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Holidays Gone Geek: The Best of 2012

the holidaysSome of you (especially those who do not follow our Twitter or Facebook) may be mystified by the lack of updates and general radio silence, when this blog generally doesn’t shut up. However, since we are in the process of going self-hosted and readying a special birthday surprise (that was meant to happen on our first blog birthday, but who’s counting?) we have been a little… tied up. Unfortunately, we’re not quite sure when the self-hosted stuff will be wrapped up, and it’s been taking some time. I’m not even going to blame Mercury retrograde for it, we just have a special talent for setting the internet on fire. Well… while we’re getting everything nice and ready so we can all celebrate our birthday properly (and trust me, you are all going to like it very much) I thought I’d make a nice little post for you guys. This post serves two purposes – one, to reassure everyone that we are not yet dead, and two, to compile all our geeky and nerdy and awesome holiday posts from last year in one helpful place. We’ve noticed an increase of views in our last year’s gift guides and whatnot, and while we will be making new ones for this year, the last year’s might come in quite helpful too. So umm… enjoy?

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Last Minute Nerdy Halloween Costumes

Last Minute Nerdy Halloween Costumes

Happy Halloween Eve, everyone! If you’re not feeling in the Halloween spirit because you don’t have a costume and it’s the day before Halloween, don’t fret. Here is our guide to the last minute Halloween scramble, you don’t have to settle for some cheap store bought leftover and you don’t have to spend more than 30 minutes of your dwindling time to look great.

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Recipe: Doctor Who Inspired Ten/Rose Lip Balm

Recipe: Ten/Rose Lip Balm

Have you watched Doomsday yet? Are you not over everything that happened in that episode of Doctor Who, and are you sobbing in a corner, cursing the name of BBC? (Oh, good, you’re doing the exact same thing we are.) Well, how would you like a DIY Black tea, rose, and honey lip balm to remind you that The Doctor and Rose will be apart forever? At least they can be together in cosmetic form.

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Hogwarts House Pride Week – Our Favorite DIY Projects from the Magical World of Harry Potter

Hogwarts House Pride Week

Oh, will you look at that. September 1st has come and gone, and all those happy young wizardlings are off at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. However, being grownup witches that we are, we don’t get to go back to Hogwarts; we don’t have any kids either, so we can’t exactly see them off at Platform 9¾ either. This leaves us with very little to do except wallow in post-Potter depression. But, get this – the best cure for post-Potter depression (and adulthood) is keeping the magic alive, and you know what the best way of keeping the magic alive is? CRAFTING. Yup, that’s right folks – we are going to craft our little hearts out, and we’re going to have so much fun with it that those ickle firsties are going to wish they weren’t stuck at Hogwarts being sorted and learning wizardry… well, okay, maybe not that much fun, but Merlin’s beard, we’re going to try! Read on for some of our favorite Harry Potter craft ideas and recipes.

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10 Ways to Celebrate Harry Potter’s (and J.K. Rowling’s!) Birthday

Happy Birthday Harry & Jo

Today marks the 33rd birthday of that messy-haired boy with the funny looking scar with whom many of us grew up. It also happens to be the birthday of Queen Rowling, the brilliant mind that brought us the HP universe and everything we love about it. In order to commemorate this special day, we’ve compiled a list of ways to celebrate Harry James Potter, Hogwarts, and the magic of friendship.

Plus there ain’t no party like a Hogwarts party cuz a Hogwarts party don’t stop!
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DIY: Harry Potter Inspired Winged Keys

DIY Harry Potter Inspired Winged Keys on

I get really extreme bouts of Harry Potter nostalgia once July rolls around. The month is just inextricably linked to Harry, I spent my teenage Julys frantically reading all of the books before I got the next one and listening to Mugglecast and accidentally falling asleep fully dressed in a Hogwarts uniform on my bedroom floor wrapped in a Harry Potter beach towel. To alleviate my Post-Potter Depression I embark on a month long journey that inevitably includes crafting of a Harry Potter persuasion. The keys are obviously inspired by the flying keys in Sorcerer’s/Philosopher’s Stone. They’re really wonderful year round decoration, and would be awesome on a Christmas tree, around an altar space at a wedding, around a boring ceiling light, or above a baby’s crib instead of a mobile (gotta start ’em young). My new goal is to make so many I don’t need blinds anymore, I can just have winged key sun catchers for privacy.

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DIY: Recycled Romance Novel Bookmark

DIY Project: Recycled Romance Novel Bookmark tutorial

Do you have a suspiciously large collection of trashy bodice rippers that you don’t want to admit you own? Do you own them for science? Do you need a good, simple DIY project to do while you’re stuck in front of the AC in the middle of a heat wave? (Seriously, New York, WHY.) Well, we’ve got a great, easy project for you that’s also good for the environment – recycled bookmarks made from your favorite romance novels! Although, theoretically, you could use just about any book (like, maybe, that worn-out old copy of Prisoner of Azkaban you have lying around that you’re just too emotionally attached to, but can’t read anymore because it’s falling apart). I decided to use romance novels for this project because I have a lot. I have a lot because of reasons. Continue reading


DIY Projects With Avengers Duct Tape


I assume that you, dear reader, are a responsible adult who definitely never impulse buys things with superheroes on them with no clear plan as to how you will use said Tony Stark covered impulse buy. Dear reader, you surely never wander into a Michaels with a clear plan of action and set list of necessary items only to find yourself drawn to a rack of Avengers themed something. I can only hope that you never find yourself eagerly grabbing said something and saying aloud, “No, but I need this.” while throwing it into your cart only to watch your purchase sit in a junk drawer for years.

Oh, you do this too? That’s good, I have a solution for you based on my most recent impulse buy totally adult decision.

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Doctor Who Season Premiere Party


This Easter Eve/Passover, why not take advantage of the large crowd probably gathered at your house or your relatives house and force them to attend throw a fantastic Doctor Who Season Premiere Party as part of the festivities already underway. Now, we’re not just talking about baking up some fish fingers and buying some star confetti to throw on a blue plastic tablecloth. We’re about to throw the classiest Doctor Who party this side of the red carpet premiere. Brace yourselves.

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Are you there, Pinterest? It’s me, Cecelia.

I have neglected to mention to all of you that a lot of my geekery is directed at crafting, and I don’t mean in a look-at-this-TARDIS-I-made kind of way but in an OH-MY-GOD-IS-THAT-A-NEW-MARTHA-STEWART-CRAFT-GLITTER-SET?!?! kind of way. I know the smell of Michaels and it’s comforting, I flip out over really nice paper, I have urges to buy every size crochet hook that exists and do a sampler quilt with the same stitch in different sizes. I’m in the craft fandom, and I’m in deep.

It should then come as no surprise that I have accepted Pinterest as my lord and savior, and I’m sure it’s had similar effects on all of you other craft geeks out there. The problem is, sometimes Pinterest lies to me. They’re not big lies, it’s just that sometimes things look cool but then don’t work or the images don’t link back to anything and I have to wing it and I scream and panic. I’m sure everyone has encountered this at some point, and I’m here to help. This is product testing for Pinterest, and today we’re looking at three separate DIY’s that involve those books you have that have seen better days (I’ll be using an unreadable paperback copy of Prisoner of Azkaban that comes apart in many little sections, I was apparently a very aggressive reader as a child.). They’ll each be rated on three criteria; ease, clarity of directions, and durability of the final product.

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