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October Slash Fest: The Ship List


Slash Fest

Oktoberfest may be over, but we here at 3 Chic Geeks are just starting up a little festival of our own.

You may recall that a while ago we asked you all to take a survey on your favorite slash couples. You all responded with gusto. Now, over the next few weeks, we’ll be celebrating these slash couples with our very own October Slash Fest!

1. Destiel

We said from the beginning that this wsn’t a contest (it still isn’t). You Destiel shippers, however, made sure that your boys came out on top. Well done. If eye sex is any indication of canon potential, we can safely assume this ship will be sailing strong this season. We hope. Maybe? Yes.

2. Johnlock

Not to be entirely outdone, Johnlock also made a great showing in the survey. While many have lost hope at Johnlock becoming canon due to the revelation of Amanda Abbington’s upcoming role as Mary Morstan, those of us who have read the complete canon know that there will still be plenty of opportunity in the future for people to assume Sherlock and John are romantically linked.

3. Spock/Kirk

Spock/Kirk is one of those ships that’s been around since the dawn of time… or well, the mid 20th century. Same thing, really. It was the Spock/Kirk shippers that originally came up with the term “slash fiction” and umm… thank you, ancient forefathers and foremothers. Thank you.

4. Sabriel

Sabriel is a thing that most people won’t be able to make heads or tails of, seeing as canonically, Gabriel just LOVES torturing Sam Winchester. But, get this: he’s the kinda angel that would let a lady (or a moosifer) know he likes them by pulling her pigtails (and god knows Sam has pigtails). Plus, you can’t deny that height differences are hot.

5. Stony

Stony is all that is good and right with the world. You have the self-made hero and the superhero. Tony’s instability and sass contrasts and compliments Steve’s straight-laced and serious demeanor. They bring out the best in each other, and no one can deny that the on-screen sparks must carry on into the bedroom.

6. Mystrade

At no point in the first two seasons were Mycroft and Lestrade on screen together. But that hasn’t stopped this from becoming one of the most popular ships we’ve seen in recent years. Maybe it’s the appeal of the everyman detective getting together with the prim and proper entire government government employee. On the one hand, coffee and donuts. On the other, tea and cake. We love all these things. Let’s just smoosh them together.


7. Margaery/Sansa

The only femslash couple to make it to the top 10, this ship became wildly popular due to the on-screen chemistry between Natalie Dormer and Sophie Turner. I mean, they even had their own Tumblr celebration, y’all. While the politics of Westeros will likely keep this couple from ever fully becoming a canon ship, perhaps the writers will throw us fans a bone. A chaste kiss or two before they are forever separated by the game of thrones? We hope so.

8. Science Bros

Science bros – now there’s a pair that has real chemistry. The two master minds of the Avengers go together like a covalent atomic bond. Naturally, anyone involved with Bruce Banner should expect an explosive relationship, but nobody can push his buttons like Tony Stark. Good thing he has the right equipment to take it. #IfYouKnowWhatIMean.

9.  Drarry

You know, there’s something about school rivals that just screams “I secretly want in your pants!” Drarry walks the line between love and hate–not that it matters, as both are feelings of passion. Opposites attract has never been more true for this Slytherin and Gryffindor duo. With Harry’s hero complex and Draco’s bad boy attitude, the fights are always hot and the making up is always hotter.

10. Wolfstar

Sirius and Remus have been close friends for years. They’ve been through hell together, they were separated only to be reunited in best-broship at last, and they both have interesting canine issues. Sorry, Tonks, clearly our favorite werewolf is destined to be with his shaggy animagi dog.

Special Mentions:

We admit, our list of ships consisted of those that we and our friends ship the most. As such, we forgot a few important ones. Luckily, you all made sure your voices were heard, therefore three of your write-in ships will also be celebrated during our Slash Fest. They are…


Sterek is like, the official ship of Teen Wolf, right? I’ll be totally honest, here… I heard about Sterek before I heard about the show. That’s saying something. And boy, did you Sterek shippers register your discontent at not being included on the main list. We’re sorry. We’re so, so sorry. We shall never doubt you ever again.


If this ship doesn’t make you want to weep at both it’s adorableness and ability to destroy your feels, then we don’t even know what to do with you, you heartless fiend. Merthur, you are the only ship on this list that is actually for reals kind-sorta-totally canon. Congrats… even if your canon-ness was only confirmed in the commentary AFTER the series ended. Whatever, we’ll take it.


LOOK HE IS IMMUNE TO LOKI’S MAGIC BECAUSE OF THAT GLOWY THING IN HIS CHEST, CLEARLY THEY ARE MEANT TO BE TOGETHER. You KNOW this ship would make for one classy couple, too. Also, height differences. Can we talk about those height differences?

Luckily for all you happy slash shippers out there, each of these ships will be getting their own post over the course of the next couple of weekends so we can properly celebrate each couple. You’re welcome.

Check back soon for the first round of posts, starting with our Honorable Mentions! Yes, that’s right Destiel and Johnlockers, we’re making you wait. Save the the best for last, amirite? JK we love all our ships equally.

What ships are you most excited to celebrate? Any of your favorites not make the cut? Let us know in the comments or Tweet your feelings to @ThreeChicGeeks


Author: Critique Geek

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13 thoughts on “October Slash Fest: The Ship List

  1. OMG I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh shit, I should not be laughing this hard in school… what have you done to me? This is study hall, dammit! Thank you for the ship list, though. I love it and I’ll probably bookmark it and treasure it forever!

  3. I freely admit, I’m an offbeat shipper and an old school slasher. (not K/S old, but Luke/Han old) But I kinda love them all!
    Definitely a Puppy Love shipper (you call it WolfStar), and a Johnlock.

  4. Hooray for a slash fest! and double hooray for Destiel!

    I was pleasantly surprised to see Science Bros there at #8 too.

  5. MERTHUR! YES! …there’s proof that it’s cannon? Where?!

  6. Science bros!!! And I’ve never heard of Frostiron, but I 1000% ship it!

  7. yaay for Destiel! And we’re sorry, we know we’re over competitive, but that’s just how we are, we can’t help it :’)

  8. I knew Destiel would but at the top 🙂

    Frostiron…..hmmmmm that name…..has a nice ring to it…I like it 🙂

  9. what about jack/ianto from Torchwood?

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