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SDCC: Where’s Critique Geek?

Where is CG

Are you attending San Diego Comic Con? Do you like awesome, nerd-tastic prizes? Were you a wiz at finding Waldo as a kid? Then you’re in luck! This year at San Diego Comic Con you’ll have the chance to win awesome prizes from 3ChicGeeks with this simple little game. We like to call it… Where’s Critique Geek? Continue reading



DIY: Quote Scarves


I like it when I’m secretly wearing fandom-y things. These are great and easy, and once you understand the technique you can apply it to any fabric that takes dye well. Tie dye shirts will never be the same, you’ll have a dip dyed canvas quote tote for every day of the week.

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DIY: Recycled Romance Novel Bookmark

DIY Project: Recycled Romance Novel Bookmark tutorial

Do you have a suspiciously large collection of trashy bodice rippers that you don’t want to admit you own? Do you own them for science? Do you need a good, simple DIY project to do while you’re stuck in front of the AC in the middle of a heat wave? (Seriously, New York, WHY.) Well, we’ve got a great, easy project for you that’s also good for the environment – recycled bookmarks made from your favorite romance novels! Although, theoretically, you could use just about any book (like, maybe, that worn-out old copy of Prisoner of Azkaban you have lying around that you’re just too emotionally attached to, but can’t read anymore because it’s falling apart). I decided to use romance novels for this project because I have a lot. I have a lot because of reasons. Continue reading


Nerdy News: May 2013 (and a special giveaway!)

Nerdy News May 2013 and special giveaway

Happy June, everyone! May’s been a big and exciting month for us AND the geekverse; we’re glad to bring you the best tidbits of the past month’s happenings. And, if you sit tight and get to the end of the post, you might even find an opportunity to win something special… so read on and see if your luck holds up! (We here at 3 Chic Geeks do not advocate the acquisition of cursed rabbit feet in order to improve your chances at winning.)

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