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Event Recap: San Diego Comic-Con 2013

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As many of you know by now, I had the opportunity to go to San Diego Comic-Con as press for MTV Geek, and it was basically the greatest thing ever. Not only was this my first trip to SDCC, it was also my first real con… like, ever. Needless to say, it was one crazy-fun, crazy-hectic, crazy-crazy weekend. Here’s a run-down of my days, my review of the con in general, and some awesome cosplay. Because cosplay.


Sherlock Press Room

Sherlock Press Room – I had lovely three-minute-long chats with Sue Vertue, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. I was totally nervous and convinced that I was completely unprepared, but it great. I got to ask Mark Gatiss himself about Mystrade! He says he finds the concept flattering. That’s tantamount to saying it’s going to happen, right? Right?!

Sherlock Panel – OMGAH. I CANNOT. I CANNOT EVEN. While Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch couldn’t be there due to their ridiculously busy lives being movie stars, the panel did have Sue, Steven, and Mark. Martin and Benedict did, however, make lovely videos especially for the panel. Martin’s encouraged people to swarm Steven and Mark and tear off their clothes, while Benedict’s was goofy and just adorable. During the panel, we were treated to tidbits about Molly Hooper’s friendship with Sherlock, Irene Adler (who will not, apparently, be making a reappearance), and Moriarty (“What more do you want?” asked Moffat after pointing out that a bullet did, in fact, go through Moriarty’s brain, completely and 100% killing him. So he says.). Plus, we got to see exclusive footage of Series 3. It involved a certain high-functioning sociopath giving a certain speech at a certain big event. It showed a whole new side of Sherlock, and it was fascinating.


I creeped on your photo shoot. Sorry not sorry.

SherlockeDCC – This was the must-attend Sherlock fan party hosted by The Baker Street Babes, The Nerdy Girlie, Cara McGee, Being Geek Chic, and Sherlock DC. Brick + Mortar was packed with Sherlockians all hoping to get their hands on the coveted signed script of “A Scandal in Belgravia”. There was much drinking and merriment. Everyone proceeded to completely flip out when Vertue, Moffat and Gatiss showed up. I acquired fun pictures and pins. All in all, a success.

Sherlock pillow

This is Ruthie with her sexy Sheetlock pillow. She was the big winner of the signed script!


Legend of Korra panel -The energy in the Korra panel was AMAZING. There several amazing cosplayers running around and interacting with one another before the panel and everyone was incredibly hyped up when it began. People actually teared up during the trailer AND we got to screen the first episode of the second book. Spoiler alert: it’s fantastic.

Richard & Emilia

Game of Thrones panel – Ahh, Hall H. The GoT panel was, unsurprisingly, PACKED. People waited in line overnight for the chance to see Peter Dinklage, Michelle Fairley, John Bradley, Richard Madden, Kit Harington, Rose Leslie, Emilia Clarke and the big man himself, George R. R. Martin. Michelle Fairley wore a high-necked blouse and I just about died laughing, much to the confusion of those around me. The big surprise was when Jason Momoa, aka Khal Drogo himself, strode out onto the stage, kissed Emilia, and announced “I’m not dead yet!”. It was definitely the highlight of the panel.

The Whedon
Joss Whedon panel – I will admit, I’m not a Scoobie. I am, however, a Browncoat. I can also sing Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog word for word. It took every ounce of professionalism I possessed to not start yelling “I AM NOT WORTHY!” at the beginning of this panel. The great thing about it was the very casual nature of the Q&A. Joss Whedon is so cool and so relaxed that he had the audience laughing with him for the entirety of the panel. There was no sense of shyness or restraint like you often found at the other panels; the audience members who asked questions sang, commented on how they looked on the big screen, professed their love, and one guy even said ‘Josh’ instead of Joss before accidentally insulting Firefly. Joss’ nonchalance was probably the only thing that saved that guy from being mobbed.



One of the amazing pieces of artwork. I wish my camera could do it justice.

HBO’s “Join the Realm” Exhibit – Ah, every GoT fan’s must-see of comic con. The exhibit gave you the chance to have your portrait drawn in a Westeros scene, sit on the Iron Throne, and even get a custom t-shirt with the house name of your choosing. There was also some awesome artwork, a Battle of Blackwater Bay game with huge fake bows, and the chance to play Game of Thrones: Ascent while chatting with a game developer. It was a cool place to stop by outside of the main con madness.

Exhibit Hall/Chasing down all the cosplayers – I think I lasted about 45 minutes in the exhibit hall before I ran for the safety of the press room. While there were some really awesome displays to look at and tons of exclusive merch, I wasn’t looking for anything in particular and lines were ridiculously long. You could literally spend all four days and still not see everything in the exhibit hall. However, my main priority was chasing down awesome Marvel and Game of Thrones cosplay, so once that mission was accomplished, I got the heck out of there.


Freak Geek managed to get a screen cap of the live stream while flailing and screeching.

Kicking it in the MTV Press Room – I met Misha Collins and Mark Sheppard. There is photographic evidence. I also encountered the cast of Once Upon a Time, Arrow, The Vampire Diaries, and Kit Harington. Good times, goooooood times. My one regret is that I missed out on getting to see Tom Hiddleston crash the Marvel panel to introduce Thor: The Dark World. I’m pretty bitter about this. However, I did get to sit on the same couch as His Royal Highness of Sci-Fi, Mark Sheppard, and Misha F-ing Collins.


Arrived home, began recuperating. Found out Tom Hiddleston was still in San Diego and doing a signing. Wept bitterly.

So Basically…

SDCC was great. I never, ever want to go there without a press pass because those lines are absolutely ridiculous, but the atmosphere is amazing. Geeks, unite!
And now, enjoy some of the many, many fantastic cosplays I saw during my time at SDCC.

SDCC collage

Did you attend SDCC? Still bitter about not being able to make it? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. Didn’t get to make SDCC so I thank you with exuberance for the vicarious enjoyment!!! The Salute to Supernatural con is coming within an easy drive of me this year, so I’m hoping to get to that one.

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