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The Fandom Wars: Round 2


The Fandom Wars - round 2We’re finally at Round 2, despite GISHWHES kicking my ass completely and totally; my apologies to everyone who was waiting for Round 2. I guess I should think twice before taking on the fandoms AND Misha Collins at the same time! (Or, as my phone likes to call him, Misha Collision.) Anyway, I hope everyone is ready for Round 2; it’s going to be a little gnarly.

As for Round 1, part 2… USA Psych proved to have more support than The Mentalist, and beat Patrick Jane over the head with a pineapple on its way to Round 2. White Collar out-conned Burn Notice; and it should come as no surprise to anyone that Harry Potter flattened Artemis Fowl. Game of Thrones and the Hunger Games had been tied neck in neck, with only decimal points in favor of one or the other almost the entire time; ultimately winter came for Hunger Games, and GoT moved on to Round 2. Supernatural‘s beaten Charmed, proving itself the ultimate CW/WB sibling power and magic and angel powers show. Merlin, meanwhile, beat Once Upon a Time in a contest of magical prowess… yeah, we’re sure that’s what happened. Star Trek proved itself to be superior to Star Wars in terms of fandom power;  and, it also should not be a surprise that Justice League was left in the dust as Avengers triumphed in the battle of the caped crusaders.

Fandom Wars Round 1 Results

The polls will close in exactly 72 hours! (more or less, depending on whether we remember how days of the week work following GISHWHES). Vote for your fandoms, but you can only vote once! This is to prevent cheating. If you try to cheat in favor of your team, WE WILL NOTICE AND WE WILL NOT BE OKAY WITH THAT. Want your fandom to win? Get all your friends to vote! Don’t ruin everyone’s fun please!

Now… it’s time to determine which fandoms are going ahead to the third round… If you need to read up on the fandoms before you cast your votes, check out our Fandom Wars master post! Ready? GO VOTE!


White Collar vs Buffy and Angel poll fandom wars

Harry Potter vs Teen Wolf Fandom Poll

hannibal vs game of thrones poll fandom wars

Supernatural vs Welcome to Night Vale poll fandom wars

BBC Merlin vs Adventure Time poll fandom wars

Firefly vs Star Trek poll fandom wars

Doctor Who vs The Avengers poll fandom wars

How much do you hate us right now? Whom are you voting for? Any interesting bets? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to follow @ThreeChicGeeks on Twitter and like us on Facebook for the most current updates on the Fandom Deathmatch!


Author: Katherine Erlikh

I love candlelight dinners, long walks on the beach and killing demons. Usually you can find me at rock concerts. 90% of redditors believe me to be male. I'm pretty sure I'm Loki.

33 thoughts on “The Fandom Wars: Round 2

  1. Avengers against DW? Really!

  2. Firefly v. Star Trek?! So hard…

  3. Goddammit people can we at least try not to completely be left in the dust by Doctor Who?

  4. Doctor Who v The Avengers? Firefly v Star Trek? in Round 2 ?? Oi!

  5. Sadistic… Evil… Aaarrrggghhh… I think my brain just popped trying to make ANY decisions

  6. Oh my god, Doctor Who against The Avengers? I CAN’T CHOOSE BETWEEN THEM!!

  7. My brain is a gruesome mess of angst

  8. Am I totally sadistic in saying that I want to see who would win in a Doctor Who vs Harry Potter showdown? hehe

  9. Well I don’t know much about Night Vale so that vote was pretty easy for me.

  10. Avengers vs Who was easy enough, but SPN vs NightVale??? AUGH. Also, how is Firefly losing to the reboot? C’mon, Browncoats, get it together!

    • Actually I just used the reboot picture because I like that image. All fandoms are to be considered in their entirety – that is, Star Trek actually stands for OS, Voyager, Enterprise, TNG, etc


  12. Firefly vs Star Trek? You’re killing me! This was the hardest decision ever – I love them both so much! I ended up voting Firefly though, because everyone KNOWS Star Trek has a huge fanbase and they always win things, and it’s time for the little fandom that could to shine again :’)


  14. Oh that’s easy. Ha! No problem… Oh yeah vote for them… Bu– wha– why?? MY BABIES. Okay… Firefly was my first… Sorry Trek. Scroll scroll. *die* I hate my life.

  15. Doctor Who vs. Avengers?!?! Exactly how much emotional pain were you planning on causing?

  16. Can you imagine a showdown between Sherlock and Doctor Who???! I would die

  17. I fear the moment when we have to pick between Sherlock and Doctor Who :O


  19. This is pure evil… DOCTOR WHO VERSUS THE AVENGERS! THATS AN IMPOSSIBLE CHOICE! And come on, Star Trek has got to beat firefly!

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