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How to Pack For an Adventure (The Chic Geek Way)

How to pack for an adventure the chic geek way

It’s getting to be warm and sunny here in the Northern Hemisphere, which means one thing – summertime is on the way. Soon, graduates will throw their caps, gowns, diplomas and employment opportunities at the nearest Starbucks in the air and seek out a life filled with adventure, questing and mayhem. Or, perhaps some old wizard will show up at your door one day saying he needs one more person for his heist inside the Bellagio? Whatever. Either way, here’s a handy dandy guide for you on how to quickly and efficiently pack every single thing you might need for an adventure. Don’t leave home without it!

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2012 in GIFs

In celebration of the end of 2012, we’re reviewing our favorite pop culture moments in the only socially acceptable format – GIFs. We feel it is appropriate to title 2012 as being the Year of the Fall, because of reasons. Many reasons. Many tear-inducing reasons.  Read on to find out what made our gaydar radar beep.

WARNING – May contain spoilers for Doctor Who, Sherlock, and basically the whole year. (#2012Spoilers)

Read at your own risk!

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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Review

Alternatively Titled: Remind me why this film is three hours long

Warning: This review contains very mild spoilers. 

I was ecstatic when Peter Jackson decided to direct The Hobbit. After the Lord of the Rings trilogy, I decided there was no one else that could be trusted to portray my beloved Middle Earth.

I was a bit apprehensive when it was revealed that he was adding new characters. Sure, while there are many unnamed characters within The Hobbit, they’re unnamed because they don’t play a particularly big role.

When it was announced that it was going to be a trilogy, I groaned. Nine hours of film made from a book that is approximately a quarter of the length of Lord of the Rings? It sounded absurd. Continue reading