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Holidays Gone Geek: The Best of 2012

the holidaysSome of you (especially those who do not follow our Twitter or Facebook) may be mystified by the lack of updates and general radio silence, when this blog generally doesn’t shut up. However, since we are in the process of going self-hosted and readying a special birthday surprise (that was meant to happen on our first blog birthday, but who’s counting?) we have been a little… tied up. Unfortunately, we’re not quite sure when the self-hosted stuff will be wrapped up, and it’s been taking some time. I’m not even going to blame Mercury retrograde for it, we just have a special talent for setting the internet on fire. Well… while we’re getting everything nice and ready so we can all celebrate our birthday properly (and trust me, you are all going to like it very much) I thought I’d make a nice little post for you guys. This post serves two purposes – one, to reassure everyone that we are not yet dead, and two, to compile all our geeky and nerdy and awesome holiday posts from last year in one helpful place. We’ve noticed an increase of views in our last year’s gift guides and whatnot, and while we will be making new ones for this year, the last year’s might come in quite helpful too. So umm… enjoy?

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Supernatural Universe Survival Guide

Supernatural Universe Survival Guide

Are you being hunted by the monster of the week, and think you might not last past the next five minutes? Is there a sudden spike in mysterious demonic omens? Or perhaps you’re having issues with slow-dancing aliens? And, most importantly, have a couple of freakishly tall denim-wrapped nightmares rolled into your town in a well-kept late sixties Chevy Impala, and are now devouring your fair city’s supplies of pie and salad? Is one of them a moose?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you might be stuck in the Supernatural universe. It’s okay, don’t panic – we here at 3 Chic Geeks have put together a handy guide to surviving whatever threatens the world with annihilation this season. Read on for some helpful survival tips! Cause, you know, nine’s a lucky number… right?

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2012 in GIFs

In celebration of the end of 2012, we’re reviewing our favorite pop culture moments in the only socially acceptable format – GIFs. We feel it is appropriate to title 2012 as being the Year of the Fall, because of reasons. Many reasons. Many tear-inducing reasons.  Read on to find out what made our gaydar radar beep.

WARNING – May contain spoilers for Doctor Who, Sherlock, and basically the whole year. (#2012Spoilers)

Read at your own risk!

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Holiday Songs: All I Want For Christmas Is You-Know-Who


Original Image from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

We’ve all had that moment where we’ve heard the Mariah Carey song “All I Want for Christmas is You” and thought longingly of some unrequited crush. We’ve all also had that moment where we imagine Bellatrix Lestrange singing the song about Lord Voldemort. Oh? You haven’t? Awkward. Luckily, we had that thought for you! Consider this our Christmas present to all of you.  Continue reading

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Holiday Songs: Castiel is Coming to Town

original image from Supernatural s4e1 "Lazarus Rising"

original image from Supernatural s4e1 “Lazarus Rising”

I think it is Christmas Eve, Harry… And it just so happens, it falls on a Monday. Here is our gift for you today – an old holiday favorite to sing while you’re stringing up lights, hanging car fresheners on your tree, spiking your eggnogg and wrapping each other gifts of Busty Asian Beauties and shaving cream. There is no better way to celebrate than by singing this while dramatically posing on top of your Impala… so what are you waiting for?

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DIY: TARDIS Ornament


I put the final touches on my Christmas tree the other night and I realized I hadn’t made anything even remotely Doctor Who for it. So if you’re looking to spruce up that spruce with a little galactic something or if you’re looking to assemble a last minute gift for a Doctor Who fan, this one’s for you. Continue reading

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DIY: Hogwarts House Pride Ornaments

When I think about Christmas, I often find myself thinking about Harry Potter and the annual movie marathons on ABC Family and the terrible crying jags I go on when I hear Hedwig’s Theme. Harry Potter is my original fandom and probably the one I’m most fanatically attached to so why shouldn’t every aspect of my life reflect that in some way? This, of course, includes my Christmas Tree.

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The Ultimate Harry Potter Gift Guide 2012


While the Harry Potter books and film franchise may have come to an end, Pottermania is far from over. In fact, the Harry Potter fandom continues to be one of, if not the, most prominent online and around the world. Being proud Potterheads ourselves here at 3 Chic Geeks, a gift guide inspired by the wizarding world was an absolute must. Need help buying for the witch, wizard, muggle or squib in your life (or looking for some new gear yourself)? Then we’ve got the list for you!

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DIY: I O U Christmas Ornament

Happy Sherlock Craft Day!

I’m going to admit that I’m that person who wakes up the day after Halloween and immediately begins planning for the holidays. I’ve been holding my Christmas Cheer in for long enough, and I’m spreading it all over you lovely readers. This is the first, and simplest, in what could end up being a rather infinite series of Christmas Ornaments representing my fandoms. My tree shall be beautiful and a little terrifying.

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The Ultimate Sherlock Holiday Gift Guide 2012

And, it’s that time of the year again. Holiday lights are going up everywhere, the stores are readying their Christmas sales, and Thanksgiving, instead of being a holiday in its own right, was simply the pregame to Black Friday’s shopping sprees. That’s right, folks – it’s the end of November and people are preparing for the holidays. Here at 3 Chic Geeks, we decided to make holiday shopping easier for all of you this year and put together handy-dandy shopping guides. Now, you don’t have to worry about what to get your favorite Sherlockian – even if you don’t know Moriarty from Mycroft. Just take this list with you, and you’ll be good to go – we’ve drunkenly chosen carefully selected everything a BBC Sherlock fan would want, with gift ideas for any price range included. Read on to see our picks for this holiday season!

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