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Recipe: Doctor Who Inspired Ten/Rose Lip Balm


Recipe: Ten/Rose Lip Balm

Have you watched Doomsday yet? Are you not over everything that happened in that episode of Doctor Who, and are you sobbing in a corner, cursing the name of BBC? (Oh, good, you’re doing the exact same thing we are.) Well, how would you like a DIY Black tea, rose, and honey lip balm to remind you that The Doctor and Rose will be apart forever? At least they can be together in cosmetic form.

Recipe: Ten/Rose Lip Balm

Yield: Makes 6, half ounce pots


3 tablespoons cosmetic grade beeswax, pellets or block

6 tablespoons grapeseed oil or other neutral oil

1 tablespoon high quality black tea OR 1-3 drops black tea fragrance oil

1-3 drops Rose Oil

1 teaspoon (preferrabally raw) honey

Red or pink tint (lipstick shavings, beet powder, old blush)


Microwavable bowl

Other small bowl

Small metal whisk

Half ounce pots (I found mine at The Container Store), tins, tubes, or anything else you’d like to keep lip balm in.

(All ingredients and supplies, unless otherwise noted, can be found online at Mountain Rose Herbs)


  1. If not using black tea fragrance oil you’re going to have to make your own. Follow these directions and come back in two-three weeks.
  2. Pre-measure your non-beeswax ingredients as you’ll need to work quickly once the beeswax is melted. Combine grapeseed oil, black tea fragrance oil, rose oil, red or pink tint, and honey in a small bowl. The amount of tint and fragrance you use is going to depend on your taste, I used 1 teaspoon of Benetint (which has the bonus of being rose scented) and it just barely adds a little color to my lips and 2 drops of black tea fragrance oil and I can smell it for a little while after I apply the lip balm.
  3. Put the beeswax in a microwavable bowl, and microwave on high for 2 minutes or until the wax has completely melted.
  4. Pour the mix of non-beeswax ingredients into the melted wax and whisk well until the mixture is uniform. It’s going to be a lot like mixing a vinaigrette. If you’re using regular honey this step is going to be a lot harder and the honey will tend to separate, the raw honey has a little beeswax in it and thus makes it a little easier to mix in fully. Work quickly, it sets up fast.
  5. Pour into containers and allow to set. Decorate with your tears. Or permanent markers and washi tape. Whatever works for you (I used a bronze sharpie because it reminded me of the old TARDIS interior.)

Recipe: Ten/Rose Lip Balm

If you make this, let us know how it goes! We want pictures! Leave them in the comments below, or hit us up on Facebook and Twitter.


Author: Cecelia Gray

Actor, Blogger, Crafter. Pursuer of impractical things, lover of glitter, professional paper snowflake maker.

5 thoughts on “Recipe: Doctor Who Inspired Ten/Rose Lip Balm

  1. quality ingredients and a Ten/Rose theme, I’m pretty sold!!

  2. daww! I really want to make this! it sounds amazing!

  3. I need this in my life like I need the 50th to start. Making ASAP!

  4. A lot of lipsticks have lead in them. I would say use a colored crayon in place of the beeswax and lipstick shavings.

    • Do not use a crayon in place of the beeswax. They’re not safe for human consumption (though you wouldn’t be ingesting very much at any one time), they won’t emulsify properly with the oil, and you’ll be left with lumpy overly bright lip color.

      If you’re concerned with the heavy metals found in many lipsticks I’d recommend using beet root powder or using leftover cheek stain or lipstick from an organic or all natural cosmetic brand like Tarte or Benefit (which is what I used here).

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