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Geek Gifts for Geek Dads: Shopping Guide for Father’s Day (and giveaway winner announced!)

Geek gifts for geek dads: a father's day shopping guide

Are you one of those lucky people who has a geek dad? Do you need to find an appropriately geeky father’s day present for aforementioned dad? Well, you are in luck, because we here at 3 Chic Geeks will jump on positively any chance to do a gift guide, because that’s basically a long round of online window-shopping that we can write off as “work” and “serious business”. Armed with this guide and express shipping, you will most definitely not disappoint your father (probably). Also, later on in the post we’ll have the giveaway results announced!

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Gift Guide for Bones Fans

Though Valentine’s day has come and gone, I felt as if February wouldn’t be complete without an homage to one of my favorite shows – Bones. There have been many evenings spent shipping Hodgins and Angela… and many more wondering just when in the name of Angel’s badass leather trench coat were Bones and Booth going to get together. The latter took… a while. So, in the honor of the Month of Love and Shipping, we proudly present to you… a gift guide for Bones fans.

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Gift Guide: Valentine’s Ideas for Your Vampire Lover


Today is February 13th, and we all know what that means! Everyone is scrambling at the last minute to figure out what to give their Valentine tomorrow. While we’ve already assisted those dating zombies and supervillains, we realized that those who date vampires may face even bigger problems. This realization, of course, came hot on the tails of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson winning Virgin Media Awards‘s Hottest Male & Female Movie Actor, respectively. Vampires are all the rage, and chances are, at least one of you is dating a vampire. Thus, here are some last-minute Valentine’s ideas for your Vampire significant other. Our suggestions may be altered to suit humans as well if you’re dating a boring mortal.

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Gift Guide: Supervillain Valentine’s Day of Doom

supervillain valentine

As February 14 came closer, we here at 3 Chic Geeks sat down and thought really hard: what in the name of Lucifer’s sparkly pink wings are we going to get for our Valentines? Well, it just so happens that I am burdened with a great and glorious purpose… and am also a supervillain. Pleased to meet you,  hope you’ve guessed my name. This gift guide will break down everything your evil genius significant other could possibly desire for Valentine’s Day (other than possibly a weapon that would eradicate all future Valentine’s Days from existence because that is totally what an evil genius would want the most). So sit back, relax, and find some henchmen to follow this list to the word for you – although you’ll want to read it beforehand. Continue reading


Gift Guide: Valentine Ideas for Your Zombie Significant Other

Zombie Love is so cute. (Source)

Shopping for Valentine’s presents can be really tricky. You want a gift that is thoughtful and romantic but not SO thoughtful and romantic that it implies your relationship is in places that it isn’t ready to go. Or if your relationship is in that place you have to make sure the gift lives up to your sig other’s expectations. It’s an exhausting balancing act.

Imagine how much more difficult this is when you’re dating a zombie. I mean, what does one buy the undead that really says “I care about you… also, thank you for not eating my brains.”

Luckily we’ve done the brainstorming for you. Here is a list of appropriate potential gifts for your zombie lover that goes beyond the standard human flesh. Incidentally, these gifts are also appropriate for any special humans in your life who also really love zombies.

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Ultimate Jane Austen Gift Guide 2012

gift_guide_original1 copy

It is a truth universally acknowledged that most people who read this blog are probably shopping for holiday presents for their families at this very moment. Now, some of you probably have friends who are huge Jane Austen geeks – we here at 3 Chic Geeks certainly are! Jane Austen was the mother of the modern romance novel, and created strong, intelligent heroines that we love to read about time and time again. Not to mention, she was born on December 16th. All in all, we have gathered some of our favorite Jane Austen-themed objects in this handy gift guide. It’s perfect for last-minute holiday shopping AND for drooling over things you desire (with us, it is a little bit of both).

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The Ultimate Harry Potter Gift Guide 2012


While the Harry Potter books and film franchise may have come to an end, Pottermania is far from over. In fact, the Harry Potter fandom continues to be one of, if not the, most prominent online and around the world. Being proud Potterheads ourselves here at 3 Chic Geeks, a gift guide inspired by the wizarding world was an absolute must. Need help buying for the witch, wizard, muggle or squib in your life (or looking for some new gear yourself)? Then we’ve got the list for you!

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Ultimate Supernatural Holiday Gift Guide 2012


Do you have that one friend who cries when Kansas’s Carry On Wayward Son is played? That one friend who is constantly dying of a disease they consistently refer to as “Destiel Feels”? Do they spend hours waxing poetic about the depths of Misha Collins’s eyes? Do they scream every time a black late-sixties Chevy Impala drives by? And do they carry salt, a rosary and a Bible with them everywhere (and when you ask why, they gaze at you with sadness and pity in their eyes)? Well, your friend is probably into Supernatural like we’re into Jared Padalecki’s abs. Seeing as we are such helpful, kind people, we have prepared a handy-dandy sonic gift guide for you. It’s a little something that goes beyond the basic bag of rock salt and flask of holy water, and your demon hunting friend will most certainly love finding ALL of these under their tree… if they have a tree, that is. For all we know they’ll be stuck in a rubbish motel because they’re out looking for their dad who went on a hunt and hasn’t been back in a while and oh okay feels… excuse me, I have to go weep uncontrollably now.

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The Ultimate Middle Earth Gift Guide 2012

With the release of the first installment of The Hobbit coming out on December 14th, all of us Tolkien fanatics are coming out in full force this holiday season. If there’s a Tolkienist in your life, you may be wondering what to buy them beyond the standard books and the extended edition films on blu ray (hint: we have them all already).

In order to help you shop for your favorite hobbit or elf, we’ve compiled a list of geek-approved gifts that are sure to delight even the pickest Middle Earth dweller. Continue reading