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Guest Post: Fear in Cosplay


cosplayWe here at 3ChicGeeks are super excited to present our first-ever guest post! Hooray! *Throws confetti*

Our friend Sarah, aka Nimbus Cosplay, takes a look at her personal cosplay experience while tackling issues of body image, confidence, and the beauty of cosplaying. Without further ado, we present to you: “Fear in Cosplay”. Enjoy.

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Author: Critique Geek

Writer and dreamer with a BA in Sarcasm. All-around nerd and lover of geeky things.

6 thoughts on “Guest Post: Fear in Cosplay

  1. Reblogged this on Media Sexism and Social Action and commented:
    I think that someone raised a few points about this – here’s someone else talking about being a female cosplayer

  2. This is perfect!

  3. Nimbus, thanks for being awesome.

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