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Nerdy News: May 2013 (and a special giveaway!)

Nerdy News May 2013 and special giveaway

Happy June, everyone! May’s been a big and exciting month for us AND the geekverse; we’re glad to bring you the best tidbits of the past month’s happenings. And, if you sit tight and get to the end of the post, you might even find an opportunity to win something special… so read on and see if your luck holds up! (We here at 3 Chic Geeks do not advocate the acquisition of cursed rabbit feet in order to improve your chances at winning.)

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Why This Week’s SimCity Launch Might Be One of the Worst Launches Ever


Chances are, if you used a computer with any sort of regularity in the past decade or two, you’ve encountered the franchise that changed gaming forever. Before Will Wright created the very first SimCity game, the closest thing we had to an open-ended city building game experience was the option to edit custom maps for other games. SimCityย was the first of its kind, focusing on the goal of running a city rather than defeating an enemy in battle. In theory, you could play SimCity forever without ending the game. Over the years, Maxis have released several sequels to SimCity, each one more innovative and groundbreaking than the last. When the latest, prettiest and most complex SimCity game (and the first one in about a decade, if you don’t count SimCity Societies which no one does) was announced, hardcore gamers were dying to get their hands on it. Then, the fire nation EA attacked.

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