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Nerdy Fashion: New York Comic Con Edition


Nerdy Fashion NYCC Edition

Screaming, “I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO WEAR!” at the heavens an hour before New York Comic Con opens for the day and you really just need to get some clothes on and leave so you don’t miss everything is both normal and preventable. Unique Geek and Freak Geek will both be attending NYCC this year, here are our recommendations, our outfits, and our tips and tricks for getting ready and looking good as a non-cosplayer.

Friday, October 11th

Unique Geek Look 3

Coat-Vintage, Dress-Forever 21, Tights-H&M, Shoes-G.H. Bass & Co, Bracelet-Kate Spade NY

Throwing on a dress is one of those things that makes it look like you tried when in reality you were too busy to put on two things instead of just one, this is a motto I live my life by. Keeping it short and sweet means it looks casual and you won’t accidentally be the most formal one at the con. Oxfords are comfortable without looking sloppy, and are great for walking around all day. I like flowers and pink, but I don’t want to be too twee about it  because I don’t want it to look like Freak Geek and I are from entirely different planets though we are definitely from entirely different planets.

Freak Geek Look 1

Dress-vintage, Leather jacket- vintage, boots-mysterious places from beyond the grave (but similar ones available at H&M, shirt-Hot Topic

There is virtually no difference between 80s!girl!Dean Winchester cosplay and the contents of Freak Geek’s wardrobe. None. At. All.

Tip for Friday: It’s supposed to be raining, so make sure you wear a coat or bring an umbrella that will fit neatly into whatever bag you bring. If you’re cosplaying, make sure you protect your hard work with something waterproof and consider changing into any special shoes or pieces that may drag on the ground after you get to the Javits Center. Don’t let the idea of having to carry around extra shoes or a raincoat deter you, there is a coat/baggage check (it’s $3 per item and you can keep it there until the end of the day).

Saturday, October 12th

Unique Geek Look 2

Shirt-H&M, T-Shirt-H&M, Jeans-Delias, Necklace-Forever 21, Boots-Blowfish

Happy Femchester Day! My Sam Winchester inspired outfit starts with a comfy t-shirt and flannel, a pair of squishy soled rubber bottom boots, and a pair of skinny jeans. It’s topped off with a necklace that makes the outfit look more like an outfit and less like I just rolled out of bed and threw something I found on the floor on, floppy moose hair, and a notebook for referencing and saying, “So get this…” at everyone I see. There will also probably be a hoodie for warmth thrown on top of the flannel because more layers equals more Winchester.

Freak Geek Look 3

Jacket-vintage, Shirt-Motorhead site, Jeans-the place where I purchased these has long ago been lost to mankind, Boots- King of Hell’s Thrift Store

There is, once again, absolutely NO line between Dean Winchester cosplay and Freak Geek’s usual wardrobe. This is, however, kind of an actual Dean Winchester cosplay.

Tip for Saturday: Saturday is typically the busiest day. If you’re looking to avoid the worst crowds on the convention floor go out for a late lunch from 1-3 or duck into a panel or two at that time. The congestion will ease up a bit after 3, but it’s a good idea to get shopping and browsing done as soon as the doors open if you really want to be able to move freely and get a little time to chat with vendors and artists.

Sunday, October 13th

Unique Geek Look 1

Everything but the shoes- H&M, Shoes- G.H. Bass & Co

The last day of the con calls for a big comfy John Watson sweater, as I’ll probably be tired and a little sore. The same oxfords as Friday keep things looking pulled together while being comfortable. Keeping my hair off of my face is also just a method of keeping my hair tangle free, and means I won’t need to brush it periodically throughout the day to keep it looking decent. Also that first picture is me telling Freak Geek how to use the camera, clearly my brilliant button pushing hand gestures worked.

Freak Geek Look 2

kimono-really a convertible skirt obtained at street fair, top-Forever 2, Jeans-Forever 21, Boots-bought with freshly reaped souls at Night Vale Shoe Store and Funeral Home, Deer and feather necklace-Charlotte Russe

There’s nothing better than wearing things that you can twirl and go WHOoOSh in. Am I right? (Unique Geek would like to note that she took 30+ pictures of Freak Geek in this outfit, and she is visibly saying WHOoOSh in 19 of them rendering them completely useful for blackmail useless for serious blogger fashion posts)

Tip for Sunday: If you’ve already been at the convention for a few days, take the day and spend it doing the opposite of what you’ve been doing. Throwing all of your money at vendors? Maybe check out some panels or other activities. Hiding from the crowds at panels? Maybe go out onto the floor and meet some cool people.

Tips for every day: Pick out what you’re wearing and use our handy guides for surviving the con, and the do’s and don’t’s of con fashion to get ready the night before so when you wake up groggy and excited you won’t make a poor shoe decision or forget your granola bars. Map out your route (especially if you’re not a NYC native) so you’re confident about where you need to go and plan where you’ll be lunching/brunching if it’s not going to be at the convention (you should probably eat somewhere else, I mean NYC has thousands of restaurants, explore your brunch options). Plan your day, set alarms for panels you really don’t want to miss or autographing sessions you’ve paid extra for. Most of all, have a good time and try to spot us at the con (we promise we’ll have cool stuff like stickers and business cards to throw at you)!

Will we be seeing any of you at NYCC? What clothing items are your con-going essentials? Leave us a comment below, or hit us up on Facebook and Twitter!


Author: Cecelia Gray

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    If this is the style direction for the fashion-conscious geek who doesn’t cosplay — well, this is me. Even if I won’t be at NYC ComicCon [comments there, please.]

    • If this is what they’re wearing then I’m glad I am not there. I couldn’t have worn that stuff, save for the first dress minus the shoes even when I was that age. Sorry but it all looks a mess to me. I’m all for t-shirts and jeans but really none of that stuff looks good to me on anyone and it wouldn’t have even when I was in my 20’s.

  2. I need to just raid FG’s wardrobe…after I lose like 60 lbs. 😛

  3. Lovely outfits!!!

  4. Nice post. Thanks for sharing the tips. The dress for the last day just stole my heart. Adore!!!

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