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Nerdy News: June 2013

Nerdy News June 2013

Did you spend the past June hibernating in front of an AC? Missed out on all the excitement and sparkles? Wanna catch up with the hottest news of the month? Well, we got you the news. Good enough, right? From a plethora of Superwholock feels to sentient bots, check out the things that made our brains get geekgasms in the past thirty days below the cut.

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Geek Gifts for Geek Dads: Shopping Guide for Father’s Day (and giveaway winner announced!)

Geek gifts for geek dads: a father's day shopping guide

Are you one of those lucky people who has a geek dad? Do you need to find an appropriately geeky father’s day present for aforementioned dad? Well, you are in luck, because we here at 3 Chic Geeks will jump on positively any chance to do a gift guide, because that’s basically a long round of online window-shopping that we can write off as “work” and “serious business”. Armed with this guide and express shipping, you will most definitely not disappoint your father (probably). Also, later on in the post we’ll have the giveaway results announced!

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Nerdy News: May 2013 (and a special giveaway!)

Nerdy News May 2013 and special giveaway

Happy June, everyone! May’s been a big and exciting month for us AND the geekverse; we’re glad to bring you the best tidbits of the past month’s happenings. And, if you sit tight and get to the end of the post, you might even find an opportunity to win something special… so read on and see if your luck holds up! (We here at 3 Chic Geeks do not advocate the acquisition of cursed rabbit feet in order to improve your chances at winning.)

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Nerdy Fashion: Doctor Who Edition

Nerdy fashion

Are you one of those people who has the urge to wear your favorite Who tee every day? Have you amassed a collection of Megan Lara shirts commemorating all your favorite companions? Do you get new Doctor Who apparel from all your friends every holiday? Do you really love nerdy fashion? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, this post is for you.

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Supernatural Universe Survival Guide

Supernatural Universe Survival Guide

Are you being hunted by the monster of the week, and think you might not last past the next five minutes? Is there a sudden spike in mysterious demonic omens? Or perhaps you’re having issues with slow-dancing aliens? And, most importantly, have a couple of freakishly tall denim-wrapped nightmares rolled into your town in a well-kept late sixties Chevy Impala, and are now devouring your fair city’s supplies of pie and salad? Is one of them a moose?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you might be stuck in the Supernatural universe. It’s okay, don’t panic – we here at 3 Chic Geeks have put together a handy guide to surviving whatever threatens the world with annihilation this season. Read on for some helpful survival tips! Cause, you know, nine’s a lucky number… right?

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March Madness: And the Winner is…


We started out with 32 of the most loved ships from our favorite fandoms. From Johnlock to Romione to the ever-controversial Wincest, these ships battled it out to be named the most popular OTP in March Madness: Shipping Wars.

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Nerdy News: March 2013

Nerdy News: March 2013

March has come and gone, and we’re left with a pile of news from all over in the fandom. There’s been a lot of excitement, a lot of squealing and fangirling… a lot of pain and suffering. Below are some of our favorite highlights of the month – the Loki way.

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Happy Valentine’s Day From 3 Chic Geeks!


Ahh, can you smell the love in the air? It’s February – which means roses, chocolate at ridiculously cheap prices, lovey-dovey couples and a plethora of brand-new fics with ALL of our favorite pairings. Seriously, Valentine’s Day is the best if you ship rarepairs because everyone comes out with a ficlet at the very least. Woes of rarepair shippers aside, it’s the season for madness and excitement. Here at 3 Chic Geeks, we asked the illustrious Baker Street Babes to be our valentines this year – and to our surprise, they said yes! We have thought long and hard about what kind of Valentine’s Day tribute would be appropriate, but in the end we took some shots and wrote these glorious poems. However, before you read these, we suggest you check out the BSB website, twitter, and facebook… because we love them with jetpacks.

Okay, have you checked them out? Liked? Followed? Good. Now, sit back, relax and enjoy this traditional Earth custom of writing silly poetry to express one’s jetpacks. Because, jetpacks.

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Fictional Boys We Want to Date (Who Would Make Awful Boyfriends)

bad boyfriends

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and it’s time to think about to whom you’re going to profess your undying love. As dedicated fanboys and fangirls, we all have a few characters we are at least a little bit in love with. Or a lot in love with. Or obsessed with. You know, that kind of thing. True love won’t be stopped by the constraints of reality, after all – you are absolutely certain that Dean Winchester is the man for you. Great, but we here at 3 Chic Geeks have extensively gone through every one of our fictional crushes and picked apart all the reasons why they would NOT be good boyfriends. Read on to find out what we think would be the dealbreakers for each of the characters!!

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King of the Nerds: Nerdvana or Nerd-limbo?

We’re two weeks into TBS’ new reality competition show, King of the Nerds, and so far it’s left me feeling a bit confused. As a self-proclaimed nerd extraordinaire, I appreciate the show’s attempts to display the diversity in nerdom, but find the moments that it slips into stereotype to be tedious at best.

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