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Five New TV Shows To Get Excited About


To Get Excited About

Fall coming could signal any number of things are coming, I’m sure for many of you it’s back to school time, but for me Fall means only two things:

  1. I get to wear John Watson sweaters and flannel
  2. TV gets awesome again.

Summer for those of us without cable is generally a vast television wasteland filled with reality shows and talent competitions. Those of you with cable understand that the end of August generally signals the end of the fantastic summer shows and the beginning of the rerun dry spell. Then, suddenly, in the middle of September the floodgates open and the premiers start. Old series returning, new series trying to get off the ground, networks vying for your attention. Yes, Fall is a beautiful season.

So once the floodgates open, what should you watch? I mean, there are, like, 33 new shows premiering on basic cable alone. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are the five new shows that we’re excited about watching, we’re not going to play favorites yet so the list is in chronological order by date of premiere.


Sleepy Hollow

Premieres Monday September 16th at 9/8c on Fox

A revamped telling of the classic story of Ichabod Crane (which I’ve always had a soft spot for having grown up in the Hudson Valley) that flicks back and forth between the present day and Revolutionary War era Sleepy Hollow, NY. Turns out the Headless Horseman isn’t a solitary villain, he’s the first of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse and it’s up to Ichabod to stop them. It looks fantastic, and basically fills every criteria for what I look for in a TV show. I can’t wait.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Premieres Tuesday September 24th at 8/7c on ABC

It’s Avengers for your TV and Coulson is alive, DO YOU NEED OTHER REASONS TO WATCH?! I didn’t think so.


Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

Premieres Thursday October 10th at 8/7c on ABC

A lot of people are really excited that this is happening. For the record, I think Once Upon a Time is a hot mess but I can’t look away from it and I worry this show will make the same mistakes.  That being said, I think the writers really have a chance to turn things around with this spinoff. In theory, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland really works and I hope it manages to deliver.



Premieres Friday October 25th at 10/9c on NBC

Producers of Downton Abbey, Director of The Tudors, Starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Sexy Victorian Steampunk-y Dracula. I didn’t know how much I wanted this show until this show occurred. Let’s pray for good writing and a devoted fan following, kids, because this show has a lot of potential and NBC hasn’t really been promoting it.



Premieres Saturday November 23rd as part of Supernatural Saturday on BBC America

Way to keep this super under-wraps, BBC. I literally have no idea about what this show will actually be about because they aren’t telling me anything but they keep teasing me with little things and now I’m dying to know. I guess that’s kind of the point. The show is filling some big shoes, taking Merlin‘s time slot, but knowing the BBC it will deliver.


And of course I’ve plotted it out so these new shows don’t interfere with my old shows (Tuesdays, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. followed immediately by Supernatural? Yes, excellent.). What shows are you excited for this fall? Let us know in the comments if we should be watching anything else.


Author: Cecelia Gray

Actor, Blogger, Crafter. Pursuer of impractical things, lover of glitter, professional paper snowflake maker.

31 thoughts on “Five New TV Shows To Get Excited About

  1. Just saw the commercial for Sleepy Hollow yesterday and was like ummmm excuse me? How did I not know this was going to be a thing? SO EXCITED. Plus, Ichabod is looking kind of sexy. I don’t hate it.

  2. I cannot express how excited I am for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

  3. Im going to be posting a link to yall about these tv shows. Im so excited I could cry. Like piss my pants excited!!!

  4. Okay – I had no clue about Agents of SHIELD – and I’m so happy to have a Joss show back and it has J August Richards?!? Sign me up!! That and Sleepy Hollow are now on my list! And Atlantis, now I have to tune in and check it out! 🙂 Thanks!! I would have totally missed Shield as I don’t watch much ABC!!

  5. Agents of SHIELD, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, Sleepy Hollow, and Atlantis are now on my calendar. 😀

  6. Yay! Thanks for the line up info! Love new shows 🙂

  7. Oh my gosh! I’m so excited for these! Sleepy Hollow is definitely getting a good look. Once Upon A Time in Wonderland as well… perhaps, obviously, Shield. and Atlantis, if that one is made to fit into Merlin’s shoes YES! and I’ve always had a soft spot for Atlantis stuff. 🙂
    can’t wait!

  8. When is the Supernatural spinoff coming out, anyway? Probably like 2014?

    • There’s a supernatural spin off? *gasping and wheezing on the floor* I HAD NO IDEA!!! This just made my life *passes out from happiness

  9. Thanks for this article! 4 or these shows seems very exciting to me… Just one thing : I’m in France, it’s means I have to wait and hope they ever make it here ! this is so frustrating (hopefully, dvds exist! 😉 )

  10. WTH?! There’s a new Dracula show!? With Jonathan Rhys Meyers?! Nobody tells me ANYTHING!!

  11. WTH?! There’s a new Dracula show?! With Jonathan Rhys Meyers?! NOBODY TELLS ME ANYTHING!!

  12. I know it’s an old one, but I just started watching Castle in reruns and am addicted. Of course I can’t wait for Once, and Vampire Diaries and Nikita and The Originals.

  13. Reblogged this on Cabinet of Curiosities and commented:
    All of these look good to me!!

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    something to look forward to this fall

  15. Excited for all of these shows! But I just really want me some The Big Bang Theory season 7. It is taking forever to come out!

  16. GAh thanks for this!! I have been geekin out about SHIELD since I saw it on TV, but I had no idea about Dracula or Atlantis (though I’m not sure if I’m excited or not, since there is literally nothing to go on…). Sleepy Hollow makes me feel meh. I anticipate cheesy writing. And I never got into OUAT. Do you think I need to have seen OUAT to follow the Alice spin off?

    Real question: I do not get BBC1, so how can I watch Atlantis? Is there a secret doorway to BBC heaven? (I watch Shlock on PBS Masterpiece, also for Downton Abbey. I wonder if they’ll also host Atlantis.)

    Gracias Chicas Geekas!

    • I’m hopeful for Sleepy Hollow, honestly there’s a good team behind it so I have high hopes. You probably don’t need to watch OUaT to watch the spinoff, mind you I watch OUaT and I can’t even follow half of it so I’m not the person to ask here.

      Also, shhhh, I engage in a good deal of piracy. I don’t even have cable, I’m broke and I have antenna. You can find anything if you look for a little while. NOT THAT I’M PROMOTING IT but yeah, I do it a lot. We can hope PBS will host Atlantis but it’s unlikely as it’s part of Supernatural Saturday and they don’t air any of those shows.

      • Yeah I’ll have to give Sleepy Hollow a chance, I suppose. Who knows, it could turn out to be my fave of the list. As for OUaT spin off, I’ll just wait and see what people say about it.

        Arrr, I’ll not tell a soul. I don’t engage in such things myself, unless I can find it all broken into parts on a certain popular video hosting site. 😛 I watched the entire Tudors series like that. Shh indeed. Maybe I’ll bug my friend who knows how to watch everything even though he somehow has no cable at all. You people are magicians and I find no foul in using you for your television gold. 😀 Thanks!!

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  19. Reblogueó esto en Cinéfilos a Bordoy comentado:
    Cinco nuevas series de tv para emocionarse! Ya me enganche con Sleepy Hollow y Agents of SHIELD, vamos a esperar a las otras…

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