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The Fandom Wars: Round 3


The Fandom Wars - Round 3

Well, we’re halfway there, folks! Third round out of five, and we’re here to shatter your heart and ask you to pick which shards you like best. It’s been peaceful enough so far, but things are about to get bloody. It’s okay, we’re in pain too, here – and only some of that pain has anything to do with the fact that GISHWHES is over and we’re now suffering from GISHWHES related PTSD. As for last round… BBC Sherlock decimated USA Psych, which, while not a surprise was a sad moment for me. Buffyverse overtook White Collar, and will be facing BBC Sherlock this round. Harry Potter continues to dominate, having taken out Teen Wolf with something like 90% of the votes. Ouch. Game of Thrones was locked in a bitter struggle with Hannibal for most of the last round, but in the end Mr Martin proved to be a more proficient killer than Mr Lecter. Cause, Game of Thrones? Everyone dies? Get it? ..oh, whatever. No one ever gets my jokes.

In the meantime, Supernatural took out Welcome to Night Vale, which is a poll that would have hurt my heart very much no matter what, because I just started listening to Night Vale and OH. MY. GOD. I am in love. Carlos and his perfect hair! …okay right, where was I? Right, right. Merlin proved to be voted superior in battle with sword-wielding juggernaut Adventure Time. Star Trek and Firefly were locked in violent and bloody combat the entire time, Firefly being a few points ahead of Star Trek the entire time; however, in the end the Trekkie fandom pulled through and Firefly got canceled out of this fandom war. Finally, on yet another cosmic front, Doctor Who decimated the Avengers, proving that “We have a Hulk” is not the solution to every battle.

Here’s what the current brackets look like:

The Fandom Wars Round 3

The polls will close in exactly 72 hours! (more or less, depending on whether we remember how days of the week work following GISHWHES). Vote for your fandoms, but you can only vote once! This is to prevent cheating. If you try to cheat in favor of your team, WE WILL NOTICE AND WE WILL NOT BE OKAY WITH THAT. Want your fandom to win? Get all your friends to vote! Don’t ruin everyone’s fun please!

Now… it’s time to determine which fandoms are going ahead to the fourth round… If you need to read up on the fandoms before you cast your votes, check out our Fandom Wars master post! Ready? GO VOTE!

BBC Sherlock vs Angel and Buffy poll fandom wars

Harry Potter vs Game of Thrones poll vote fandom wars

Supernatural vs BBC Merlin

star trek vs doctor who poll fandom wars vote now

How much do you hate us right now? Whom are you voting for? Any interesting bets? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to follow @ThreeChicGeeks on Twitter and like us on Facebook for the most current updates on the Fandom Deathmatch!


Do you have any burning questions for us? Dying to know what Critique Geek ships, or what glue Unique Geek favors? Tweet your questions to us, or leave us comments – we will pick ten questions and answer them!


Author: Katherine Erlikh

I love candlelight dinners, long walks on the beach and killing demons. Usually you can find me at rock concerts. 90% of redditors believe me to be male. I'm pretty sure I'm Loki.

38 thoughts on “The Fandom Wars: Round 3

  1. My poor Merlin. Totally predictable loss, but it hurts the feels nevertheless.

  2. Yes! Supernatural is still in the running!

    *does victory dance*

  3. This round wasn’t as painful. I feel like there will be tears the next one though.

  4. I don’t even know if I can vote this round. I am obviously taking this way too seriously because it is hurting me to choose.

  5. Well this one didn’t hurt too much. That means double pain for the next round, huh?

  6. ugh, the last one was painful. i went with star trek but i think doctor who will triumph

  7. Oh man, Sherlock against Buffyverse?

    Harry Potter against Game of Thrones?!

    Star Trek against Dr Who!?!

    I hate you a lot right now, a real lot.

    (I really love you ladies, honestly, I do. But, man… that was tough).

  8. This is getting worse and worse. I’ve been staring at the Buffy vs BBC Sherlock poll for ten minutes. I don’t think I can do it. Either way it rips out a part of my soul. Why? Why do you have to be so…so…Moffat!?

    • Critique Geek is pretty sure I’m Moffat’s horcrux, as I have this weird ability to dream through his plotlines before they actually air. I’ve so far had Season 3 of Sherlock and the entire Impossible Girl plot arc spoiled for myself.

      • O.o I so want to ask about Sherlock but I wont because A: I want to see it for myself, part of the fun of being a Sherlockian is being surprised and, B: I read all the books growing up so I feel I already know what will happen. Moffat’s horcrux? Well that explains why he hasn’t died even though so many fans have cursed his name. I wonder how many there are and where I can buy a basilisk fang…not that I plan on doing anything with it…

  9. NO NO NO FIREFLY why. Although I’m sure it would’ve have been completely crushed by the doctor in the next round.

  10. Okay – for the first time I’m really tempted to cheat and come back every day and vote as a couple of my picks are already behind… I won’t – but I’m tempted too. This is by far the worst fandom faceoff yet.

  11. Ok, So I am fully aware that it may come down to Sherlock and The Doctor. 2 men that not only have my heart but the majority of my tv time (because who needs studying). This is going to suck… and possibly bleed. Sherlock is super hot and sexy in the smart way and although I am still Team Tennant, I am pretty sure I will be going for my Doctor. Bless him and his Tigger qualities this reincarnation. Thanks for this, yall are awesome, deliciously evil but I do believe this is part of your charm. Let the carnage continue!!!

  12. This one was soooo easy, but I have a feeling the next round will be really bloody.

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  14. Wow, the next round will be an epic showdown. I dread voting already. My heart will be torn, but I can’t wait to see who will come out on top. Nicely done! Definitely Moffat’s horcrux.

  15. Buffy! NOOOOOOO
    I knew it wouldn’t stand a chance against the Sherlock fandom, but it still breaks my heart

  16. I’m pretty sure this is going to end up being Harry Potter VS. Doctor Who. I seriously love Sherlock, but HP was my first fandom, so I’m rooting for HP XD This round was kind of easy to decide, but if it comes down to Sherlock and Doctor Who…I’m gonna cry.

    • I’m thinking the same, and I honestly don’t know how I will pick between the two. Harry Potter came first, for me, but Doctor Who is… well, it’s Doctor Who!

  17. Sucks that Game of Thrones is gonna lose to Harry Potter. that’s not even fair… =( this round is so sad…

  18. ouch. ouCH. OUCH. Had to betray Buffy for Sherlock. But I had to.

  19. i have a feeling that sherlock and doctor who are going to be pitted against each other in the last round and i’m going to end up betraying one of my fandoms 😥

    and how dare you make us choose between merlin and spn, and lotr and doctor who? it’s kinda obvious who’ll win, but it’s heartbreaking.

  20. Hey, I came here from the FGB group! And to answer your question, I hate you guys a little bit 😉 (though it’s not really your fault). The most difficult one here for me was Harry Potter and Game of Thrones. I grew up reading both of those series (my parents did not adequately monitor what I was reading as a kid), so it was like Sophie’s Choice. I eventually went with Harry Potter since you put Game of Thrones (the show) and not A Song of Ice and Fire (the series) and, you know, Harry Potter can actually instill emotions of happiness rather than “WHY, WRITER-GOD, WHY?!?”

  21. Oh gosh guys. I saw this coming from a mile away. The minute DW and HP were on opposite sides of the bracket… i knew we were done for. Brace yourselves. This might cause a mini apocalypse.

  22. last result Sherlock vs Doctor Who..yay =D

    follow my twitter @aanthyy

  23. I’m basically just stalking this waiting for the results. Meanwhile, here are my thoughts….
    I think there is a large possibility of the final round being a face off between either Sherlock and Doctor Who or Harry Potter and Doctor Who.
    If the first, I think I’ll end up staring at the screen, crying, curling into the fetal position, and crying some more, for it’s an impossible choice.
    If the later, there will be tears as I betray Harry for my first fandom.
    Another vote that will pain my heart will be Supernatural VS Doctor Who. I haven’t even seen Supernatural! And yet I am attached. Same goes for Merlin, and the SPN/Merlin poll hurt. A lot. See my problem?
    So good job, girls. Rest well in the knowledge you’ve caused much pain and distress in my house.
    All the same, from as unbiased a standpoint as I can muster, my figurative money is on long-running Doctor Who as the winner of this brutal, horrid battle.
    Sorry it’s long guys.

    My tumblr: typewriterTARDIS

  24. HOW DARE THEE PUT MERLIN AGAINST SUPERNATURAL??!! *curls up in a ball and cries*

    I’m contemplating staying loyal to Merlin, which was the first TV show I watched that wasn’t from the 1950s, 60s, or 70s…

  25. This is Satan’s post.

  26. I just realized that the final 4 will probably break the universe!

  27. Look, Dr W will just regenerate, it’s no thang … and Sherlock will merely fake his demise.

    The Boy Who Lived – all the way!

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