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Nerdy Fashion: Doctor Who Fall Edition

fall outfits inspired by doctor who

Ahh, can you smell the pumpkin spice lattes in the air? Can you hear the crunch of the fallen leaves beneath the feet of the weeping angels which surround you as you blink at an inopportune moment? Can you see those spooky… wait no, no, what are we talking about? I don’t remember seeing anything, do you? Where did these tally marks come from? …Anyway, it’s autumn, and we here at 3 Chic Geeks are absolutely psyched for autumn. I’m sure, dear readers, that you agree with us – what with the pumpkin spice lattes, Halloween, Supernatural on TV, orange things, plaid flannel, cozy layers, hot tea, NYCC, warm jumpers and caramel apple Milky Ways – autumn is clearly the superior season. Of course, along with all those other wonderful things, autumn brings a veritable oncoming storm of fall fashion options. We here at 3 Chic Geeks are always pondering the contents of our closets, and today seemed like a good day to spill the contents of our wardrobes on the floor and play in our stockpiled attire until we end up with Doctor Who inspired outfits. So, um, yeah. Here you go.

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Nerdy Fashion: Harry Potter House Pride Edition

Nerdy Fashion: Harry Potter House Pride Edition

For this edition of Nerdy Fashion I decided to put my closet to the test. Be warned that this post should probably come with the tagline, Cecelia starts out exploring her closet but ends up learning things about herself. I’ve always wanted to try to dress entirely in house colors for a week, and Pottermore’s House Pride week gave me an excuse. It ended up showing me just how much of each house was in me and what advice I should start taking from each so I could become a more balanced person.

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Nerdy Fashion: BBC Sherlock Edition

Sherlock Edition

When attempting to think of outfits appropriate for summer, BBC Sherlock is hardly the first fandom that pops into your mind palace for inspiration. However, we here at 3 Chic Geeks find that the layering aesthetic adopted by many of the characters works wonderfully during the warmer months. We’ve compiled a series of outfits to inspire you to bring a little bit of London to your summer wardrobe. Continue reading


Nerdy Fashion: Great Gatsby Edition


Hey, old sport, I see you’re wearing your flapper costume from last Halloween. Are you trick-or-treating? No? You’re going to go see The Great Gatsby and you just wanted to get in the spirit.

I live right next to a movie theatre and I’ve been watching this happen all week: girls wearing really bad costumes and sequin hair bands parading down to see Gatsby. There’s a way to bring a little Art Deco style into your wardrobe and get into the spirit without looking like you’re going to a costume party. Let us help you.

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Nerdy Fashion: Doctor Who Edition

Nerdy fashion

Are you one of those people who has the urge to wear your favorite Who tee every day? Have you amassed a collection of Megan Lara shirts commemorating all your favorite companions? Do you get new Doctor Who apparel from all your friends every holiday? Do you really love nerdy fashion? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, this post is for you.

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3 Chic Geeks Official Tee Now Available!


Are you in love with this site? Do you, perchance, wish to marry us (all three of us) because we are so awesome? Well, sadly, while our hands in marriage are not currently available, we have an even better way for you to express your love of us. The official 3 Chic Geeks tee is now available on Redbubble. We are currently working on creating stickers and phone cases as well.

I’m not sure why we have these things, to be quite honest. Perhaps, in an alternate universe, there’s a 3 Chic Geeks TV show and the network needed to write in a way to push merchandise onto the viewers in unorthodox manners? *cough*PSYCH*cough*

In any case, you should totally get a 3 Chic Geeks shirt. It’s guaranteed to make you 200% cooler.