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Last Minute Nerdy Halloween Costumes

Last Minute Nerdy Halloween Costumes

Happy Halloween Eve, everyone! If you’re not feeling in the Halloween spirit because you don’t have a costume and it’s the day before Halloween, don’t fret. Here is our guide to the last minute Halloween scramble, you don’t have to settle for some cheap store bought leftover and you don’t have to spend more than 30 minutes of your dwindling time to look great.

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Our Top 12 Choices for the 12th Doctor

As you’ve probably heard by now, Matt Smith will be leaving Doctor Who following the Christmas special. Considering this rumor has been going around for some time now, we can’t say that we’re terribly surprised. While we’ll be sad to see Matt go, this announcement has sparked endless amusing debate over who should play the next doctor. At this point the name of nearly every living British actor (and some Americans) has been proposed to take up the helm of the iconic character. Not wanting to miss out on the lively debat, we thought we’d provide you with a rundown of our favorite choices.

From the likely candidates, to the fan favorites, to the never-going-to-happens-but-that-won’t-stop-us-from-begging-Moffat, here is our wish list for Twelve. Continue reading


How to Pack For an Adventure (The Chic Geek Way)

How to pack for an adventure the chic geek way

It’s getting to be warm and sunny here in the Northern Hemisphere, which means one thing – summertime is on the way. Soon, graduates will throw their caps, gowns, diplomas and employment opportunities at the nearest Starbucks in the air and seek out a life filled with adventure, questing and mayhem. Or, perhaps some old wizard will show up at your door one day saying he needs one more person for his heist inside the Bellagio? Whatever. Either way, here’s a handy dandy guide for you on how to quickly and efficiently pack every single thing you might need for an adventure. Don’t leave home without it!

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2012 in GIFs

In celebration of the end of 2012, we’re reviewing our favorite pop culture moments in the only socially acceptable format – GIFs. We feel it is appropriate to title 2012 as being the Year of the Fall, because of reasons. Many reasons. Many tear-inducing reasons.  Read on to find out what made our gaydar radar beep.

WARNING – May contain spoilers for Doctor Who, Sherlock, and basically the whole year. (#2012Spoilers)

Read at your own risk!

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Geek Girls Are Taking Over The World


Or: Why Nerd Culture Isn’t Exclusively Male (And Never Was)

In recent years, what has been perceived as strictly “nerd” culture has become increasingly more popular. The film adaptations of popular franchises such as Marvel comic’s Avengers, the new Star Trek, and Peter Jackson’s forays into Tolkien’s world, have made what was previously “geek” territory into common pop culture ground. This has led to an influx of new geeks exploring the source content and participating in these fandoms. Combined with the popularity of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, it’s easier for fans to engage with the material (and one another) in new, creative ways. In short, what was once a fringe culture has become part of the mainstream. Continue reading


Fictional Places Where We’d Love to Vacation

Have you ever experienced a moment in which you really wished you could visit a fictional location? If so, you’re probably completely insane. The good news is that you are not alone in your insanity. We here at 3 Chic Geeks share your urge to experience the fantastical lands of our fandoms. To help you plan your imaginary dream vacation, we have compiled a list of the top fictional places where we would love to take a vacation.

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