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Nerdy Fashion: New York Comic Con Edition

Nerdy Fashion NYCC Edition

Screaming, “I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO WEAR!” at the heavens an hour before New York Comic Con opens for the day and you really just need to get some clothes on and leave so you don’t miss everything is both normal and preventable. Unique Geek and Freak Geek will both be attending NYCC this year, here are our recommendations, our outfits, and our tips and tricks for getting ready and looking good as a non-cosplayer.

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Fall Comic Con Survival Guide Part 1: What To Bring

Your most comprehensive guide to what you can expect at cons this fall, what you should bring, and what you shoul wear. Great if you're going to NYCC, Comikaze, Anime USA, or Geek Girl Con. It’s the very beginning of October, which can only mean one thing – fall con season is in full swing. We’ve got a ridiculous amount of conventions coming up across the United States – New York Comic Con, Geek Girls Con, Stan Lee’s Comikaze, Blizzcon 2013, Pacific Media Expo, and an insanely long list of local anime cons, various comic cons big and small, and oh my god basically all of the cons you can think of and some you can’t. (You’re welcome for those links, by the way.) We’re not exactly con-going experts, but we have learned a few things about cons, which we will pass on to you guys. While we’ve got Unique Geek’s Nerdy Fashion for Cons, we thought this subject needs a little… more. So, um, yeah… Here’s a comprehensive guide on what you should wear, what you should bring, and what you should expect, no matter what con you end up at.

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Nerdy Fashion: Convention Edition

Nerdy Fashion: Convention Edition

I find myself saying “Oh my God, what do I even wear to this” a lot less than I used to (Thanks, college, for preparing me for most dress scenarios), but every now and then I hit some fashion wall I can’t climb up. This happened in March with the first convention I’d ever attended, Springfest. What do you wear if you want to be comfortable, look fashionable and appropriately nerdy, and also like you’re not trying really hard to be cool but are actually trying really hard to be cool? Apparently my answer was bright yellow high heels; that answer was very wrong and painful. Learn from my mistakes–if you’re not cosplaying here are some do’s and don’ts to con fashion. I’ll be rocking some of these this weekend at Wizard World NYC (remind me to stay away from the high heels).

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