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The Fandom Wars: Round 1 Part 1


fandom wars

Buckle your seatbelts, folks, because things are about to get funky. And bloody. We’ve picked the fandoms, we’ve paired them off… and now, the battle to the death will begin. Well… death or elimination, really, but when fandoms come into question those two are about the same. It’s okay to be a little terrified, because this is a little terrifying. Please try to avoid killing people; voting is the only thing that’s supposed to get violent. So, get ready to smash your keyboard as you vote, and stuff… yeah. I’m going to presume you know what I mean by now, and go grab some popcorn in case there is a battle to the death between fandoms.

Just to remind you all, this is the current chart of matchups that we are starting out with. If you need to read up on the fandoms before you cast your votes, check out our Fandom Wars master post! Ready? GO VOTE!

Click on the image to get the full-size printable version, so you can follow along with the war!

Click on the image to get the full-size printable version, so you can follow along with the war!

Voting will be open until this same time of day on Monday, August 12th. Vote for your fandoms, but you can only vote once! This is to prevent cheating. If you try to cheat in favor of your team, WE WILL NOTICE AND WE WILL NOT BE OKAY WITH THAT. Don’t ruin everyone’s fun please!

BBC Sherlock vs Elementary - vote in the fanodm wars now

Buffyverse vs Bones - vote in the fandom war now

Hannibal vs Dexter - vote in the fandom war now

Teen Wolf vs Divergent - vote in the battle of the fandoms now

Orphan Black vs Night Vale - vote in the fandom war now

Adventure Time vs Homestuck - vote for your fandoms now

firefly vs battlestar galactica

Lord of the DOO WEE WOO

How much do you hate us right now? Whom are you voting for? Any interesting bets? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to follow @ThreeChicGeeks on Twitter and like us on Facebook for the most current updates on the Fandom Deathmatch!

UPDATE: Voting closed 11:00pm. Voting for Round 1 Part 2 is now open!


Author: Katherine Erlikh

I love candlelight dinners, long walks on the beach and killing demons. Usually you can find me at rock concerts. 90% of redditors believe me to be male. I'm pretty sure I'm Loki.

147 thoughts on “The Fandom Wars: Round 1 Part 1

  1. This was mean! the two fandoms that I love most (excluding Sherlock) you put together! Doctor Who and LotR. as for Sherlock, I had to laugh, I’ve got a hunch that Elementary won’t be making it…. πŸ˜‰ and a shout out to Firefly! woot woot!

    • Yes, I kinda looked at that one and passed it over…akthough I checked the results so far, and DW is winning.
      As for Elementary – less than 10% so far, I’m agreeing with you there πŸ˜›

      • I knew Doctor Who would beat LOTR that’s most of the pain right there, but I still had to give LOTR my pity vote…. :/
        but Elementary, “isn’t it obvious?” πŸ˜‰ heheh….

        • I think you need to take another look at Elementary πŸ˜‰

          • uhmmm…. maybe…. don’t mind me, I’m just one of those Sherlock snobs that can’t get over the fact that Watson is a girl, or that the whole thing takes place in the US. :/
            but if you like it, sure go for it! knock yourself out, have fun!

            • they mean take a look at the results
              elementary is only trailing sherlock by a few points now
              though, you should take another look at it literally, because it’s one of the most well written and diverse shows on tv and thankfully knocks down moffat’s ego a few points

              • ahhhh. I see. it did get up there!
                I might give it a shot… but I can’t get my head around the whole Watson girl thing….. how do they do that?

                • Well, they took a woman and they cast her as Watson. That’s mostly it really. Joan Watson is still as kickass and awesome as any Watson and she doesn’t put up with Sherlock’s shenanigans! She just happens to be a woman.
                  I really don’t understand why people have such a hard with this…

                  • well, because it’s always been two guys. it’s just weird…
                    It’s always been about the friendship of two unlikely fellows. I don’t know how to say it, but it’s just weird…

                    • It’s still about the friendship of two unlikely fellows. It’s just that one is a woman now. And their relationship is a lot more healthy than a lot of other adaptations and, I personally feel, a lot closer to the original books portrayal of their relationship. There’s a mutual respect and Watson is kickass and not afraid to tell Holmes when he goes too far.
                      Think of it this way: In the books, at no point was their friendship based on Watson’s penis. Why is it such a big deal now?

                    • I don’t mean to be offensive, I’m just saying that it’s different.
                      you have seen BBC’s Sherlock though right? because that’s got a pretty good relationship between Holmes and Watson as well.
                      people like different things, I love Sherlock. that’s all.

                    • Yes, I have seen BBC!Sherlock and to be honest, I like Elementary’s relationship a lot better. It feels much less one-sided to me and much more respectful. But that’s my opinion, of course.

                    • to each their own. But I will give Elementary a try.

                    • It’s a very good show. I really hope you’ll like it. Joan is amazing and deserves a chance. πŸ™‚

                    • I’ll give her one. πŸ™‚

                • Personally I think their dynamic is more interesting than a lot of other adaptations. It seems like Sherlock is frequently the same in most adaptations with a different Watson for contrast, and while the Watson here is definitely as different as usual (she’s his sober companion and so actually has some reason to stick around even if he’s being a dickface), Sherlock is actually adapted as well in a way that I find sort of refreshing after sooooo many iterations of him.

                  For one thing, they address his drug use. In the Doyle Watson worries about it but Holmes just sort of ubermensches away the fact that he’s like “el oh el opiates when I am bored.” In this version he’s actually a for realsies recovering addict and Watson’s concern about his drug use in the Doyle translates here into that being her actual *job* to worry about.

                  The difference with her helps me in another way. She and Sherlock manage to walk a line between exasperation and respect. When Sherlock acts like a doofus or a jackass, he doesn’t just get away with it because genius white dudes get to be dicks if they want; Joan tells him what’s appropriate and what isn’t. He’s still suuuuuper patronizing as his first instinct, even to her, but it makes a difference to me that she understands that that’s not just The Done Thing. It allows for more give and take between them rather than “Holmes gives abuse, receives worship,” which happens a little more commonly than I’d like.

                  She wasn’t in the military in this version, which some people have taken issue with because not only can women be doctors now (which is a lot more likely in a modern setting than a period piece) they actually *can* be soldiers. I feel them on that, but I think they found other good stuff for her to do to balance that out. She’s clearly a well-respected doctor, and a lot of people do not understand why she would be a sober companion instead of going back to her amazeballs surgeon career. So she does get respect on her own because she’s obviously a really sharp and dedicated person, and not just because she’s somehow capable of putting up with Sherlock Holmes (although she rightfully gets props for that too because jfc)

                  Anyway wow that got longer than I’d intended. Sorry!

                  • no it’s good and it was interesting. so it sounds like they handled it pretty well. I might give it a look. maybe some lazy Saturday… thank you for the very good reply. I’ll give it a look just for your sake. πŸ™‚
                    and there’s nothing wrong with long. πŸ™‚

                    • I will say, the pilot is meh. So if you watch the pilot and are like, “Errrrrr what are people excited about?” that is because the pilot is not a great reflection of the quality of the rest of the series and I will just TELL you that straight up.

                      Personally I was a little skeptical of the show too in a, “How did they get Lucy Liu to do this? It looks kinda contrived,” sort of vein. I’m glad I gave it a try, though, because I think the mental block that I had was that I was… like… (and I am not saying you are doing this!) sort of treating quality and diversity like a zero sum game, like a show that allows diversity must have lowered the bar on quality for the sake of including people who aren’t white dudes. And I know when I write it out like it is OBVIOUSLY terrible and I come off like a huge fricking racist. But it was just one of those things I hadn’t given enough thought to, and the reason why was… honestly? I was in fact being kind of racist.

                      Not saying that you or anyone else are wearing the Whoops I’m Racist hat like I was, but I suspect it’s more of a factor in the reception of Elementary than a lot of people consider. I don’t know why I assumed that on any level there is EVER a need to choose between quality writing and performance and inclusivity (because what did I think, that there are no good actors of color? wtf self go sit in the corner), but I’m glad I got my head right because Elementary is a damn good show.

                      So yeah, now I know how they got Lucy Liu to do it! lol

                    • πŸ™‚ I totally get it. I’ve got a brain block kinda like that of Watson being a woman, but why would the quality of a show be lower than another show because she’s a woman? (wow, send me back to the olden days)
                      (and just so you know, I’m not offended at all. πŸ™‚ )

                      Thank you for explaining everything really well and being really sweet about it all. πŸ™‚ It’s really nice to be able to talk civilly with someone with a different view without getting in a fight. I really will watch it, I’ll give it a few episodes. You may have just converted someone into the Elementary fandom….

            • If it makes you feel better, as a lifelong reader of Arthur Conan Doyle, as someone who shares an actual legal name with one of the title characters, as someone who owns every story and novel, as someone who has watched and enjoyed many adaptations both as movies and TV shows (including Sherlock!)…

              I think the last thing that loving ONLY Sherlock makes you is a “snob.”

              So yeah, hope that helps.

              • daww, you’re sweet. πŸ™‚ I was just using the title that most of us are given if we don’t like Elementary though.
                Everybody’s got their own thing they love. πŸ™‚

                • I love basically every Sherlock Holmes thing that falls into my lap, so I don’t get to be called a “snob” either. I am not sure my standards are that high. *laugh* I just want it all. If I’m an elitist I am a poor excuse for one.

                  I will say, though, that I enjoy Elementary more now than I would have a few years ago, and Sherlock less than I did. My needs are just getting specific enough that while I can love to bits some seriously problematic stuff (see also: basically my whole DVD collection), it’s still heartening to see a period piece updated to a modern year more thoroughly (including the ever-loosening limitations on who’s allowed to be a main character).

                  • yeah, that is one thing with any Sherlock Holmes stuff is that none of it can really be compared to anything else they’re all so different, kinda like the different regenerations of the Doctor, each view is unique, the same story, but with a different twist or quality. and some of it I like, and some is “meh.” but it’s all worth a shot.

                    • Yesssss give me all the Holmes. All of it. *grabby hands*

                      I try to compare stuff to the source material rather than other adaptations, but it’s hard not to especially when I have had so much fun with many of them. I think at this point that my two favorite Watsons are now Jude Law and Lucy Liu, with Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller as my fav Holmeses.

                      I look forward to whatever Doyle adaptations I get fed next, though. I will take them all!

                    • It’s all wonderful. πŸ™‚ Cumberbatch is my favorite Holmes ever. ❀ Jude is a pretty fantastic Watson too. πŸ™‚ I love me some Freeman too!

        • your white tears will be delicious

          • I think I love you.

            • Sooo many white girls who prefer queerbaiting and misogyny to actual whole characters. They can stay mad.

              • *twitches* Queerbaiting? Sherlock? Take your shipper goggles off for a moment and watch the show. It’s only queerbaiting if you take it that way. Otherwise, it’s just plain friendship.

                Misogyny? God, just because a show doesn’t pass the Bechdel test doesn’t mean it’s misogynistic. The female characters are still their own characters.

                And not to mention, Sherlock has only six episodes. There’s only so much characterization you can put in.

                Finally, just for your information, I’m not white.

                • ^^ Loving this comment.

                • It’s not because of shipping. It’s that Sherlock constantly has those “GAY?!?!?!!! We’re not gay!!1! We r toe. Tall. Lee. Platonic. El oh el. NO HOMO!!!” jokes. I don’t ship them at all, but I do think that those who complain about queerbaiting have a point. It does get tedious.

                  As for the Bechdel test, that tests for representation, not misogyny. However, a lack of representation for women usually (not always, it’s not like it’s a *magic litmus test*) indicates that it’s not doing so well. Furthermore, I don’t think the woman characters are treated that well. Irene? Oooh, I’m a sexy lesbian, except oops, I JUST CAN’T RESIST SHERLOCK’S ASSHOLISH GENIUS! Oops, now I lost. Oops, the only reason I even won in the first place is because Moriarty was helping me. I mean, the original was SOOOO much better and the original was centuries ago.

                  Don’t get me wrong, I love the show. I’m so excited for season three, but I can understand why people think it’s full of misogynistic, queerbaiting crap.

        • they can’t beat Benedict Cumberbatch!

    • I so agree, that was heaps mean. How on earth are people supposed to choose between those two awesome worlds?!

      So intrigued to see the results, though!

  2. The most fun poll ever! hehe

  3. Grrrrrr…that was mean! You made us pick between LOTR and Doctor Who!!! NOT FUNNY.

  4. Aaahhhh!!! Was bad enough choosing between Buffy and Bones but to make us choose between Sherlock and Elementary was just mean! (Doctor Who/LOtR was an easy one for me, as much as I like LOtR, the Doctor will always win!)

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  6. Gah, Doctor Who and Tolkien pitted against each other and I can only choose ONE. CURSE YOU.

  7. Everything was an easy decision except, Doctor Who vs LOTR?! So torn! I’ve pledged my undying loyalty to both, now what do I do?! Should I go with LOTR, one I was raised on and been in longest or Doctor Who which has infected by blood and become an obsessive glorious disease. Is…is my nose bleeding? Brain. Can’t. Handle. Choices. I guess I’ll go with Doctor Who. Ugh, that took too much out of me. *dies* Wake me for round two.

    • That was me exactly! Except I ultimately went with LOTR. It was pretty much just a coin flip, though, I wouldn’t want to actually have to give up one for the other!

    • This was exactly my response… except I had to go with LOTR. I’ve loved LOTR for six years as opposed to DW for less than a year, and at any rate, I think LOTR is just… I don’t know. It just wins for me. πŸ˜› But it was a really tough call.

  8. Having to choose between LOTR/Hobbit and Doctor Who in the first round is horrible!!!! *sobs*

  9. Ouch! It was physically painful to have to choose between Battlestar Galactica and Firefly.

  10. Freak Geek I love you, but this was emotionally exhausting

  11. What a shame, that LotR vs. Doctor Who. Who is good tv series (but i don’t enjoy it much), and LotR/Hobbit are great books and films. I vote for LotR and I am sad, that it’s losing :C
    But Sherlock, my love… hahaha, nice, very nice. Amazing, fantastic! I vote obvoiusly for BBC’s tv series and I hope, that Sherlock win!

  12. My friend didn’t understand the mental anguish this put me through… I told her she has the emotional range of a teaspoon.

  13. How… How do I choose between Lotr and Doctor Who?? That’s a very cruel thing you just did. (But I picked Lotr because it was my first fandom and I haven’t even watched all the seasons of Doctor Who…)

  14. If Elementary wins against Sherlock, I will have lost every ounce of faith in humanity.

    • Get over yourself.

    • Have you even seen Elementary? It’s a thousand times better than Sherlock, in terms of storytelling, representation, and, oh yeah, quality. πŸ™‚

      • Woah ok I have seen both and let me tell you that I thought Sherlock was much more interesting and had a much better storyline than Elementary. I don’t know if Elementary has gotten better or not because I eventually got bored with it. The amount of plot, detail, and character development they put into Sherlock is astonishing with the amount of episodes we have and I didn’t see much of that in Elementary…it’s just too slow.

    • [finger snaps intensely at u] do not hate child _(:3> <)_

    • I think humanity will survive that blow

    • Why do you say that?

    • Well that’s not dramatic at all. Elementary has much better writers and has a more diverse cast (whose identities are handled incredibly well) IMO.

    • It’s funny because I feel the same way if Sherlock wins

    • Why? Because people like a different show than you? Elementary is a different type of drama + comedy, with better female and LGBTQ+ representation. To each their own.

    • Why? Because people like a different show than you? I like Elementary better because it’s more my brand of comedy + drama, and it has way better female + LGBTQ+ representation. I wouldn’t exactly call that a reason to lose faith in humanity…

    • prepare to lose your faith scrub

    • Elementary is a great show though. It doesn’t matter which one wins, both are fantastic in their own ways.

    • Yeah, the show co-led by a woc who isn’t degraded and shafted intelligence by the white men, and is inclusive of racial, ethnic, gender, economic and sexual minorities winning – wow your kind of humanity is privileged.

      • News flash- if you laud the fact that a show is politically correct as the reason why the show’s great, it doesn’t really help prove your point. It just makes it sound like its the only reason people like it.

        Elementary is a good show for many other reasons than its stupid shoehorning of minorities.

        • It’s not that it’s “politically correct.” It’s that if you write women, POC, and LGBT people as whole characters rather than two-dimensional stereotypes, you get better characters overall, and better plots. Basically, the writers on Elementary bother to actually write 100% of the characters rather than just the white boys, and I do think that’s a major reason why it’s a higher quality show. It falls back on fewer lazy (and frankly toxic) tropes as shortcuts to actual writing.

          And if you think that having lots of visible minorities is stupid or contrived, you should check out the actual demographics of London sometime. You might discover that Elementary is not the show that presents an unrealistic and contrived image of the city where it is set.

          • What I think is stupid and contrived is having characters that were originally white and male be female and Asian, or transgender, or whatever. Why can’t we have original characters of non white ethnicity? Why is that we have to shoehorn in different races and sexes? I don’t want existing characters to reflect current demographics, I want new characters to do so. Elementary would’ve worked much better had the characters not been based off the Sherlock characters. All the characters are so different from the original book series anyways.

            • “Elementary would’ve worked much better had the characters not been based off the Sherlock characters.”

              You know that Elementary is not an adaptation of Sherlock, but is instead a different adaptation of the same source material, right? I mean, if we’re gonna go all “after this therefore because of this” about it, Sherlock is clearly an adaptation of House in which he is a detective for some reason.

          • I consider Elementary incredible sexist for a show which claims to stand for equality. Sherlock might have gone wrong with Irene Adler, and might have tried to hard with Sarah Sawyer at times, but Molly, Mrs. Hudson and Molly Hooper are all great female characters. The latter exactly because they don’t fall into the “strong female” clichΓ© which has nowadays overtaken our TV and doesn’t allow woman to be less than perfect to be get respect for what they are.
            How many recurring female characters has Elementary? Oh, right, exactly one, unless you count Irene. One who isn’t allowed to be a army doctor, because…well I guess because she is female? Who ends up being financially dependent on Holmes by the end of the first season, because she blew for him her second career (even if she did hate it, she is really out of options now). And lives with a guy who keeps intruding in her privacy in a way, which borders on sexual harassment (in what world is it okay to tell a woman to “get laid” or to deduce her vagina). Never mind the high numbers on victimized woman the show presents.

        • As of 2010 New York was….44% White, 25% Black, 27% Hispanic and 12% Asian. That’s not shoehorning. That’s fucking accuracy. (Although apparently Elementary needs a few more Latino characters to really get the numbers right).

          • Precisely. So basically, lots of people don’t want television with the same percentage of people of color as the general population has. That’s too many. They don’t just have no problem with whitewashing; they explicitly want there to be less representation and will complain if they’re forced to look at minority faces as often on television as they would in real life.

            This is a sign to me that a lot of people in various fandoms have some serious thinking to do about what they are demanding from their pop culture and why.

          • Shoehorning is taking existing characters and stuffing a new race or sex in them instead of just making a new, stand alone character.

    • I get that a lot of die-hard Moffat fans don’t see the big deal about the way he portrays a lot of us, but can you not say that us caring about it is a big enough tragedy that you will lose “every ounce of faith in humanity?” You don’t have to care about us; nobody can make you. Just please don’t be so sore about anybody else having different priorities than you have.

      • Um, didn’t mean to cause a war. Twas a joke… hehe. (Retrospectively, I should have added a smiley at the end of my comment). πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

        I actually agree that Moffat doesn’t portray his female characters well, and I was more than a little disturbed at the treatment he gave Irene Adler. Neither does he represent minorities. But overall, I believe that Sherlock has better production, acting and writing than Elementary (yes, I have watched both). As a fan of the books, I think Sherlock also more to offer in terms of “in-jokes” and allusions which give me particular joy.

        I’m not going to favour Elementary just because of its political correctness, though I can acknowledge that it has other merits… I guess. For me, Elementary seems like your standard investigative drama – any two lead characters could have been chosen and it would be the same deal. But, from the outset, Sherlock feels very… Sherlockian? πŸ˜›

        A thousand apologies should I have somehow offended anyone with my flippant comment. I would say don’t take it so personally, but I understand. Nobody gets between you and your fandom.

  15. Yeah – the Firefly/BSG match-up were like a punch in the gut.

  16. Sherlock has the larger fandom, but in terms of quality Elementary is the obvious winner.

    • Preach. (Either way it’d still be nice if the Sherlock stans could win graciously and not be snobs about it)

      • I don’t know. “Snob” implies that their standards are too high for any other show to meet. Literary snobbery is actually cool by me. I am just… not sure that is the issue here!

    • Absolutely right.

    • Yep. I really dig both shows, but I’m not under any illusions that they are equal in quality.

      • Yeah- Sherlock is obviously better.

        What, you started it. I personally think that they’re both great shows in terms of production value, but if you’re gonna start harping on Sherlock for inane reasons, then I’m standing with Sherlock all the way.

        • The fact that on Elementary 100% of the characters are actually written as whole characters rather than just the ones whom Moffat can identify with (AKA the white boys) actually does result in higher quality characters and character development, and that is not an inane point of contrast. Falling back on old toxic tropes is more than damaging culture vomit; from a purely literary standpoint it is lazy. A writer’s lazy reliance on worn-out tropes is a legitimate thing to bring up when we’re talking about the quality of a show.

          But you go ahead and make your allegiance to Moffat some kind of crutch for your ego and identity. I’m not sure why Sherlock fans get so defensive. Unless you’re one of the lead writers on the show, I don’t see why it should hit you so hard that some of us want to see minority characters written with actual thought and effort.

          • The inclusion of minority characters is not something that makes a show better in terms of production value and the such. It’s a nice extra, but not something that can be lauded as the sole reason why it’s so much better.

            You seem to love throwing the word ‘whole characters’ out there a lot, but the thing is, that’s your personal opinion that the Sherlock characters aren’t ‘whole’. In my opinion, the majority are well-fleshed out for the amount of screentime they had.

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  18. While I greatly enjoy this, half of the matchups on the roster don’t have polls (such as GoT, Supernatural, Once Upon a Time). Are these going to be round two or are they on another page?

  19. How DARE you make me chose between Homestuck and Adventure time!?

    also how can homestuck be loosing to adenture time

  21. Everyone’s complaining about LoTR and Doctor Who, but here I am in anguish between Homestuck and Adventure Time. fml

  22. [tapdances agressively at the bbc sherlock fandom] watcha gonna do punks
    holla at elementary frickers

  23. Homestuck needs to win

  24. WOO yeah elementary lets DO THIS!

  25. Not fair! Elementary V Sherlock?
    Buffy/Angel V Bones?
    Dr.Who V The Hobit?
    What are you doing to me?!

  26. So why is it that before you vote for bbc Sherlock it is at the top. But once you have submitted your vote it has the results at the bottom. Obviously elementary isn’t the one winning

  27. Whoops! Computer shut down and when I came back I accidentally voted for the first one again! Sorry!

  28. ACK. Tolkien vs the Doctor. *dies* I ultimately had to go with Tolkien, even though it killed me. DX

    And nooooooooo Sherlock must win!!!!!

  29. BSG AND FIREFLY – why do you rip out my heart like that!! And LOTR v DW?

  30. Those were all pretty easy for me… Except having to choose between Night Vale and Orphan Black!!!!! Queer representation or female representation WHAT DO?????

    I ended up picking Orphan Black because Tatiana is just the best actress I think I’ve ever seen.

    • It was really tough for me too, but not for the representation. They both have excellent and interesting plotlines and setting. I eventually chose Night Vale because it’s just so fascinating.

    • I will take that as a recommendation for Orphan Black! Thank you for the heads up! I am liking Night Vale soooo much but you make an excellent point that I need both in my life. ❀

  31. I love Adventure Time but on the scale of I-don’t-know-what’s-going-on I’m pretty sure Homestuck wins this round

  32. Holy hell no Bones should definitely be winning have any of you even watched that show it’s amazing! Also half of these pair ups don’t make sense wouldn’t it make more sense to pair them up with similar shows not just…random

  33. It physically pains me that Battlestar Galactica is losing. I love Firefly too but BSG should be winning! So say we all!

  34. but wait… with the not making sense one. They both make sense if you actually listen (adventure time is easy to understand)

  35. Come on Homestuck! You gotta win!

  36. You dare make me choose between BSG and Firefly?WTH?

  37. And Sherlock has taken the lead.

  38. LOTR vs. Doctor Who?
    Hello Satan.

    Really, LOTR was an easy choice for me, but I do enjoy Doctor Who!

  39. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Homestuck or Adventure Time??? That’s the only one I’m stuck on.


  41. This is going to get UGLY in later rounds. With all parts of SuperWhoLock in the running? Not to mention, my other favorites Star Wars and Star Trek.

  42. The real question here is why the homestuck logo has japanese in it.

  43. Guys I visited this blog literally 20 minutes ago and Elementary was winning by quite a few AND NOW

  44. I don’t want to choose between Elementary and Sherlock! *throws a Sherlock styled temper tantrum* D:<

  45. What if it comes down to sherlock vs. Doctor who? I don’t think I could ever make that kind of decision

  46. So torn between Adventure Time and Homestuck…

  47. How is someone expected to choose between Dr.Who and LOTR??!? Difficult choice.

  48. This is exciting! Personally, I enjoyed Sherlock far more, but Elementary is a good show too! Just stop hating each other! Remember, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle hates us all equally!!!

  49. Who vs LOTR was not ok. I ended up having to go with LOTR, because despite my undying loyalty to the Doctor. I forced my high school councilor to allow me to take one more the the alloyed classes so I could discuss Tolkien in Brit Fantasy class. I’m also surprised that Homestuck isn’t doing better, I mean we’ve taken down entire sights by our sheer speed and numbers before. I guess we are slowly falling apart.

  50. How come the My Little Pony fandom isn’t there? That’s a valid fandom, right? RIGHT???

    • We only included 32 fandoms, because that was a lot of work as is. There were quite a few fandoms that didn’t get picked for this one; maybe we’ll put it on a different one in the future! πŸ™‚ It’s totally a valid fandom and we respect the bronies, we just didn’t have room for it this time round.

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