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October Slash Fest: The Ship List

Slash Fest

Oktoberfest may be over, but we here at 3 Chic Geeks are just starting up a little festival of our own.

You may recall that a while ago we asked you all to take a survey on your favorite slash couples. You all responded with gusto. Now, over the next few weeks, we’ll be celebrating these slash couples with our very own October Slash Fest!

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Lessons Learned From Supernatural

Lessons Learned From Supernatural: 25 things to make you laugh, cry and curl up in pain.

Over the course  of eight seasons, we learned a great deal from Sam and Dean’s travels. Being bored out of our minds and stuck in front of an air conditioner, we have decided to make an ultimate list of the things we learned from watching Supernatural. Some will make you laugh, some will make you cry, and some will make you punch the screen while calling us Satan (we hope, anyway). Read on, and feel all of the feels!

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Ultimate Supernatural Holiday Gift Guide 2012


Do you have that one friend who cries when Kansas’s Carry On Wayward Son is played? That one friend who is constantly dying of a disease they consistently refer to as “Destiel Feels”? Do they spend hours waxing poetic about the depths of Misha Collins’s eyes? Do they scream every time a black late-sixties Chevy Impala drives by? And do they carry salt, a rosary and a Bible with them everywhere (and when you ask why, they gaze at you with sadness and pity in their eyes)? Well, your friend is probably into Supernatural like we’re into Jared Padalecki’s abs. Seeing as we are such helpful, kind people, we have prepared a handy-dandy sonic gift guide for you. It’s a little something that goes beyond the basic bag of rock salt and flask of holy water, and your demon hunting friend will most certainly love finding ALL of these under their tree… if they have a tree, that is. For all we know they’ll be stuck in a rubbish motel because they’re out looking for their dad who went on a hunt and hasn’t been back in a while and oh okay feels… excuse me, I have to go weep uncontrollably now.

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