min of Half Blood Prince was on and I turned it on – and it was the death scene, and Harry was crying, which made me cry… I had to change the channel! Which is sad, especially considering I’m many years older than you guys! šŸ˜‰

  2. These are so cool! I’m sure I’d mess it up because I always end up burning myself when hot glue is included in projects… The things I’ll do for Harry Potter!

    • I actually have two hot glue scars on my knuckles (I was an avid doll house builder as a kid). I managed to not burn myself while I made these by some crafting miracle, but I feel your pain.

  3. The Harry Potter books and movies are the guarantee go to in my house when we don’t know what to watch or read. They never get old. These winged keys are darling. Please post a pic if you end up making a curtain out of them šŸ™‚

  4. These are perfect! Love it.

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