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Nerdy Fashion: Harry Potter House Pride Edition


Nerdy Fashion: Harry Potter House Pride Edition

For this edition of Nerdy Fashion I decided to put my closet to the test. Be warned that this post should probably come with the tagline, Cecelia starts out exploring her closet but ends up learning things about herself. I’ve always wanted to try to dress entirely in house colors for a week, and Pottermore’s House Pride week gave me an excuse. It ended up showing me just how much of each house was in me and what advice I should start taking from each so I could become a more balanced person.

Day 1: Slytherin Pride Day

Slytherin Inspired Fashion

My favorite dress is khaki green, which is good because apparently I don’t own much else that’s green. I layered a gray shirt underneath and kept it kind of loose and flowing (appropriate for the house represented by water) which was good because it was a pretty warm day.

Slytherin has always been a troublesome house for me, I don’t always relate to them and yet I’m surrounded almost entirely by them. I’m not much of a climber, I’m genuinely content a lot of the time, so I don’t relate to the restlessness that comes with a lull in achievements that I see in a lot of Slytherins. I really need to learn from that though, that need to constantly be getting somewhere. I did a lot of strutting in my Slytherin outfit. I can only imagine this is kind of what being in Slytherin feels like, very sure, very confident, very ready.

Day 2: Ravenclaw Pride Day

Ravenclaw Inspired Fashion

CA CAW. My house, my lovely wonderful house that I love so very much love love LOVE.  I threw on a taupe-y dress, a blue heart patterned skirt that I made from a dress that was a little ill fitting (because who says you can’t wear a skirt over another skirt, RAVENCLAWS DO WHAT THEY WANT), and a chambray shirt. My backpack is Ravenclaw colors, that wasn’t an accident, so I grabbed it and put that on. I also grabbed the book I just started reading, The Instructions by Adam Levin (recommended to me by my Slytherclaw boyfriend, Justin), because it seemed appropriate.

Ravenclaw is my home, but I wasn’t always so sure of it. I was so convinced Pottermore might have made a mistake that I made 5 more accounts to confirm my results (Protip: you might be in Ravenclaw if you do things like take the same test 6 times to be sure the results are correct. For the record I got 2 Ravenclaw, 2 Gryffindor, and 2 Ravenclaw-Gryffindor hatstalls) I really didn’t feel like I was smart enough to be there for a long time. Being sorted into Ravenclaw really helped me. It clarified things for me. There’s a kinship amongst Ravenclaws that I can’t properly explain. It’s this thing, this relationship that stems from being picked on for doing what we love. There’s no need to impress each other, and that’s refreshing. That’s probably how everyone feels about their housemates, I hope anyway.

Day 3: Gryffindor Pride Day

Gryffindor Inspired Fashion

My secondary house! When not sorted into Ravenclaw, I am sorted into Gryffindor. I wore my brand new vintage dress and bright yellow shoes because, well, it’s Gryffindor Pride Day! Time for brave fashion choices!

Gryffindor has taught me to be a little more daring, which I suppose was part of me the whole time. Knowing I have this streak in me allows me to make bold choices now and then. When I need to I can pull that piece of me out, the extrovert social butterfly who is really good at talking to people and definitely isn’t squirming on the inside because of the social contact.

Day 4: Hufflepuff Pride Day

Hufflepuff Inspired Fashion

This made me feel cute and cozy which, I imagine, is how Hufflepuffs want to feel at all times. It’s getting to be fall, time for knit things!

Man, sometimes I do not get Hufflepuffs. I mean, you guys are optimistic and this is coming from an optimist. There’s a trust, this feeling that everyone does, deep down, have good intentions or at least start with them. I’d like to look at the world like that sometimes, more Luna less Hermione.

Day 5: Bonus Day!

Ravenclaw Inspired Fashion

I bought this sweater from the Salvation Army with my friend even though I barely had enough money on me to get home from New York City, the justification was, “But look, Ravenclaw!”. Considering I’ve had it for about a year, wear it constantly, and it shows no wear and tear I’d say it was $10 well spent.

And that was my week. I thought I would struggle more but actually this was oddly easy. It made me wear things in combinations I wouldn’t normally wear. I want to propose this as a challenge for people to do, spend a week dressing in your house’s colors, I want to see what people come up with. If you think you’re up for the challenge, you should contact us on Twitter or leave a comment on our wall or even send us a message on Tumblr. Who knows, you might get featured in a future post!


Author: Cecelia Gray

Actor, Blogger, Crafter. Pursuer of impractical things, lover of glitter, professional paper snowflake maker.

12 thoughts on “Nerdy Fashion: Harry Potter House Pride Edition

  1. LOVE all your looks – especially Hufflepuff! (But that’s probably because I am a Hufflepuff myself.)

  2. so going to doa hufflepuff week this holidays!

  3. oh wow, great spelling anna

  4. I’m Ravenclaw too but I really loved the Gryffindor outfit!

  5. This was enormous fun to think about – and I love your gear!

    You don’t have to look hard at my hangers to see where my loyalties lie. There’s a fair amount of black, but green and grey are the predominant shades. Exploring the effect of wearing other House colours has been a bit of a blast.

    I was intrigued by your comment that Slytherins must feel “very sure, very confident, very ready”. It made me reflect on my Sorting experience: because I’m older and have developed (hopefully) a little wisdom in areas that don’t come naturally to me, when choosing answers to the Hat’s questions, I thought right back to my earliest, most vulnerable self. Honestly, some of the questions where I thought the answers were most clearly ‘Slytherin’* were all about insecurity. I suppose we have the nous to be in touch with our insecurities and take steps to bolster confidence? And we don’t see flaws as equivalent to failings.

    *I’m tempted to give examples, but no spoilers, just in case.

    Anyway, I wasn’t surprised to be sorted into Slytherin. (After all, a conscious decision to go with my most primal answers rather than those I thought were more ethically sound suggests a will to be Sorted as a snake, no?) But once it was a done deal, there were surprises in store. It’s just like you said, Unique, I love, love LOVE my House. Slytherin is full of really sound witches and wizards I trust to the hilt and who are brimming with fine qualities. Yeah, we’re mostly a bit obsessional about getting to goal (the 4th House Cup has been rough on us). But we are also loyal, brave and brainy, hard-working, reckless and eccentric, in varying degrees. The vast majority of Slytherins I’ve encountered are honorable and fair-minded; we each have a code. The details vary, and we’re undoubtedly selective, as individuals, about which elements are most important. As a group, we seem to like pride and pragmatism in equal measure, and hanging together as a team is way up there.

    We have been rather shocked to find that Hufflepuffs can be cheaters, Ravenclaws can be bigots and Gryffindors can be fraidy-cats.

    You’d be surprised how many of us identify somewhat with Gryffindor or Ravenclaw, and (imagine!) there are even a few Slytherpuffs. Most of us have friends and objects of respect in all 3 of the other Houses. Many of us admire Hufflepuffs most among non-Slytherins for their characteristic blend of tenaciousness (which we share) and a relaxed awareness of what to chill out about (which we envy). That said, even though some newly-Sorted Slytherins undoubtedly suffer Slytherin Shock Syndrome, that never lasts long, and the vast majority of us wouldn’t trade Houses for all the gold in Gringotts.

    Sorry to go on at such length – just realised I’m conflating reactions to this and to Critique Geek’s post about her Slytherclaw identity crisis!

  6. Absolutely LOVE the second one, but could you do something similar to this, but for Wholockians

  7. I love the ravenclaw look! Really cool!

  8. i just came over from the duck and the owl and i just want to be your new bff. such a fun post, great writing, and i love your outfits 🙂

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