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DIY: Sherlock Inspired Sheet Dress

DIY: Sherlock Inspired Sheet Dress

Just when I thought I couldn’t get any crazier, I decided to swathe myself in sheets and leave the house like Sherlock.

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DIY: Doctor Who Inspired Bow Tie Necklace


I wear a bow tie now, bow ties are cool.

I spent a lot of time staring at the adorable bow necklace in our Nerdy Fashion: Doctor Who Edition post. So much time that I talked myself out of buying it and into making it. It’s so easy and so cheap that I decided to make a tutorial. For about $6 and a half hour of my time I made a pile of bows, a hair clip, a necklace, and two bow tie pins that would be great for a last minute Eleven Costume.

If you can’t sew, don’t worry, I can’t really sew either. If you can kind of make a straight line, you can make a bow. If you’re really sewing phobic you can do all of this with fabric glue or hot glue. (Had I a hot glue gun, best believe I would have used that.) You can do this with just about any fabric you have lying around; I used some red felt. If your fabric is on the thicker side, (like felt, leather, denim, corduroy etc…) follow these directions. If your fabric is on the thinner side (maybe you’ve found an old t-shirt you’d like to cut up), you can follow the directions in this post on Lula Louise.

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