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Minor Potter Characters Who Deserve Their Own Spinoffs


Minor Potter Characters Who Deserve their Own Spinoffs

With the announcement of the upcoming Fantastic Beasts film yesterday, speculation began to run rampant. Who will play Newt? Will we get to see any of our favorite Potter characters in their youth? How much will we get to learn about the American Wizarding world?

Rather than jump on the Newt fan-casting bandwagon (though if you’re interested to know, my current top two picks are Skandar Keynes and Rollo Weeks), we decided to look at the many other Potterverse characters worthy of their own spinoffs.

Before we’re met with cries of “Marauders! Dumbledore! Snape! Next-Gen!”, we’re going to go ahead and say no to all of those. We want to take a look at those awesome characters who don’t always get a lot of attention. Sorry Minerva fans–you aren’t going to see your main girl McG on this list.

Nevertheless, here are a few more characters we’d absolutely love to get their own spinoffs!

Poor 'Dromeda. (Source)

Poor ‘Dromeda. (Source)

1. Andromeda Tonks

Mother of Nymphadora Tonks and wife of Ted, Andromeda only physically appears in the Harry Potter series for a brief moment in Deathly Hallows. Even so, she is perhaps one of the most fascinating characters in the Potterverse.

Why she should have her own spinoff series: Andromeda was born into the Black family, aka the craziest pureblood family of all time. She was sorted into Slytherin house. Both of her sisters went into the service of Voldemort, one as his most loyal Death Eater and one indirectly through her Death Eater husband. And yet, Andromeda rose above all of this and married her true love, in spite of his muggle-born status. She was disowned by her family for the sake of love and went on to have the coolest daughter ever, Tonks. Plus, she’s the one who raised Teddy Lupin…  you know she must be awesome. A spinoff series about her would be like the wizarding Romeo and Juliet, except she actually gets a happy ending. For a while.

Potential problems: Though Andromeda is at least five years older than the Marauders, a series starring her would still be a bit too close to the main Potter timeline. Fans would likely get distracted by wanting to know more about Dumbledore and the other professors as well as Sirius and company. Still, we’d love to learn more about her one way or another. Hey Jo, how about a short story or something?

2. Augusta Longbottom

If you think Augusta Longbottom is anything short of a badass, then you need to seriously reevaluate your life. She is the mother of Frank and the grandmother of Neville Longbottom, after all! Described as a short old witch with a peculiar way of dressing, Augusta Longbottom still manages to be fierce.

Why she deserves a spinoff: Listen, Augusta Freakin’ Longbottom may be old, but she doesn’t take crap from anyone. When told that her grandson is off fighting Death Eaters, instead of expressing concern, she expresses pride. And then rushes off to assist him. Just imagine how she might have been as a young woman! Augusta Longbottom, four awesome points for you. You go, Augusta Longbottom.

Potential problems: Augusta presents similar problems to Andromeda; she’s way too close to other major characters’ timelines, thought in this case it’s McGonagall and a few of the other professors. Still, perhaps there is a way…



3. Lucius Malfoy I

Though he doesn’t appear in the series, Pottermore reports that the first Lucius Malfoy was one of Queen Elizabeth I’s many unsuccessful suitors. In fact, he may or may not have been the one to curse her so that she would never marry. If that doesn’t give you plot bunnies, I don’t know what will.

Why he deserves a spinoff: Listen, the Malfoys are pretty awesome politicians, if a bit sloppy in recent generations. Pottermore makes them sound downright fascinating. Masters of self-preservation, the Malfoys have managed to make it through a few wizarding wars, flip flop sides as it suited them, and still come out okay in the end. Plus, this would be set in Elizabethan England. Queen Elizabeth I, the Malfoys, and magic? Um, yes please.

Potential problems: People will want him to be too much like his great-great-great-great-to-the-whatever-degree grandson, Lucius. While I’d personally be interested in seeing a whole different aspect of the Malfoy family, people are pretty attached to them as they are now. Still, I think it’s something that could be overcome with the right plot.

4. Any Beauxbatons or Durmstrang Student

One of the things that makes the Fantastic Beasts film so exciting is the opportunity to see what the Wizarding world is like in America and perhaps even some of the American schools will be mentioned. Similarily, I would love to learn more about the wizarding schools with which we are already familiar.

Why they deserve a spinoff: We know there are at least two other wizarding schools in Western Europe and Scandanavia. We’ve even ment some of their students. However, we still don’t know a whole lot about the schools themselves. Let’s change that, yeah? This is a great opportunity to explore another aspect of the Wizarding world without it being super attached to Harry Potter himself. Whether it’s the pretty French palace halls of Beauxbatons or the darker, grittier castle of Durmstrang, this spinoff would be sure to please.

Possible people to be featured: Apolline Delacour, Madame Maxime, Gabrielle Delacour, Gregorovitch. We’re not actually sure what school Gregororvitch attended, but Durmstrang is our best guess. This spinoff would do especially well with a previously unseen character.

5. Gwenog Jones

Gwenog is sure mentioned often in the Potter series for someone who never physically appears in any of the books. As the captain of the Holyhead Harpies and a former member of the Slug Club, you know she’s a chick who is going places.

Why she deserves a spinoff: Captains the all-female Quidditch team, the Holyhead Harpies, and is one of the most-mentioned Quidditch players in the Harry Potter series. We don’t think JK Rowling would give her those honors if she wasn’t an awesome character, and we’d love to see just how much butt she kicks. Plus, think of all the Quidditch!

Potential problems: Any story of Gwenog’s would at least partially take place during the Second Wizarding War and therefore parallel the main Harry Potter storyline. While she’s removed enough from Harry himself to not merit a lot of crossover, a spinoff wouldn’t show us much of the Wizarding world that we haven’t seen already.

Hey look, it's the guy who got to play Charlie for 5 seconds in that picture! (Source)

Hey look, it’s the guy who got to play Charlie for 5 seconds in that picture! (Source)

6. Charlie Weasley

Okay, so Charlie doesn’t exactly follow the “only characters who don’t often get a lot of attention” rule. He definitely is a fan favorite in the realm of fanfic, but that’s only because his job is so freakin’ cool.

Why he deserves a spinoff: Dragons, man. Dragons!

Potential problems: The temptation to bring in other members of the Weasley family will be great. However, as long as the spinoff stuck entirely to his work in Romania, it wouldn’t be too difficult to separate his series from the main one. Because of the same timeline parallel issues Gwenog faces and the strong connection to the main characters, this spinoff would have a hard time standing alone.

7. Filius Flitwick

We know he’s a brilliant professor with a particular knack for Charms. We know that he had the honor of being a hatstall between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw, though he chose the latter house. We also know that he has some goblin blood in him somewhere. Flitwick is one of the most interesting professors and he didn’t get nearly enough screen time.

Why he deserves a spinoff: Not only is Flitwick an amazing professor and brilliant mind, he was a master dueler in his youth. What exactly is a master dueler? We don’t actually know. But hey, it sounds like it would make for an awesome film.

Potential Problems: Same as Augusta, Flitwick is too close to many of the main Potter professors. Still, perhaps he travelled extensively in his youth, beating up bad guys and trolls as he went. We can dream.



This guy.

Why he deserves his own spinoff: Look, Tumblr has already established that he’s probably the most important wizard in the series. Let’s not deny  him his rightful spinoff. Bonus points if Warner Brothers can get Ian Brown to continue the role.

Potential Problems: None.

Of course, this list merely contains some of characters who deserve spinoffs. Others we’d love to see include Bathilda Bagshot, Bowman Wright (inventor of the Snidget which later became the golden snitch. Quidditch Through the Ages film, anyone?), and really any past Headmaster of Hogwarts. Some other characters we’d love to return include Aberforth Dumbledore, Stan Shunpike, and Garrick Ollivander, just to name a few. I personally have a bizarre attachment to Professor Aurora Sinistra thanks to the wonderful world of fanfiction.

Really, let’s face it. We’d love for anyone in the Potterverse to get his or her own spinoff.

Who would you love to see in a spinoff? Any obscure characters you find fascinating? Let us know in the comments!


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16 thoughts on “Minor Potter Characters Who Deserve Their Own Spinoffs

  1. Great list!! I definitely started writing a Charlie Weasley fic once but only ever got a few chapters up. He would be my number one choice for a spin-off 🙂

  2. I would love to see Blaise Zabini to be honest. I mean, no one really knows what it must have been like to be a neutral in a war like his family was. That would be totally cool. Close to the Potterverse characters, yet totally different. We KNEW who was Light and who was Dark. Never neutral though.

    • The problem with Zabini is that in the movies, he replaced either Crabbe or Goyle (I forget whom) for the last movie. As such, those who have only seen the movies will think of him as being a firmly Dark character.

  3. Well I’m one of those Minerva fans, but out of these I want a Charlie spinoff so badly! Bill Weasley wouldn’t make a bad focus either!

  4. I think the Malfoy spin-off would be a lot of fun.

  5. I have *always* wanted something set in Dumstrang. *Always*.

  6. …most definitely not minor characters, but I would DIE for a founding-of-Hogwarts film or television series, featuring the founding four. Why did Slytherin split from his best friend? Did any of them cross the line between friendship and romance? How did they create one of the most magical places in Britain? How did they deal with the very real issues of witch-burnings and the spread of Catholicism? Did they use wands? What subjects were taught? There’s a ton of fanfiction dealing with the subject, but I want to know what JKR thinks!

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  8. Anywhere you can throw Skandar Keynes into the mix and possibly drag in Harry Gregson-Williams to do the music would make me a happy fangirl!

  9. I know he is super minor, but I think Frank Bryce would be awesome. He tended the Riddle house for over 25 years, and wasn’t aware of the Wizarding World. It could be more of a Riddle Family history but through the eyes of a Muggle. Bit of a stretch, but I’d read it!

  10. Great list! I’d love to see any of these characters have a spin-off of their own. I think Prof. Aurora Sinistra’s quite intriguing, as well as Prof. Septima Vector and Prof. Babbling! I wish they’d included more scenes of them, especially teaching in their respective classes. A glimpse of them teaching astronomy, arithmancy and runes would’ve been so cool! I’d also love to see Xenophilius Lovegood have his own movie too.

  11. I know, I know that Tom Riddle was already been explored but there’s something magical about him. – haahahahah
    Anyway, I would like Charlus, and Dorea Potter. She’s a Black, and… Well… I really love their fanfiction. 🙂

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