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Nerdy News: June 2013

Nerdy News June 2013

Did you spend the past June hibernating in front of an AC? Missed out on all the excitement and sparkles? Wanna catch up with the hottest news of the month? Well, we got you the news. Good enough, right? From a plethora of Superwholock feels to sentient bots, check out the things that made our brains get geekgasms in the past thirty days below the cut.

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Nerdy News: May 2013 (and a special giveaway!)

Nerdy News May 2013 and special giveaway

Happy June, everyone! May’s been a big and exciting month for us AND the geekverse; we’re glad to bring you the best tidbits of the past month’s happenings. And, if you sit tight and get to the end of the post, you might even find an opportunity to win something special… so read on and see if your luck holds up! (We here at 3 Chic Geeks do not advocate the acquisition of cursed rabbit feet in order to improve your chances at winning.)

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The Reichenbach Feels Playlist

The Reichenbach Feels Playlist - All your reichenbach Fall feels in a convenient playlist format

We here at 3 Chic Geeks are intensely familiar with the feeling of having ALL THESE FEELINGS about the Reichenbach Fall. We don’t know how Sherlock did it; we can’t get over what happened; the mere words “Goodbye, John” are enough to make us randomly burst into tears… we swear we don’t have problems. Now that Sherlock season 3 is thiiiiiiiis close to being filmed, we thought we’d give everybody another way of torturing themselves until that fateful day when Sherlock 3.1 hits the airwaves. So, the great and sinister force that is Freak Geek went through her music collection and put together a playlist that details EVERY SINGLE FEEL that you will feel… in the exact order of you feeling those feels. Ready to laugh, weep and rip your hair out? Read on to find out which songs made the list!

Disclaimer: If this playlist looks like it was made by Dean Winchester… that’s probably because it was. Don’t judge me. I only know like five albums. -FG

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The Sherlock Tumblr Tag Drinking Game (or: A Study in Liver Disease)

sherlock drinking game banner

So, you’ve survived a year, a FULL YEAR, since Reichenbach. Good job, you. In that time you’ve probably read (and written) fanfiction, seen enough fanart to last a lifetime, drank Sherlock tea, discovered the Red Pants tag and completely lost your sanity. Well, the bad news is that Sherlock season 3 does not start filming until March of this year; the good news is we’ve found a new way to occupy your time until the first photos of the actors on-set begin to trickle onto Tumblr.

Be warned, this drinking game is not for the weak of heart (or liver). This drinking game is the ULTIMATE drinking game, meant to get you through to season three… or die, in which case you’ll have to sell your soul to Crowley so you can live to see Season 3. The rules are simple: Get a drink. Go to the “sherlock” tag on Tumblr. See what comes up. If it’s on our list… drink accordingly. Ready? Let’s go.

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Beyond SHERLOCK: Modern Sherlock Holmes Adaptations

modern sherlock beyond sherlock

It is a universally accepted fact that BBC Sherlock is THE only Sherlock Holmes adaptation set in the modern day. Except, you know, it isn’t. Now, before either Sherlock or Elementary graced the screens of our TVs, laptops and Tumblrs, there was quite a few modern-day versions of Sherlock. This is something that easily gets tossed aside in favor of squabbling over whether Lucy Liu or Martin Freeman made a better Watson, or whether today’s Sherlock Holmes would be a tall, dark and handsome sociopath with a taste for designer clothes or a grungy, gnarly, sassy hipster with more novelty t-shirts than Redbubble can stock.

We here at 3 Chic Geeks have picked out all the most popular Sherlock adaptations set in the modern day, and created a handy dandy little list for you all to consult while arguing. For obvious reasons, we shall disregard anything that was created before the year 2000 or is not set in the modern day. Also, since similar lists have been put together before, we’re going to make reading it worth your while by including silly doodles instead of actual photos. Sounds good? Okay, let’s take a look…

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2012 in GIFs

In celebration of the end of 2012, we’re reviewing our favorite pop culture moments in the only socially acceptable format – GIFs. We feel it is appropriate to title 2012 as being the Year of the Fall, because of reasons. Many reasons. Many tear-inducing reasons.  Read on to find out what made our gaydar radar beep.

WARNING – May contain spoilers for Doctor Who, Sherlock, and basically the whole year. (#2012Spoilers)

Read at your own risk!

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Things Sherlockians Are Afraid Of

As any true Sherlockian will tell you, they have much to fear. From random attacks of Reichenbach Feels to cruel and heartless acts of God Nature Moffat and Gatiss, the Sherlockians are a very emotional, unstable bunch. So, for all of you non-Sherlockians out there, we have made a handy dandy guide on which subjects and situations you should avoid while hanging out with a Sherlockian. Check it out below! Continue reading


The Ultimate Sherlock Holiday Gift Guide 2012

And, it’s that time of the year again. Holiday lights are going up everywhere, the stores are readying their Christmas sales, and Thanksgiving, instead of being a holiday in its own right, was simply the pregame to Black Friday’s shopping sprees. That’s right, folks – it’s the end of November and people are preparing for the holidays. Here at 3 Chic Geeks, we decided to make holiday shopping easier for all of you this year and put together handy-dandy shopping guides. Now, you don’t have to worry about what to get your favorite Sherlockian – even if you don’t know Moriarty from Mycroft. Just take this list with you, and you’ll be good to go – we’ve drunkenly chosen carefully selected everything a BBC Sherlock fan would want, with gift ideas for any price range included. Read on to see our picks for this holiday season!

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2025: When Tumblr Takes Over

Have you ever wondered what will happen in the future, when the masses of nerds currently spending their teenage years on Tumblr grow up and become what we like to call “mature members of society”? Well, we hopped into a Tardis and surveyed the world as it is in 2025. Read on to find out what exactly happens to our planet and our society in the future… when the fandoms take over.

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